13 Great Car Modifications of Terrible Taste

These car modifications might have been a good idea in someone's head, but they were definitely not meant to be on the highway.
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Every driver aspires to get the dream car of their own and fantasizes about having the perfect car for their own liking; however, should their dream be a reality?

Unfortunately, sometimes in the quest to making the perfect car, some mishaps can be made and the car of your dreams might be nightmare fuel for everyone else.

Maybe your cringeworthy modifications are better off staying in your imagination - not on the road. It is always good to double-check.

Modifications don't have to stop at adding engine sounds to your car too, there are people out there with their minds set on torturing defenseless pushbikes, pick-up trucks, and motorbikes. Not only some of these designs render the vehicles useless, but they are also just plain ridiculous.  


We have collected some of the worst car modification fails that can be found on the internet: from furry covering to Patrick wheels, here are 15 hilariously hideous Pimp My Ride attempts made by car-enthusiasts from everywhere in the world. 

1. The SpongeBob car

Don't get us wrong, we love SpongeBob as much as the next guy. However, it seems that this driver took things a little bit too far. 

This Spongebob car from r/ATBGE

Also, call us racist but we won’t go into that car with Patrick on the wheel.

2. The furry car

The furry trend expanded to fashion, and then, to your bedroom with your partner suddenly demanding you to wear a lion tail in bed. And now, apparently, the trend jumped to the highways.

If your car doesn’t look like this don’t call yourself a furry ? from r/ATBGE

At least the impact will be softer if you hit a distracted pedestrian.

Disclaimer: Don't hit a distracted pedestrian!

3. The drunk car

This car is from the R rated Cars movie that will never be made: the drunk car that always looks tired, steam is coming off from its hood, and the scene ends with its wheels giving out with x's over its eyes.

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But in fashion, of course. 

Go home car. You're drunk. from r/ATBGE

4. The pirate car

This is how your morning commute looks like when you wanted to be a pirate but your parents made you study arrrchitecture.

We will see us out.

This boat car is in a league of its own from r/ATBGE

5. The dream car

It appears that someone stole that giant toddler's toy car and we hope that he doesn't throw a tantrum when he sees this.

Also, this is the only car that goes vroom vroom and beep beep in this list.

If you could finance the dream car you wanted as a 6 year old. from r/ATBGE

6. The game car

The first glance tells you it is from a video game, the second lets you know it is the reality. We do admit it does kinda look sick; however, was it really necessary?

X-Wing Car Mod from r/ATBGE

7. The wing car

With this design, it won’t be your wingman that’s for sure.

This winged car from r/ATBGE

8. The Japanese car

We are going to assume that this car was designed to give you the best shoveling snow experience of your life. Otherwise, there is no explanation for that abomination.

How Japanese can they make this car? from r/ATBGE

9. The tile car

This might be the car for all your Turkish bath needs. Just don't go too heavy on the soap and you will be just fine. 

This Tiled Car from r/ATBGE

10. The coin car

The exterior of this car is screaming wealth, we can only hope that the interior is not. Sitting on coins is a happy thought that comes with instant butt pain.  

Car covered with coins from r/ATBGE

11. The lady car

This car is not safe for work, job interviews, visiting your partner's parents, etc. In a nutshell, just don't use this car while going anywhere. 

NSFW yeehaw car from r/ATBGE

12. The coffin car

This is the car you should get if you really don't trust your driving skills, like, at all. Or maybe, you want to make your love known to that special someone by Thelma and Louise'ing both of you down a cliff. 

Either way, don't do this design or we are calling the cops. 

Double coffin car from r/ATBGE

13. The not-white car

This is the car a pope would have bought if he was the reincarnation of a pimp. It looks terrible, but at least it has a shower installed for after the deed is done.

This car mod found in Morocco from r/ATBGE
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