13 Real-Life DIY Objects Inspired by Games

For those who love computer games and are pretty handy, these 13 game-inspired DIY projects are simply a match made in heaven.
Christopher McFadden
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Do you want to combine your love of gaming with something creative? Then you might want to consider checking out these great game-inspired DIY projects.

What are some DIY projects inspired by computer games?

So, without further ado, here are some fun examples of DIY projects that have been inspired by computer games or gaming in general. Thankfully this list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. Check out there "The Legend of Zelda" inspired coasters

gamer diy zelda
Source: toughschmidt/Instructables

Everyone loves a bit of game-inspired DIY. And this example is a real stonker. 

Created using pearler beads, these drinks coasters are absolutely brilliant. They look great and are relatively simple to create.

If you want to make your own, you can find plenty of examples of patterns using a simple Google search. Or better yet, why not try designing your very own? 

2. This Yoshi necklace is awesome

13 Real-Life DIY Objects Inspired by Games
Source: Ashleigh Davidson/cutoutandkeep

Yoshi is, hands down, one of the greatest computer game characters of all time. So what better way to celebrate this awesome character than by ramming a metal chain into his head?

This DIY project looks great and by all accounts is relatively simple to emulate. Why not try it out for yourself?


Of course, you could substitute Yoshi with any myriad of other computer game characters of your choice. Let your imagination, and nostalgia, run rampant.

3. Knitted Mario mushrooms are always a winner

13 Real-Life DIY Objects Inspired by Games
Source: Ami Amour

Computer games are always fair game for many a knitting project. And what better subject than those cute little mushrooms from Super Mario Brothers. 

These diminutive little cuddly 'shrooms look cute and are bound to melt many hearts. The pattern for them, if your a veteran knitter, is not too taxing either.

For beginner knitters, why not cut your teeth with this awesome game-inspired DIY project? You could also try and make your own Toad. 

4. Check out this homemade Minecraft sword!

13 Real-Life DIY Objects Inspired by Games
Source: allfortheboys

Here is another easy-peasy yet amazing game-inspired DIY project. With a printer, some paper and card you too can get your very own Minecraft sword!

The project is incredibly simple and will make any Minecraft fan's day, week and month. Now you just need an excuse to brandish it about your person. 

Decisions, decisions. 

5. This Pacman mobile looks great

gamer diy pacman
Source: crafterholic/Pinterest

Why not start your little bundle of joy off early with this amazing Pacman-inspired baby mobile. It is never too early to introduce children to the wonders of gaming. 

Though it might not be a good idea to get them addicted to a screen just yet. This project is pretty simple to recreate and really does look the business. 

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Nom, nom. 

6. These tiny origami Nintendo stars are brilliant

diy game projects stars
Source: geekcrafts

If you are a dab-hand when it comes to origami, you might like this great little DIY gamer project. They really do look the part and are relatively simple to make for yourself. 

With a ton of them in hand, all you need now is an excuse to show them off! The possibilities are endless. 

Don't like folding paper? Maybe you could make some edible ones instead?

7. "Angry Birds" bookmark anyone?

gamer diy bookmark
Source: craftsoccermom

For fans of "Angry Birds" and reading, this might just be the perfect DIY project. This simple origami project will help keep your place in your favorite book in style.

Make your friends and family jealous with this awesome game-inspired DIY project. 

8. Turn some old consoles into wall clocks

gamer diy console clocks
Source: CreativeFunny/Etsy

Here is an interesting game-inspired DIY project. If you have some old consoles lying around and are absolutely positive you'll never play with them again, why not repurpose them as wall clocks?

Skeptical? Then we think you'll agree the final products look absolutely stunning. 

These would make the perfect home-decor present for any gaming fanatic. Just make sure you are not cannibalizing their precious old consoles. 

9. Check out this gamer's coffee table

gamer diy projects coffee table
Source: craftster/Pinterest

Here is another amazing game-inspired DIY project you might want to consider copying. According to the chap's wife, this gamer spent around 6-months making this amazing coffee table. 

Apparently it consists of 401 tiles of images from some of the best old school computer games from his youth. Good effort sir. 

We love the pillows too.

10. Propose to your gamer other-half with this amazing engagement ring box

gamer diy projects ruppee
Source: Riley Planalp/Instructables

If you want to knock the socks off your potential gamer-fiancee, why not consider creating your own "The Legend of Zelda" inspired engagement ring box. Designed to resemble the famous rupees from the game, if they don't say "yes" after this effort then nothing else will.

This really is an amazing piece of work. We are very impressed. 

11. We love this "Asteroids" inspired feature wall

gamer diy asteroids
Source: whatisblik/Pinterest

If you are looking for something different to make your home-decor unique, why not consider replicating this great game-inspired DIY project. This particular example used stick-on graphics, but there is no reason you couldn't make your own by hand. 

It looks absolutely amazing, to be honest. 

12. Check out this amazing 3D printed Nintendo Switch game storage Pokeball

gamer diy pokeball switch
Source: diygamer

If you are looking for a fancy way to store and carry your favorite Nintendo Switch games, you can't go wrong with this amazing DIY project. This particular example is 3D printed, and the result is truly inspired. 

While it is designed for Nintendo Switch games, there shouldn't be a reason why the 3D model could not be altered to carry other gaming cartridges.

13. These "Donkey Kong" shelves look the business

gamer diy donkey kong
Source: Igor Chak/Apartment Therapy

And finally, these "Donkey Kong" inspired shelves are absolutely brilliant. This DIY project is not for the faint-hearted, but the end result is certainly worth it.  

No-one will believe you made this yourself!