11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts

Hope these inspire you with your decorations for this festive season.
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Do you want to see some of the laziest Christmas decoration attempts ever? Then you've come to the right place. These are incredibly low in effort but high in creativity. Perhaps you are looking at ways to do the bare minimum. Either way, some of these examples are sure to inspire a few ideas for the holiday season. As for the rest of you, you are probably going to get a kick out of these low energy attempts at sharing holiday cheer. 

1. Blame the Grinch

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: frizzzzle/Reddit

Perhaps you are fed up with having to outdo your neighbors every year? Maybe you simply can't be bothered this time around? How about invoking one of the best-loved children's fantasy characters of all time, Dr.Seuss's the Grinch? 

This guy's cousin, apparently, hates decorating at Christmas time. His solution was this truly inspired submission for one of the laziest Christmas decoration attempts of all time. Good lad. Maybe the Grinch actually stole Christmas? 

2. Recycle another holiday's decorations

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: geoffersonreddit/Reddit

Why not decorate for Christmas and be environmentally friendly at the same time? With that in mind, it would be great if we could reuse decorations between holidays. How about Halloween and Christmas? After all, they are pretty close together right?

Well, that's exactly what this genius realized. He decided to logically minimize the cost in time and money for his external decorations by augmenting his Halloween decorations.  

Frankly, the final result is very satisfying indeed. Good effort sir. Lazy Christmas decorations for the win.

3. Rinse and repeat

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: 342636_stephy_a/Reddit

Like anything in life, it's usually best to 'measure twice and cut once'. Christmas decorations are no exception. The tree is usually one of the more time-consuming decoration tasks, so why not only do it once? 

Yes, that's right, decorate it once. Following each successful deployment, simply 'preserve' the previous year's display and clingfilm it ready for next year?

This is exactly what this chap decided to do. Is this a life hack or is it just incredibly lazy? We can't decide to be honest. Either way, it's a fantastic idea but isn't decorating the tree half the fun of Christmas?

4. Very legitimate use of ditto

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: MajorGeeks

Ah, ditto. Long hailed as probably the greatest labor-saving thing of all time it can also be used to save you time at Christmas. 

This incredibly practical person has made quite possibly the best example of the laziest Christmas decoration attempts of all time. We would love to meet this person, shake their hand and bask in the glory of their laziness. 

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Absolutely inspired. 

5. Nativity on a budget

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: imgur

Hot on the heels of recycling Halloween decorations is this one. It is also incredibly fitting given that our modern concept of St. Nick comes courtesy of one Cola manufacturer.

Before you think about throwing away and recycling those spent cans why not consider using them for your nativity scene at Christmas? Since contemporary cans come with names printed on them, why not complete the scene by collecting the names of each of the major characters.

That's exactly what these chaps decided to do. Such ingenuity is deserving of some kind of award. In such an award's absence, we'll honor its genius here on our list of laziest Christmas decoration attempts of all time.

6. Police always spoil everyone's fun

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: greentintedlenses/Reddit

Although the Grinch was a good effort, this one might be better, but only just. This chap's neighbor decided to really up the ante with his submission for the laziest Christmas decoration attempts, ever.

Like anything good in life, the police had other ideas and asked him to promptly remove the display.

Either way impressive effort sir.

7. Happy birthday Jesus

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: jigitz/Reddit

Well, they're not technically wrong, at least traditionally. But that's not really the point here though is it? Since we are interested in lazy Christmas decoration attempts, we think you'll agree this one is worthy of inclusion. 

Whether you agree with the sentiment or not, you can't complain about the sheer audacity of this attempt. Perhaps next year we could all take some inspiration from this one.

Good lazy effort, guys.

8. Laziest Christmas Tree

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: maaaarisa/Reddit

Let's face it the Christmas tree takes a lot of effort to put up and decorate. If you go for a real life one you'll also need to contend with it slowly dying and shedding its needles everywhere.

If you must have the 'real' tree smell at Christmas why not swap the real tree for an air freshener? That's exactly what this genius decided to do. We love the way they've also plonked the presents underneath just like a real tree. 

We would have liked at least some attempt at decoration on the tree but then, we are after the laziest attempts.

9. Whatever...

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: YTMND

To be fair it is not clear if this one is the final product or a work in progress. Though it could well be a defiant statement against the commercialization of the season. Perhaps it's a homage to the glory of the mighty spaghetti monster? Who knows.

Either way, it's one of the least efforts made to put up lights we've ever seen. Since this is a list of the laziest Christmas decoration efforts we feel comfortable with including this one. 

Fair play.

10. St. Nick's Laundry

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: FynesDesigns

Next on our list of laziest Christmas decorations is truly inspiring. Nothing or nobody symbolizes the festive season like Santa Claus. You could go the whole hog and add heavily illuminated decorations on your roof. Or, of course, you could be lazy and just hint at his presence.

That's exactly what this genius decided to do. Just take some Santa paraphernalia and hang them out to dry. Job done and Merry Christmas! 

Good effort.

11. Hosptial decorations that are lacking a little effort.

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: digestivecookie/imgur

Nonetheless, they are creative. So can we be mad at it? Using paper and hospital crutches, this user recreated the iconic holiday reindeer.  We are not exactly sure how we feel about these decorations.  Nonetheless, the anime eyes are a nice touch. But, would you get treated in a hospital with decorations like these? 

12. Are you lazy or really busy? 

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: pimack

We have all been there. There is something at your office that needs to get done, but no one really has taken the initiative to complete the task. Laziness is not always the culprit. Especially if you are working in a fast-paced environment, priorities can shift. But this might cross the line. 

Seeing, that no one wanted to take responsibility for decorating the Christmas tree, so this Reddit user decided to take things into his own hands. 

13. Repurposed Halloween decorations

11+ of the Laziest Christmas Decoration Attempts
Source: Jesses72390

We all have friends who leave holiday decorations around a little too long. However, in our case here, creativity and laziness come together for a simple and creepy holiday addition to the home. Using old Halloween decorations and a Santa's clothes, this Reddit user decided to add new life to a creepy statue. Our next question is that will the statue stay around for other upcoming holidays? How about a bunny suit for Easter? 

So there you go, the worst or best laziest Christmas decoration attempts we've ever seen. Hope we haven't missed any 'blinders'?

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