11 Marvelous Gift Ideas for True Avengers Fans

Here are 11 ultimate gifts for your friends that go above and beyond for Marvel's Avengers.
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We all have that one friend who is crazy about the Avengers. Cried over Iron Man's death for hours, screamed and cheered up when Captain America held Mjölnir, laughed their arses off when Spider-Man was being the goofball that he is and so on. 

As you can see, Avenger fans have been going through all kinds of emotions for the past 10 years. So, it's your turn to make your Avengers fan happy, right?

Here are 11 Avengers gifts for adults. With these ultimate Marvel gifts, you're gonna be a new superhero in the eyes of your friend. 

1. VANVIS Iron Man Arc Reactor

It's the proof that Tony Stark has a heart! And it's the biggest, loveliest, sweetest heart in the whole world. Remember in the Iron Man movie when Pepper gave this old reactor of Tony's as a gift to him. It was one of the cutest scenes in the series, wasn't it? 

Maybe we lost dear Tony Stark, but it doesn't mean that he didn't live a good life. There's no better gift than this to give your Avengers fan friend who is still probably mourning for Mr. Stark.

Source: VANVIS/Amazon

2. Rubie's Captain America Shield

The mighty captain. Who would have guessed that a guy from Brooklyn would overcome all kinds of evil in the world with the help of a shield? He may have been an ordinary guy, but he never gave up the fight, and he eventually became a part of the world's strongest team. 

If your friend is a #teamcaptain, then this replica of his shield would make your friend the happiest person on earth. 

Source: Rubie's/Amazon

3. Vandor Infinity Gauntlet Mug 

He's inevitable, almost. You know who we're talking about. You have to confess that Thanos had a cool gauntlet. And check out this mug, shaped like the infinity gauntlet. It doesn't get cooler than this. 

To make your friend the coolest person at the office, at home, at a party, wherever she or he chooses to use this mug, go and grab one for them. 

Source: Vandor/Amazon 

4. Marvel Ceramic Mug

Once you start falling for Marvel superheroes, there's no turning back. You want to think about them, talk about them, you want to carry a piece of them with you all the time. And this mug is one of the greatest Avengers gifts for adults. 

Yeah, we know that adult life sucks, and most of the time you wish to add a little bit of color to your dull, monochrome life. Maybe you should even buy two of these mugs, one for yourself and one for your friend. It's sure to add some spark to your daily life.


5. Hopasa 100 Pieces Marvel Stickers

Sometimes, even the littlest things are enough to make you smile. This 100-pieces marvel stickers set is one of those little things that make you smile. You can use it on your laptop, skateboard, luggage, bicycle, basically anywhere you want. 

Also, it features 100 pieces! You can share it with people you love. You have an Avengers fan father, sister, friend, co-worker or neighbor? Just give them one of these stickers too! There's no better gift than a cute little Avengers sticker. 

Source: Hopasa/Amazon

6. Marvel Avengers Action Figures

Seems like Avengers assembled once again, and this time it's for you. This pack with 8 Avengers figures is going to be mind-blowing for your friend. Let's say that you forgot your friend's birthday, or your anniversary with your boyfriend, or you broke your sister's heart, what to do?

The answer is simple if they are an Avengers fan, you just need to buy this 8-pack action figures, no one can say no to a gift like this, right? If they're not Avengers fans, well we don't know what you can do about it, maybe try to be more careful next time?

Source: Marvel/Amazon

7. Rubie's Thor Mjölnir 

It's a known fact that to be able to hold the Mjölnir, you should be worthy. So we want to recommend this gift highly to you but we can't be sure if the person who will get this gift is worthy. It's a long process too. There's a big chance for the delivery guy to fail in carrying the hammer too. 

It's all about luck. If you think that your friend can lift the Mjölnir, you should go for it. Otherwise, we don't want to be responsible for any kind of hernia. 

Source: Rubie's/Amazon

8. Marvel Avengers Infinity War T-Shirt 

Infinity War was responsible for all the complicated emotions we felt for a year. But, it was the first movie that gathered all of the superheroes in MCU together. It made us smile, it made us happy, it made us excited, it made us hyped up and in the end, it made us cry. 

So, here's an Avengers Infinity War t-shirt for your crazy Avengers fan friend. It's the movie where everything started, it's the beginning of the end. Sure enough, your friend will love this t-shirt. 

Source: Marvel/Amazon

9. Calhoun 4-Pack Avengers Socks Set

Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk... Here's a sock set with our finest superheroes. Captain America for Mondays, to work with responsibility. Iron Man for Fridays, to party like Tony Stark. Hulk for Wednesdays, to make it easy for the weekend with the strenght of Hulk and the mind of Bruce Banner. Thor for Sundays, to... Well, Thor for any day, actually. 


This fun socks set as a gift is enough to make your friend happy. After all, Avengers will always be there to protect them!

Source: Calhoun/Amazon

10. Marvel Avengers Black Panther Action Figure

Of course, we didn't forget our dear King T'Challa! He's the coolest Avenger, right? Without him and his highly-developed nation, half of the success in the Infinity War and Endgame couldn't be achieved. So, all hail the King!

If your friend is someone with class, and his/her favorite Avenger is Black Panther, then here's an amazing gift you shouldn't miss. 

Source: Avengers/Amazon

11. Marvel Avengers Iron Spider-Man

Do you remember the armor that Tony Stark built for his lovely son Peter Parker? The Iron Spider Armor, with the instant kill mode. How cool was that! And the reactions of Peter while he was discovering his new costume was the cutest thing to watch ever. 

Here's a Spider-Man figure with Iron Spider costume. This is one of the best Avengers Endgame gifts, for sure. If you should buy a gift for someone around you who's a big Spidey fan, then, yeah, there's no better gift than this action figure.

Source: Avengers/Amazon
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