11 Gravity-Defying Sculptures Made by Coin Stacking

These coin stacking skills are simply unbelievable.
Christopher McFadden

If you love to while away the hours balancing or stacking coins, then you are bound to be impressed by this man's remarkable skills.

Using nothing more than his raw talent and some coins, he makes incredible coin stack pieces of art. 

These have all been created by a Japanese coin-balancing master who uses the Twitter handle @thumb_tani.

Otherwise known as Tanu, he is a master of the art of balancing things --  especially coins. While you might well have toyed with balancing coins yourself in the past, this guy's work will certainly inspire you to try a lot harder in the future. 

Tanu uses a variety of denominations in his creations, as well as some other non-coin additions at times. His skills are impressive, and there appears to be no end to his coin-balancing abilities. 

Check out some of his most impressive works below. This list is in no particular order and is not exhaustive. 

What are some examples of amazing coin stacking skills?



1. This amazing, tiny coin stack

First up is this masterclass in coin stacking is this pure masterpiece. The entire sculpture is balanced on just one coin. Oh, and it's on its edge. 

We wouldn't want to even attempt to replicate this. His patience and dedication to the task are simply amazing. 

2. Here is another masterpiece in coin stacking

Not content with their piece above, Tanu really pulled out all the stops with this one. Using who knows how many coins, @thumb_tani shows us what they can really do.

The result is simply spectacular to look at, and we must say, it should be considered an actual piece of artwork. This must have taken hours, and very steady hands indeed, to construct. 

But what a payoff!

3. Wow, just wow

Here is yet another masterclass in coin stacking from our maestro @thumb_tani.

Using another shed-load of coins, they really have outdone themselves again with this piece. This creation is simply mesmerizing to behold.

Fantastic work, and one to inspire even the most experienced of coin stackers. 

4. This one really takes the cake

In case you weren't feeling a little sub-par with your own coin stacking skills already, just look at this tour de force. Now he is just showing off.

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Are we sure they aren't cheating by using some glue? Amazing. 

5. Cute, very cute

With this example, @thumb_tani has decided to mix it up a little. By introducing what appears to be a marble, or perhaps a candy, they are really showcasing their balancing powers. 

It cannot be understated just how hard making this coin stack really is. Excellent skills. 

6. Well, this is incredible

If you weren't already impressed with @thumb_tani's stacking skills, then this next entry might just tip the balance. Using a pair of compasses, some erasers, and of course coins, they managed to pull off this apparent gravity-defying masterpiece. 

While you might be able to recreate the base yourself, we challenge you to balance the coin stack on top. Quite remarkable skills.

7. Now they are just playing with fire

Here is a rather risky showcase of this coins-stacking legend's abilities. By combining fragile wine glasses with a couple of coins, they really are tempting fate here.

Unless you are supremely confident with your own skills, it is probably best to not try this one at home. Especially if you have any children at home!

8. How on Earth is this possible?

Here is yet another example of @thumb_tani's, apparently inhuman, balancing skills. By combining some coins, of course, a marble and a mug, they were, somehow, able to balance them all perfectly on top of one another.

Surely this is not possible? They must be cheating somehow...

9. We know there is no such thing as magic, but...

Oh come on, this can't be real, can it? Absolutely amazing skills on display here. 

10. Impressive, most impressive!

This time our coin-stacking master has introduced the nib of a technical drawing pencil into his balancing act. We are not even sure we could balance a single coin on the nib, let alone a pile like this. 

11. Good use of fork

And finally, here @thumb_tani really pushes out all the stops with their coin-stacking skills. By introducing a fork, to their already impressive use of marbles, this coin-stack is simply awe-inspiring. 

We just wonder how they managed to stop the marble from rolling off the fork? Amazing. 

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