13 DIY Projects That Will Make You Say “How about No?”

Just because you can do it, it doesn’t mean that you should.
Derya Ozdemir
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With the rise of crafting tutorials on social media, the Do-It-Yourself kingdom is stronger than ever. Would you like to make a candle out of an orange? Or maybe you want to use a drill to make your tea brew faster — please don’t ask us how that even works. We won’t stop you, but with DIY projects getting crazier every day, where do we draw the line? 


We gathered 13 DIY projects from Reddit that will make you scream “why” at the top of your lungs and question the whole human species. Sit tight.

1. The Mood Ring Toilet

We truly don’t know what is so “crafty” or “nifty” about this project; however, it does one thing extremely successfully: unnerving the heck out of you.

something i found on twitter from r/DiWHY

Who thought of this? Why did they want a color-changing toilet?  And the most important question: Who and why sat on a toilet lid, completely butt-naked?

Please don’t answer these questions, it is completely rhetorical and we really don’t want to know.

2. The Rise of the Emojis

Written media is declining rapidly and we are being conditioned to only receive visual data. Add the meme culture to these, and the next Hieroglyphics Age is just around to corner. The emoji keyboard is the future and the product of a prescient mind.

If you type emojis more often than alphabets you need this keyboard with ALL of them. from r/DiWHY

An emoji is worth a thousand words after all.

We are kidding. Or aren’t we?

3. The “Am I Hallucinating?” Car

This car looks like something out of a contemporary art gallery and we truly can’t think of a reason why someone would do this.

At least it looks kinda cool from r/DiWHY

Maybe they are into that “a-glitch-in-the-matrix” type of look? Or maybe they like to keep a close eye on their engine while driving? The answer is truly beyond us.

4. The Hell-Seat

Here is a fact that the whole world can agree on: bike stools suck. They are engineered to give you nightmares and butt-sores. So we can’t imagine why you’d want to do this to yourself and to your rear-ends.

Bike Stool from r/DiWHY

5. The Pant-Pots

The stuffed pants as garden decorations have been going on for a while and every season a post about them makes it to trending. It is time for someone to put a stop to this nonsense.

humanity often disappoints me from r/DiWHY

Not only they make your garden look like a plant-apocalypse happened, but your old jeans that you don’t wear anymore because they are ugly also don’t look good in your garden either.

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6. The Cat-Hoodie

While DIY projects for our beloved pets come from a place of love, some of them definitely fail to deliver their promise. Your cat will be cozy with the sock-hoodie that’s for sure; however, will they like it? Highly unlikely.

"Why, master.." from r/DiWHY

You want your cat to piss on your blanket? This will surely get your cat to piss on your blanket.

7. The Heatstroke Hats

You want your cool tin cans made into even cooler hats? Which will boil your brain under 100°F heat and probably melt into your scalp, completing your transformation into the tin-man? Fear no more, we’ve got the DIY project for you.

Hats made from tin cans from r/DiWHY

They will not only replenish your inner-alcoholic, but they will also give you cuts to go with your new image.

8. The Edible Phone Case

Just a few reasons why you shouldn’t ever do this: every square inch of your phone has around 25,000 germs (which is two times more than a regular toilet) and phones generally tend to overheat… Imagine your brand new smartphone experiencing a slow death while it swims in the melting chocolate.

Edible phone case from r/DiWHY

However, it would be really cool seeing a person eating their phone case on the subway.

9. The Hipster Cheese Grater

Ever had the impending fear of accidentally shaving your skin off while grating cheese? This DIY takes that phobia to the next level; you will need to face that fear every time you cook now! 

I can already feel the scratches on my fingers from r/DiWHY

At least it looks cute.

10. The Nasty Kitchen Toilet

Imagine this: you are at your partner’s place and they want you to grab something from the kitchen. You open the wrong cabinet and here it is: a toilet. What a deal-breaker, right?

The ultimate redneck engineering from Russia from r/redneckengineering

Time to puke everything that you’ve eaten at their place.

11. The Car Rotisserie

We just want to say that there are easier ways of cooking a barbeque and this one is definitely not one of them. Also, did he use a mop to season that meat or what?

This guy sure knows how to barbecue from r/nextfuckinglevel

12. The Mad Max Bicycle

This project will most definitely tickle your inner goth-kid.

Someone posted these Mad Max DIY studded bicycle tires on ebike sub from r/DiWHY

We give this one 10 points for the “wow” factor; however, actually using them on the streets might leave you with a flat tire.

13. The Buzzkill Bubble-Popper 

Who would want to take the joy out of bubble wrap popping? Apparently, this guy. You should only try this DIY if you 1) hate fun, 2) like to steal people’s happiness, or 3) have a 3D printer that you don’t know what to do with.

I made a bubble wrap popping belt buckle from r/DiWHY
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