10 Things That Happen Only in An Engineering College

If you've been to an engineering college, you can definitely relate to all of these points! Sleepless nights, assignments and boys-only club.
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If you went to an engineering college, university, have taken courses or if that was the case with any of your friends – you will definitely be able to relate to most of these points!

  1. Boys power

It is no secret that the gender ratio in an engineering class (or any science to be honest) is largely positioned towards the males. If you happen to be one of the few girls in a class, gather your strength and prepare to fight for your place under the sun and prove those guys wrong – girls are not just beauty empties. And boys – keep calm and don’t make the lives of the few girls in your engineering class worse than they already are.

  1. More assignments than you are physically capable of doing

Oh, this word that we most fear of - assignment. And when a professor says it is individual work, in the ears of all it sounds the exact opposite, meaning if one person finishes the assignment first and happens to tell somebody else, his coursemates will not get off his back until he shares his wisdom with them.

  1. Watch out for the note taker!

We all know the drill – take notes in class and make your life easier during exams. We’ve heard that many times, we tell it to other people but do we ever really do it? No. Instead, the exam preparation becomes a marathon with obstacles in a search for that one nerd who didn’t waste class time and actually took notes.

  1. Deadline panic

We all had that moment when we thought it was okay to go out with two days left before a major deadline. You think you can pull off an all-nighter but then get so tired as if you haven’t slept in days and end up submitting whatever you have and promising yourself next time will be better. Well, we all know that is the biggest lie of your life.

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  1. Failing hard

If you once were an engineering student, you have probably gradually moved on from being scared of summer re-sits and swearing you would study so hard you will never ever have to take an examination again to looking forward to seeing your friends at the re-sit preparation every year.

  1. And speaking of failure…

High school now seems easy-peasy compared to the exam stress and occasional mental break-downs. The fear of failure has, and not only once, occupied students’ minds in the midst of exams and papers.

  1. 100% Attendance? I don't understand this concept

That just mentioned fear of failure only arises during exam periods and is in no way related to the attendance - we all once thought. And from going to every lecture we slowly start making it to only a few a week.

  1. Library study sessions

Every engineering student should understand one thing – group study sessions do not work! Occupying valuable seats (that you previously had to fight for as the library gets over-packed during exams) and chatting and going for coffee/smoke/snack breaks every half an hour will then be replaced by all-nighters 7 days a week before the exam.

  1. A new superpower

And after all these sleepless nights and hundreds of exams and assignments you acquire one quite helpful skill – being capable of giving long talks on a subject you have no knowledge of and making others believe you know what you are talking about.

  1. Still love it!

You might skip lectures, hate the exams, have break-downs and moments of fear of failure but given the chance, every engineering student would want to relive those 4 or 5 amazing years of college over again.

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