13+ Halloween Costume Ideas for Geeks

Halloween is coming and now it's easier to show people that you're into sci-fi and tech.
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Spooky season is coming, and everybody started to look for some costume ideas. Here are some STEM-related costumes for Halloween.

1. Rubik's Cube

Source: Smiffy's/Amazon

Rubik's Cube was most of our childhood trauma. It was hard to solve this complicated cube. So spoil yourself with a dress of it this Halloween. It won't be that hard to wear it,  we guess.

2. Lego Brick

Source: Disguise/Amazon

Speaking of childhood classics, Lego's were the favorite toys of the last decade. Nowaday's civil engineers were probably playing with Lego's and building things with them. It's an officially licensed product. If you want to be different and "edgy" this Halloween, you can try it.


3. Robot

Source: Morphsuits/Amazon

We will have robotic parts and will be a cyborg in the future. But now we have to settle for what we got now, robot costumes! This robot is the right choice if you want to look like a real one, with a little bit of creepiness.

4. Technician

Source: Dickies/Amazon

Simple but effective costume idea for Halloween. You won't have any struggles; everybody can say who you are. Excellent choice to save your energy for the games, not to choose a fancy costume.

5. Astronaut

Source: Haorugut/Amazon

Being a space explorer is such a cool and different way of living. Why don't you make your childhood dream come true this Halloween? It's easy to wear, and you can move comfortably in the party. Also, webbing straps have parachute buckles to resemble a safety harness. You can choose any color you like.

6. Pac-Man

Source: Toynk Toys/Amazon

Our yellow buddy likes eating dots and hanging around the labyrinths. It looks like being Pac-Man is easy. But don't forget, you should be running from all the ghosts.

7. Game Boy

Source: E-Brands/Amazon

Here's another cute idea from our childhood. It's one-size-fits-most and one of the most comfortable costume ideas. But be careful if you're not ok with people pressing your buttons.

8. Mad Scientist

Source: Morph-Costumes/Amazon

If you're a real scientist or not, you can rock being one. You can use the hair that comes with the kit, or better; you can use your own hair and create that effect with hair spray.

9. Edward Scissorhands

Source: Rubie's/Amazon

Edward's body, especially his hands, is an excellent example of mechanics and engineering. He looks weird and uncomfortable overall, but let's focus on how he looks like a scary gun and how it represents the Halloween spirit.

10. Jet-Pack Man

Source: Morph/Amazon

To the moon and back! Step into this costume, zip it up, switch the fan on, wait a minute, and you're ready to go. It's easy to use and seems pretty cool!

11. Alien Kidnaps You

Source: Morph/Amazon

Just like Jet-pack one, this has a fan in it too. It's one of the different-looking costumes. Also, it's one size fits most adults. So you have to be ready to be picked up.

12. Green Alien

Source: Loftus/Amazon

Now you're the one who can will kidnap people. But don't, instead of doing that walk around and explore the Earth! You can pick the size that will fit you and then, you're ready to go!

13. Marvel Heroes

Source: Leezeshaw/Amazon

Who doesn't like Avengers? You can choose whoever you want to be; Iron Man, Captain AmericaCaptain Marvel or others. There's a bunch of options when it comes to picking costume as a hero. Or just switch sides, you can be Thanos too.

And an Extra: Pumpkin Pi T-shirt

Source: Southern Designs/Amazon

Let's end this list with a classic joke. Pumpkin Pi doesn't count as a t-shirt, but everybody knows that this t-shirt is an effortless and fun way to show people that you're in the STEM community. 

Happy Halloween!