12 Beautiful Shape-Shifting Pieces of Furniture

Adjustable furniture is not just classy and cheap, it is also convenient and easier to manage. The amount of innovation that goes into these is alluring on its own.
Kashyap Vyas

Furniture is typically a functional piece of hardware but with the right finish, it could add an aesthetic component to your home. Same goes for shape-shifting furniture. These were originally designed to serve multiple purposes in areas that are short on space. Lately, however, even shape-shifting furniture has gotten a facelift making the interior of your house look elegant and providing smart use of space.

Furniture is a depreciating asset, so it makes sense to buy one with additional functionality if you’re on a tight budget or move a lot, or just like things simple and minimal. Whichever the case, these items are sure to make your home look cool. So mix and match and gear up for shopping for a perfect flexible home. 

The Murphy Bed

12 Beautiful Shape-Shifting Pieces of Furniture
Source: MrPants/Flickr

Invented in the 1900’s by William Murphy, the Murphy bed is something like a classic in furniture-land. The simple design was created to hide the bed when not in use so that Murphy could have female company without sending out wrong implications. It has now become a standard issue for small lodgings and apartments.

The Fan Table

Most parties and gatherings happen on weekends and if you frequently host these parties, you definitely need this size and shape changer. The fan table has a surface that folds like a fan so that you get a big round table that can curl up into a side-table. It works both as lawn furniture and in your loft. Mauricio Affonso, the man behind the design of this fan table, was interested in designing furniture that could be used in different situations.

The Convertible Dining Table Bookshelf

12 Beautiful Shape-Shifting Pieces of Furniture
Source: Imax

This rustic dining table by ImaxCorp doubles as a bookshelf with a simple rotation. Elegant and sturdy, it is perfect for a home office or a studio apartment. The minimalistic design is pretty well finished and has a raw feel to it. It is utility at its most beautiful.

Doc Sofa Bed

12 Beautiful Shape-Shifting Pieces of Furniture
Source: Bonbon

Bunk beds have a very nostalgic value to some, reminiscent of dorm days. This designer piece is perfect for unplanned sleepovers, couch-surfers and of course, dorms. And it’s pretty neat. The bright color has its own appeal and the covers can be removed for washing.

Kali Twin Wall Bed System

‘It’s a sofa. It’s a desk. It’s super-bed!’ The hide-away twin bed is a decent solution for those short on space and can be customised to the nut. Extra shelving, wall closet can be added and the piece can be ordered in any size. The best thing is that you don’t need to move your stuff when collapsing or expanding it.

Most Popular

The Ori 3-in-1

A bed that moonlights as a home office, closet and storage space, this piece is the only furniture you’ll need. Simple, stylish and electronically controlled, the Ori also comes with an app that lets you transform your room in a minute from a dresser and desk to bed.

Goliath Console / Dining Table

The Goliath Table extends from 17 inches to 115 inches utilizing a unique aluminum telescoping mechanism so that you can get extra space when not eating.  It can accommodate up to eight people when it is unfolded and can be used as a console table.

Cubista: Transformable Ottoman / Stools

The Cubista ottoman can be broken down into five separate seats. Each side of the ottoman can be attached to one of four bases hidden inside the structure. The seats come with a comfortable padding and when not in use, the unit can be tucked in a corner. It is a must buy for frequent party hosts.

Vengio Transforming Mirror & Dining Table

Retractable tables are a clever way out to the bulkiness of dining tables but they often serve no other purpose and look weird on the wall, but not the Vengio table. The table acts as a stylish mirror when folded. So not only does it not look out of place but actually looks decent. Additionally, Mirrors also make your room appear bigger.

The Folding Picnic Table

12 Beautiful Shape-Shifting Pieces of Furniture
Source: Amazon

Another one from our grandfather’s days, it is a really handy piece of engineering. It can seat up to four people and folds up neatly into a case. The table is constructed of ABS plastic while the aluminum alloy frame adds durability. Keep it in your car for spontaneous picnics.

Coffee Table by Daniel Pearlman

12 Beautiful Shape-Shifting Pieces of Furniture
Source: Pearlman Daniel Studio

It’s a side table and an armchair placed neatly inside a coffee table that also gives you some storage space. Well designed and robust, it’s a perfect seating solution for your small living rooms and studio apartments. The use of two colors induces freshness. It is perfect for a cup of coffee in the morning.

2-In-1 Ironing Board and Mirror

12 Beautiful Shape-Shifting Pieces of Furniture
Source: CNET

Ironing clothes and dressing up do go hand in hand and now, you don’t need two separate objects for it. This iron board-cum-mirror lets you prepare for a perfect date or a regular day at the office. If only it could give compliments!!

Interiors are all the fad these days. Your home is your happy place and a reflection of your soul. Keep it Zen and minimalistic or out there and bold, but a home with a personality is just what you need at the end of the day.  Adjustable furniture is not just classy and cheap, it is also convenient and easier to manage. The amount of innovation that goes into these is alluring on its own. The additional space could be used as a passage or for morning routines. It is also aesthetically pleasing to have some uncluttered space.