10 Unusual Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

These 10 gifts are perfect for the person who has everything in his life. From an exercise bike to smartphone projections, these gadgets will vary in size, style, and price.
Christopher McFadden

Everyone knows that one person who has everything. Cool interactive Sphero toys? He's got them all. A unique set of bookends? She has four sets. Clever drinking glasses based on a show that ended in 1983? He has the full collector's set. 

This list combines eclectic and functional. Hopefully, something on this list will be perfect for the person who seemingly has everything. 

1. VR Exercise bike

Price: $399.99

We'll kick off with this worthy entry on our list of unusual gifts. Since they have everything it is likely they have an exercise bike. That is true. But what about one that combines virtual reality with working out? No, we thought not.

If the person in question loves to workout and play video games, this is quite simply the best present money can buy. The VirZoom VR bike is currently compatible with PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive headsets.

Despite that, it comes with a variety of VirZoom arcade games and has all the usual exercise bike features.

2. Sun and Moon cuff-links

Price: $395.00

Well now, what have we here? These beauties are not only attractive to look at but are also mechanical for those who like mini clocks on everything.

The Moon and Sun design and mechanical nature of them tick a few boxes in one go. Of course, they'll need a cufflink-compatible shirt, but they have those anyway, right?

Tateossian offers a wide range of other cufflinks if these ones aren't too their or your tastes of course.

10 Unusual Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything
Source: Amazon

3. Hedgehog Cheese Grater

Price: $14.40

Next on our list of unusual gifts is this little beauty.

Oh come on, this is amazing, right? Everyone loves hedgehogs and it's a cheese grater! Brilliant. The chances of them owning something similar must be slim to none, so it's a safe bet. This fantastic, German-made novelty cheese grater is great, sorry, for anyone who likes to cook.

It is made to exacting standards and would go great with a cheese gift basket to top it off nicely.

4. Wintersmiths Ice Chest

 Price: $120.00

As we all know, ahem, spherical ice cubes melt more slowly than cubic ones. This lets your friend/special person enjoy their drink super chilled for longer whilst not over-diluting it.

To be honest spherical ice looks considerably cooler than cubes any day of the week. Since they have a fantastic collection of single malts this ice maker is an essential addition to enjoy their collection right?

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This ice maker is patent pending. It employs directional-freezing to eliminate those pesky air bubbles. This means the sphere is less likely to unceremoniously break up during the drinking experience. That would be an anti-climax no one should have to experience.

5. Mini Donut Factory

Price: $100 (more or less)

Shut up and take my money. Forget your friend who has everything just get one for yourself! This is an automated donut machine supplied by Nostalgia Electrics and it is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

This machine does it all. It has an automatic dough dispenser for creating perfectly formed little donuts. These are then fed down a  little conveyor that dips them in the hot oil. It even has a flipping mechanism for perfectly even cooking.

As we all know, donuts are best served and eaten as close to cooking as possible. This surely is the machine donuts have been waiting for. Brilliant.

6. Outdoor Complete French Press

Price: $125.00

Well, they'll need some coffee with those donuts, won't they? Of course, they could use their own suit of coffee making machines but what if they are out and about?

This is an outdoor-friendly French press kit is ideal for use whilst camping. It is a compact, high-pressure system that creates a coffeehouse-style expresso without the annoying controls.

You should probably also add a portable coffee grinder, but otherwise, they're good to go.

7. Hella Slingshots Best Slingshot No.4

Price: $40.00

You can pretty much bank on no-one having thought of buying them a slingshot. This fantastic gift is perfect for anyone with childhood memories of making their own slingshots as kids.Perhaps they still do, who are we to judge.

Each is a one of kind handmade item made from forked tree branches that are carefully stained in a walnut finish. They are then twined in shellacked hemp and fitted with a leather pouch made from natural latex tubing and imitation sinew.

They are perfect for general mischief and target practice. Of course, you'll need to make a judgment on their general sanity before buying this one. :)

8. The History of Colonial Booze

Price: $9.99 (Kindle), $17.00 (hard copy)

Does your friend enjoy adult beverages? Are they a history buff? Do they like the show Drunk History?  Then this is the greatest book ever published.

Steven Grasse decided to compile a book, Colonial Spirits: A Toast to Our Drunken Historyon what exactly the founding fathers drank, not to mention how. Educational and fun at the same time. They might have a heavily stocked library but this will become their most prized addition to the collection.

10 Unusual Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything
Source: Amazon

9. Toggle Switch Plate Light Switch


Price: $39.00

Crikey! What an amazing find, yeah we know. Surely, surely, the perfect gift for any discerning engineer! Indeed for anyone really, especially those who have everything.

If they are not an engineer, anyone who loves gizmo's and gadgets are bound to truly appreciate this amazing unusual gift. Not only is a great present it also very practical and will add that certain je ne sais quoi to their home.

Brilliant, why not get one for each of their light switches? Perhaps too much.

10. Smartphone Projector

Price: $30.00

Last but not least on our list of unusual gifts is something unusual indeed. Your friend is highly unlikely to have such an awesome and unique gift. They will probably only use it a few times a year, but that more than justifies it.

So there you go. Our list of ten great unusual gifts for someone who has everything. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know below.

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