10 Timeless Games Re-Imagined for the 21st Century

Nothing would, in fact, be cooler than having one of these 10 modern game furniture designs.
Kashyap Vyas

The 21st century has been imagined and re-imagined in countless works of science fiction. We are its progeny, the millennial and the ideas documented in these timeless classics guide our reality. Flying cars and laser guns... They are grand dreams that are thrust upon us, our inheritance. Therefore, it would be irresponsible on our part not to look cool while gaming.

Here are 10 timeless games re-imagined for the 21st century.

Ping Pong FM Interactive Table Tennis Jukebox by Mark Wheeler

Ping Pong FM is a new take on the game where you have to play on the beat to keep up the tempo of the song. Slow down or drop the ball, and the song gradually stops, making it a fun new experience. You can choose any song of your choice and put it on the jukebox that comes attached with the state of the art game-tech. This naturally increases the difficulty of the game. While the challenge makes it addictive, the design in itself is pretty sleek, giving you the perfect product for your game room.

Lungolinea Ping Pong Table by Adriano Design

Lungolinea is a transparent ping pong table from the Calme e Gesso collection by Adriano Design with the attention to detail that is characteristic of Italian craftsmanship. Made of crystal glass, the table is as unique as it is fashionable. Though it seems counterintuitive to have a ping-pong table that is transparent, one cannot deny the aesthetic value it adds to your collection of games.

Chess Table by Isamu Noguchi

 10 Timeless Games Re-Imagined for the 21st Century
Source: rocor/Flickr

Though created in the year 1944, this chess table is as futuristic as they come. It comes in an aluminum version with black slate, green slate and bronze versions. The components were first cut out flat from acrylic plastic sheet and then rounded. They come in anthropomorphic shapes. The first prototype, though, was made from black and natural wood. The table itself has a unique curved rhombus design with dots with different diameters marking the positions. Chess has been the game of choice for intellectuals for ages. This design gives a modernistic look and feel to the strategy board game.

Woolsey Shuffleboard Table by Sean Woolsey

 10 Timeless Games Re-Imagined for the 21st Century
Source: Sean Woolsey

The shuffleboard table has a top made of rock maple with 2 coats of UV resistant epoxy resin. The gutters are lined with charcoal grey felt. The inlays and numbers are in black walnut. It has four white and black pucks each that can be hung on a magnetic wall mount when not in use. Custom orders are also available, though the natural shade of the wood used on this table has its own visual appeal.

Most Popular

Paul Smith Ping Pong Table by Hunn Wai

Combine lace, steel acrylic paint and add that to a secondhand dining table and you get a stylish new Ping Pong table.

“I am interested in the identities of everyday consumable objects and their relationships with people and their environments.”

Wai’s design philosophy is drawn towards the processes and results of collisions, combinations and fusions of materials, meanings and forms. Hands-on craft-like experimentation as well as modern techniques garnered from his Industrial Design background is what his works are based on. “I am interested in the identities of everyday consumable objects and their relationships with people and their environments,” he says.

Ella Foosball Table with Women Players

Here’s a foosball table with women players. One can also get it custom made, with all female, boy vs. girl or mixed teamed versions. It is a cool take on the game, regardless of your gender. 

Leather & Wood Ping Pong Table by Mikiya Kobayashi

 10 Timeless Games Re-Imagined for the 21st Century
Source: Mikiya Kobayashi

Another ping pong table on the list, this one comes with an elegant wooden frame and leather back. An alternate walnut-clad version is also available. The table is stripped down and is a favorite amongst minimalists and has a solid brass line running through the center crossed with a soft leather net. It goes perfectly with your furniture. Kobayashi also has a range of wooden chairs to offer in his catalog.

Blacklight Designer Pool Table by SAM Leisure

 10 Timeless Games Re-Imagined for the 21st Century
Source: Sam Leisure

This pool table looks like a ribbon silhouette that would go well with any contemporary decor. It is made of steel and resin instead of wood. This is a truly customized pool table. The cabinet is available in a choice of 27 lacquered or matte finishes. Luxury gold, chrome, brushed stainless steel, copper, pearly white or leather finishing is also available. In addition, the cloth may be specified in more than 27 colors or even fully customized designs.

The Pure Foosball Table by Alain Gilles

 10 Timeless Games Re-Imagined for the 21st Century
Source: Alian Gilles

The Pure is a foosball table that is finished in chrome with a wooden covering. It has a warm feel and comes with an abacus style scoreboard. "Foosball tables have historically been designed for public spaces, typically for rather masculine spaces like bars and game rooms," Gilles says. "We were looking to design a more high-end piece that could fit in a home or at the entrance of a boutique hotel."

2 Player Pinball Table by Cristiana

This two-player ping ball table is as cool as they come and the best part? You can make it on your own.


The project by Get Hands Dirty is built on X-Carve 3D Carving Machine, a wood carving tool. It is the most accessible item on our list. It would be really cool to have an arcade style pinball table in your game room.

Games are a good way to spend leisure time. They add charisma to the player, while keeping the mind sharp and alert. If you don’t play, start now. And though some may argue that this equipment is not professional, the quality of the equipment actually reflects one’s seriousness to the game while improving performance as well. Nothing would, in fact, be cooler than having one of these games to start with.

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