13 Best Reddits for Education, Lifestyle, and DIY

Join these Reddit communities to gain wisdom in a most entertaining way!
Kashyap Vyas

Reddit is a vast digital world where you can easily get lost in! The funny threads and the avalanche of memes, it’s a great place to share your view, have a laugh and learn.

Reddit has a side of it that is deeply educational, where people from around the world share their experiences and give an expert opinion on subjects, which at the end of the day, can make you more enlightened.

Let’s review some of the best subreddits that are geared toward making you a better person!

1. r/educationalgifs 


The Galton board: 3000 steel balls fall through 12 levels of branching paths and end up matching a bell curve distribution. Each ball has a 50% chance of following each branch such that the balls are distributed by the mathematical binomial distribution from r/educationalgifs

Let’s kick the list off with a subreddit that can pique your curiosity and keep you hooked. The educationalgifs lets you learn with the help of gifs.

So, you always have a visual that illustrates each process or step and educationalgifs does it remarkably well. Join this community and you will essentially learn how the things around you work.

The community has over 720,000 members and it keeps on growing.

2. r/IWantToLearn 


I want to learn computer science! Where do I start? from r/IWantToLearn

Second on the list is a purely educational subreddit. Here you can see various members asking their queries knowing that there are professionals in the community who can help them out.

There are more than 392,000 members in the community and the questions span many horizons like education, tech, selfhelp etc.

3. r/howto


How to make a spring loaded stop for your drawers so they don’t come out all the way from r/howto

 This subreddit has something for everyone. No wonder why it has more than 805,000 members and counting. Howto is aimed at education and DIY that spans across a wide variety of topics.

One of the best things about this subreddit is that that the posts almost always contain gifs, videos or images, making learning a fun process.

4. r/excel


Whenever you do something in excel, stop using your mouse and find out how to do it with the keyboard. Your operating speed will go up by a factor of 5-10. from r/excel

 On Reddit, you have subreddits for everything, even Excel! Anyone who has spent a lot of time doing complex computations of Excel knows that the program is more advanced than what an ordinary user may think.

If you want to know how the pros handle excel and want to learn from them, then excel is the one to join.

Being a community with more than 119,000 members, excel sure does turn some heads!

5. r/teachingresources


A short animated video on confirmation bias. Good resource for science teachers to help improve critical thinking from r/teachingresources

 Say whatever you want but teaching is a very arduous job. The effort to convey a complex idea to another person without disparity is not an easy task.

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t find more engaging and interesting ways to make the job less intimidating.

The teachingresources subreddit is a place where teachers share their innovative teaching techniques and materials.

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It is a great place to get presentations, reports or materials on various topics and as always everybody learns something new.

6. r/OpenEd


How to add Attachments to your emails, as well as inserting a photo, and Smiley Faces. from r/OpenEd

Another subreddit where people come together to form a community and share the knowledge they have of a particular subject or answer queries of other people who are on the platform.

The members of OpenEd often share textbooks and other files that are educational in nature.

There are also talks about colleges, campuses, etc.

7. r/Lifehacks


When making ice cream cones for the kids (or yourself) put a marshmallow at the bottom before adding ice cream. It stops any drips that may leak out from the bottom of the cone... and you have an extra treat at the end. from r/lifehacks

 With 1.7 million community members, lifehacks is one among the largest communities on reddit. It is not hard to see why there are so many members hooked on this subreddit because it is full of useful tips and tricks that you can use in your daily life.

There are numerous life hacks on this thread and it’s all about making life much easier. The subjects often include DIY, beauty tips, build ideas etc. In essence, Lifehacks is a subreddit worth following!

 8. r/todayilearned


TIL that the "drink 8 glasses of water a day" is based on a 1945 recommendation that had no medical basis. The current recommendation is "drink when you are thirsty, unless you are outside on a hot day or are elderly- then drink a bit more." from r/todayilearned

 We all have heard the saying “learn something new today”, and the todayilearned is a place where you can learn a ton of things!

The latest and most interesting news are displayed on the thread and for a curious mind, it is a heaven for information.

Did you know that “Drink 8 glasses of water a day” has no scientific basis and the new recommendation is just “drink whenever you are thirsty”?! You should definitely join todayilearned!

9. r/AskReddit


What’s a "Let that sink in" fun fact? from r/AskReddit

 Want something different where you can just ask the redditors something that’s been boiling in your mind? Then AskReddit is the place for you to be!

The community has 20.7 million members and the questions just keep on coming! It is also one of the best communities in reddit in terms of engagement.

Your question here will never go unanswered.

10. r/UpliftingNews


India is now a world leader in renewable energy from r/UpliftingNews

We live in a world where negative news gets the most media coverage, even to a point where we don’t see any sort of positive new. It kind of makes us lose hope for the world, but wait!

There is positive news out there and you will be surprised to know that they overshadow the negativity that is being projected out there. UplifitingNews is a community where positive and uplifting news is shared 24/7.

And that’s what the world needs to read!

11. r/Coolguides


100 words you could use instead of "said" from r/coolguides

Coolguides is all about sharing insightful and interesting pieces of knowledge, something that you can benefit in the short or long run.

The posts never fail to surprise, and the best thing is that you are always learning something from this community.

Coolguides is now at 504,000 members and the numbers are on a steady rise. It’s a great place to improve yourself and your knowledge may help another person one day.

12. r/languagelearning


"How do you know so many languages??" from r/languagelearning

 If you are someone who is taking up a course in a new language or is a polyglot, then languagelearning is a fun place to be.

Here, linguists share their ideas and funny memes to make the community best of both worlds.

It’s also a great place to get answers for your doubts on the subject as the community has people from all over the world being proficient in a variety of subjects.

13. r/Lightbulb


A virtual pet that requires the same level of care as a real pet, but every time you have to spend money on it (food, vet bills, etc.), the money goes to a savings account. from r/Lightbulb

Lightbulb is a growing community with 52,300 members and climbing. The group is targeted for nurturing ideas and inventing cool stuff.


It is a great place to be if you are into making ideas a reality.

Reddit is a great place to learn, share and make friends. With the world getting more tight-knit than ever before, communities like these bring people together and enables them to create something new.

Join any of the subreddits on our list; you won’t regret it at all!

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