11 Of The Coolest North Pole Exploration Instagram Accounts

The North Pole is one of the most inhospitable, yet stunningly beautiful places on Earth. These Instagram accounts offer you a tour of the mesmerizing region few have traveled to.
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Ah, the North Pole! The region, also known as the Geographic North Pole, is not only the northernmost point on the Earth, lying diametrically opposite the South Pole, it is a place of wonder and beauty.


And let's not forget it is Santa Claus' home! All joking aside, there is no denying that, despite its freezing climate, the region has a unique unparalleled beauty and grace that can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Lucky for you, if you love all things North Pole but cannot make the trip there, these Instagram accounts can you let you explore it from the comfort and heat of your very own home. They are a mixture of professional adventurers, professional photographers, expeditions and commercial operators who regularly visit one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Spoiler alert: unfortunately, none of them feature a red-nosed reindeer.

As you can imagine this list is far from exhaustive and is no particular order.

1. Nicholas Cullen

Instagram account: npcullen

north pole exploration npcullen
Source: npcullen/Instagram

Nicholas Cullen's Instagram account is filled with nice images of his travels around the pole. There is also a nice collection of snaps of wildlife, panoramic and other miscellaneous things from his 'toings and froings'.

His account has a decent cataloge of over 300 photos and videos and he has a nice healthy following of over 5,000 loyal fans. If you're looking for some inspiration,

to make you own trip, or grap a nice desktop image for your computer, this account will certainly get your juices flowing.

2. Jade Hamiester

Instagram account: jadehameister

north pole exploration jadehameister
Source: jadehameister/Instagram

Jade Hameister is a special young lady indeed. She is the youngest person to complete the Polar Hatrick - The North Pole, Greenland and South Pole.

An impressive feat and her Instagram account contains plenty of awe-inspiring images from her travels around the world. Apart from nice scenic images, you're also treated to a window into her world from meeting Prince Harry to other global dignitaries and public appearances.

3. Young Explorer

Instagram account: youngexplorer.northpole

north pole exploration youngexplorer
Source: youngexplorer.northpole/Instagram

Young Explorer is a smaller account compared to others on the list with only 127 followers but is have some nice images from the poles.

It is the Instagram face of a project that aims to help young children understand the North Pole as well provide the youngest scientific expedition there.

The project "aims at advancing young children's understanding of the arctic climate change while empowering them to drive changes by speaking to their peers around the world directly and by making educational materials and child-friendly communication tools available."

4. Poseidon Expeditions

Instagram account: poseidonexpeditions

north pole exploration poseidonexpeditions
Source: poseidonexpeditions/Instagram

Poseidon Expeditions is a company who provide cruises to the North Pole, The South Pole and Arctic circle. They have a fairly decent following of almost 6,000 followers and a decent catalogue of around 900 images for you to peruse.

As you'd expect their Instagram account is filled with beautiful images from their travels as well as recommendations from their clientele.

Who knows you might even be inspired to take a cruise with them one day?

5. Borge Ousland

Instagram account: borgeousland

north pole exploration borgeousland
Source: borgeousland/instagram

Borge Ousland is a Polar explorer who loves nothing more than conductin solo expeditions to the North and South Pole. He also seems to favor making solo crossings of the two poles and is the co-founder of the Ice Legacy Project.

This project aims to cross the 20 largest glaciers in the world and is also led by Borge's colleague Vincent Colliard. Borge Ousland's account has a healthy following of over 6K followers and is packed with over 200 lovely images of his treks across these inhospitable lands.

6. Vincent Colliard

Instagram account: vincentcolliard

north pole exploration vincentcolliard
Source: vincentcolliard/instagram

Vincent is Borge's fellow co-founder of the Ice Legacy Project and another fellow professional explorer. His account has a hefty 12K followers and over 250 images of his travels.

His account is bound to leave you wanting more and might just inspire you to put visiting the poles on your bucket list.

Obviously, make sure you are fully provisioned and prepared!

7. Euro-Arab Northpole Exped 2018

Instagram account: northpole2018

north pole exploration northpole2018
Source: northpole2018/instagram

The Euro-Arab Northpole Exped 2018 is, as the name suggests, a joint expedition of female only team members from both Europe and the Middle East. It includes team members from Britain, France, and Sweden to Saudia Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

The account, and website follows their successful expedition back in April of 2018. Its aim was to "foster greater dialogue and understanding between women from Western and Arabian cultures, as well as to inspire all women to reach beyond the expectation of others and fulfill their own life ambitions."

8. Eric Larson

Instagram account: elexplore

north pole exploration elexplore
Source: elexplore/Instagram

Eric Larson is, according to his Instagram page, the first person to go to the South Pole, North Pole and Everest in a single year. An impressive feat indeed.

His account has over 22.5 K followers and almost 2000 images and videos for your delectation. If you are interested Eric has also written and published a book on his travels called "On Thin Ice".

Might be worth checking out?

9. Martin Hartley

Instagram account: martinrhartley

north pole exploration martinrhartley
Source: martinrhartley/Instagram

Martin Hartley is the Director of Photography at Sidetracked. This is a specialist journal dedicated to personal stories of adventure travels, journies, and expeditions.

His Instagram account features tons of images of his day to day life as well as his times at the North Pole. You can also check out his personal website that has some very beautiful and inspiring images from the Arctic.

10. EYOS Expeditions

Instagram account: eyosexpeditions

north pole exploration eyosexpeditions
Source: eyosexpeditions/Instagram

EYOS Expeditions are a bespoke private yacht expedition company who specialize in taking their client to some of the most remote places on the Planet. Their Instagram account contains a mixture of Polar and non-Polar images and has a decent following of close to 3K followers.

A quick scroll through their posts and you'll soon be reaching for your credit card to join them on their next cruise. You can also check out their website for more inspiration if their Instagram account isn't enough for you Polar-junkies.

11. Quark Expeditions

Instagram account: quarkexpeditions

north pole exploration quarkexpeditions
Source: quarkexpeditions/Instagram

Quark Expeditions self-describe themselves as the "Leader in Polar Adventures". Of course so of their competition on this list might disagree but their Instagram account is packed full of incredible images from their travels.

With a whopping 17.8K followers many seem to like their content. Quark Expedition's account also features images from their happy customers and its certainly worth checking out if you like all things North Pole or the South Pole for that matter.

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