12 Unidentified Flying Object Sightings from the Last Decade

While most of these sightings have been proven to be hoaxes, some are still unsolved mysteries that are downright bewildering.
Kashyap Vyas
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Flying objects in the sky have fascinated people since ancient times. It probably wasn’t an alien spaceship each of these times, maybe even any of these times. Regardless, men will never cease looking to the skies for signs of life. Things wouldn’t be as much fun otherwise.


The term ‘UFO’, or unidentified flying object, can actually be used to indicate any object that cannot be identified. However, in recent times it has become synonymous with alien spaceships. The number of reported sightings has actually increased. In 1990, the number of sightings reported was 307, which has increased to 5,516 in 2016.

Flying saucers and fireballs, the uniformity in shapes that have been witnessed indeed make an argument for alien visits. While most of these sightings have been proven to be hoaxes, some are still unsolved mysteries that are downright bewildering. Whichever the case, let's take a look at some popular ones from the last decade.

April 21, 2008: Phoenix lights

Four floating lights appeared in Phoenix, 2008 that could not be explained. The lights changed the shape after a while from triangular to rectangular and started disappearing one by one. The source could not be seen on radar. It led to a lot of excitement until two days later, someone confessed to tying road flares to helium balloons. Much ado about nothing.

Jan 5, 2009: New Jersey UFOs

Another unexplained sighting that later turned out to be helium balloons, red flares, and fishing lines, the sighting became so popular that it was shown on the History Channel. The perpetrators, Joe Rudy and Chris Russo, admitted that it was part of a social experiment. A $250 fine was issued as it could have been hazardous with the Morristown airport close by.

July 2011: The Sighting of a UFO on The Ocean Floor

This was pointed out by a Swedish scientist, Peter Lindberg, as a "completely round" object in the blurry image, something that is not supported by the low-resolution sonar image. Another such anomaly peaked interest in the case but no evidence was found to suggest alien life.

July 6, 2011: Giant Fireball over Mexico

A giant fireball was seen to hurl down the Mexico sky, as seen in the video. It could have been a flight trail lit up by the sun but the source is still unclear. Similar sightings around the world have been reported. Spooky.

April 26, 2012: Spaceship Orbiting the Sun

A curious object seemed to be orbiting the sun in a picture from NASA which was later explained as a glitch caused by cosmic rays interacting with the camera. It should have been obvious upon a second look as these were only present in a couple of images and not all.

August 20, 2017: Mass UFO Sightings over Phoneix

Multiple bright yellow lights were seen hovering over the mountains but were never reported. The 30 seconds video you will see 5 crafts in a “W” formation. These bright lights move around for a while and then the video ends abruptly. While not much has been reported about this sightings, it still remains unknown about these bright yellow lights.

November 12 2016: Aliens Over Moon

While the earth has had a fair many UFO sightings, this particular one is even more interesting. As shot by YouTube user Rondomon through a NexStar 6se telescope, there seems to be two black specks flying over the moon.  The cameraman said in the video: "After zooming in on the moon I walk away and sure enough UFOs start flying by." The video, however, couldn’t convince the experts.

Jan 7, 2007: Strange Lights Over Arkansas 

The retired Air Force colonel, Brian Fields photographed two intensely bright lights while he was cooking chicken at home. The appearance led to many speculations on the Internet until the Air Force explained that flares had been dropped from airplanes as part of routine training. It is still unclear how routine these training are if the locals didn’t notice them before.

Jan 28, 2011: UFOs Over Holy Land

A video emerged on the internet that showed UFOs over the Dome of the Rock on Jerusalem's Temple Mount. It led to a huge debate over the existence of UFOs till the video under question was dismissed as a hoax since it showed signs of an editing.

May 2012: UFO over Studio City, Calif

A video filmed by Duayne "Shway ShWayans" Wayans, the nephew of the Wayans brother’s comedy team, mistook Venus for a UFO. It’s unclear whether he was serious or joking but he won’t be the first to mistake Venus for a UFO. Several other sightings have actually been proven to be images of the planet.

August 17, 2016: Iowa “Smiling Face”

One Justin Southwick shot a series of lights over Iowa that seemed to form a smiling face. Although some YouTube commenters pointed out that it could have been the sun, he claimed he was facing west and had the sun behind him.

December 23, 2016: UFO, or Possibly Santa Claus

Orlando Bosca recorded what looked like a red ball of light hovering over the New York City skyline. He joked in the description “Santa, with his red clothes and his white sleigh, is flying over NYC... Is parked on the Tower Trump waiting that you ask to bring peace to the world…”

UFO sightings have become so common that an actual alien spaceship would probably get away as a hoax. It is a topic that goes on and off public interest. Even some alien abduction claims have been filed to the police. It is recommended that you stay calm and be content with fiction. The reality is already too messed up without aliens, espers, time-travelers, etc.

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