11 Must-Have Collectibles for DC Fans

If you're a DC fan looking for comic-related products, here are some must-have collectibles of the most popular DC characters.
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With the release of the new Joker movie, our little DC fan hearts are pounding. 

DC has always had a different impact on fans since every featured character comes with a dark side. And we love to explore! Maybe it's because that reminds us more of ourselves and is closer to reality?

Here are 11 items of DC characters for those who love DC comics as much as we do. 

1. DC Comics The Dark Knight The Joker Figure 

No doubt Joker is the first character that comes to mind when you hear the word "villain". He makes you forget about the superheroes and instead, start justifying him, as a result of his different vibe that enamors you.

There's no one who didn't love Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight as the Joker, right? If someone says they didn't, they don't know what they're talking about.

Here's a Joker figure from The Dark Knight for all who love Joker and his twisted ways. 

Source: DC Comics/Amazon

2. DC Comics Batman Batmobile Vehicle

The mighty Bruce Wayne and his extraordinarily luxurious life! Yes, he's living a great life, but that doesn't stop him from fighting for justice. He indeed is Gotham's protector, and when he's fighting criminals, he always does with a style. 

So here's the iconic Batmobile figure for you. While watching the Batman movies or reading the comic books, you dreamed about riding the Batmobile at least once, didn't you?

It's sad that you can't have the real-size Batmobile, but this awesome figure may help you satisfy your desire. And who knows, maybe one day you'll wake up in the size of a thumb, then you can actually ride this Batmobile.

Source: DC Comics/Amazon

3. DC Comics Batman Voice Changer Helmet

As most of the superheroes do, Bruce Wayne also kept his identity hidden for a long time. While doing that, he never lost his cool. You must remember the iconic voice of Wayne in the Batsuit. Wouldn't you like to sound that charismatic? 

Here's a Batman Helmet with a voice changer. So you can walk around dressed as Batman and sound like him as well! After all, we might need a real Bruce Wayne in real life too, and maybe you'll be the one, who knows?

Source: DC Comics/Amazon

4. DC Comics Superman T-Shirt 

Ever wanted to feel like Clark Kent in real life? Then wear your white shirt and your black glasses to the work. That's not enough, though. You need to wear your Superman t-shirt inside your shirt too!

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It's up to you how you want to wear it, either hide it under your shirt or wear it openly and walk around with confidence. No matter what you choose, you'll look as cool as Superman or as cute as Clark Kent. 

Source: DC Comics/Amazon

5. Wonder Woman Coffee Mug And Sock Set 

It doesn't matter if you're a girl or a boy, if you want, you can be the Wonder Woman. Of course, we are not telling you to walk around with a Diana Prince costume in real life, but there may be other things that can make you feel like an Amazon. 

Wear your socks and get your mug, and walk around with confidence, don't forget, you're the Wonder Woman after all! 

Source: Paladone/Amazon

6. Mattel Wonder Woman Doll

In a world full of male superheroes, we love seeing strong, powerful, and headstrong female superheroes, who are not sexualized but respected by the superhero fandom. And of course, wonder woman is one of them! 

Who said toys are for kids? Nothing should stop you from having a wonder woman doll, after all, she's one of the most powerful DC characters. 

Source: Mattel/Amazon

7. Funko Harley Quinn Pop

She's just crazy! Crazy cute, crazy smart, crazy funny, crazy crazy! She's the lovely assistant and romantic interest of Joker. Okay, we know that in 2019 it sounds bad for a woman to appear only as the sidekick and the love interest of a male lead. But wait a second! Joker is nothing without Harley Quinn and even he's aware of it!

This pop is an action figure of Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad. She has every detail that the character had in the movie. Plus, it looks super cute!

Source: Funko/Amazon

8. Watchmen Smiley Button Pin

If you've seen the amazing Watchmen movie or if you've read the amazing comics of Watchmen, you'd remember this little smiley pin. (SPOILER) When the Comedian was killed and was thrown out of the window, this pin fell from his robe with a drop of blood on it. And that was so iconic! 

Only true Watchmen and DC fans will understand what this pin means. And it looks cool too!

Source: 3ZLady/Amazon

9. Funko Aquaman Pop

He's super powerful, he can talk to sea creatures, he can breathe underwater, he can control water, he has a trident similar to Poseidon's, that is one of the most powerful weapons in the DCU. He's basically perfect, right? 


And this little pop of Aquaman is just so cute! If you're a big fan of Aquaman, his superpowers, and of course, his dashing looks, you should get this Aquaman pop. 

Source: Funko/Amazon

10. DC Comics Green Lantern T-Shirt

There are several superheroes in DC, but you're not like the others, you like the one that's not mainstream. Someone like Green Lantern. Of course, we can't offer you the ring of Green Lantern, that's not possible in our universe, sorry. But we can offer you a t-shirt which can make you look like Green Lantern. 

Maybe with this t-shirt, you'll manage to get the ring somehow. 

Source: DC Comics/Amazon

11. DC Comics The Flash T-Shirt

He's the fastest man alive. He protects Central City and Keystone City. He fights evil using his super-speed. Please welcome, Barry Allen, aka, The Flash! Who wouldn't like someone like this with a dedicated sense of heroism? 

Here's a Flash t-shirt for all who like Barry Allen. It's sure to make you as fast as he is! Just kidding, you know that it's impossible, right? 

Source: DC Comics/Amazon
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