13 Surprising Things People Have Found inside Other Things

Here are 13 times people found other things inside things they've broken, cut open, and generally vandalized.
Christopher McFadden
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If you love nothing more than smashing stuff to pieces or tearing apart other things, then you might want to pay attention to the interior next time. You could find some very interesting things inside.

Here we have found some interesting examples that might make you want to prematurely end the life of some of your own possessions. Just make sure it's not a priceless item. 


What kinds of things have people found by accident inside other things?

So, without further ado, here are some interesting things found inside other things by accident. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. This chap found another random die inside his original die

Good guy die manufacturer. Puts die in your die so when your die dies you have a new die. from r/thingsinsidethings

Here's a handy find that this chap found inside one of his dice. After accidentally breaking a die, not in game-rage, we are sure, he was in for a nice surprise. 

It turns out the manufacturer had used older, smaller dice to fill the void within their own dice. Pretty handy if you ever "accidentally" break a die. 

You know it comes with a spare inside. Score. 

2. There is actually a mummified monk inside this Buddha statue

things inside things buddha
Source: M. Elsevier Stokmans/Irish Archaeology

When researchers CT scanned a 1,000-year-old statue of Buddha, they were shocked at what they found. Unbeknownst to anyone for centuries, there was actually a mummified monk inside it.

The statue dates to between 1050 and 1150 AD, and the body inside is believed to belong to a Chinese Buddhist master called Liuquan. Researchers also took some small bone samples for DNA testing. 

3. This guy found a guitar playing pig inside their frog garden decoration

I broke a yard decoration that had 2 frogs and found inside 1 pig playing guitar. from r/mildlyinteresting

When this chap "accidentally" broke his less-than-aesthetically-pleasing frog garden decoration, he was in for an interesting surprise. Rather than just being a hollow mold, it actually contained another ornament of a pig playing guitar.

As it turns out, this is fairly common practice when making mass-produced statues. Manufacturers will often add old "blanks" to other statue interiors to add weight and increase structural integrity. 

These "blanks" are effectively defective statues from previous model runs. 

4. This guy found an old golf ball inside a log

This golf ball inside a log I found. from r/mildlyinteresting

When this chap was cutting up a tree log, he was amazed at what he had found. Apparently sometime in life, a golf ball had become lodged in the crook of a tree.

Over time the tree actually grew around and engulfed the ball. No one would ever have suspected until the day came when the tree was felled and chopped up.

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Quite amazing, really. 

5. Here are some balls inside of a Bocce ball

This Bocce ball is full of little balls from r/mildlyinteresting

When this person accidentally broke their Bocce ball, they made an amazing discovery. It turns out the interior of the balls is actually made of other balls. 

In this case, a series of old pool balls. 

Bocce ball, in case you didn't know, is a game ostensibly similar to British bowls and French petanque. All three games have a common ancestry from ancient games played in the Roman Empire.

6. This tree has come embedded bullet inside it

Bullets found in an old log I was splitting. You can see their trail marks. from r/mildlyinteresting

Here is another tree-related hidden thing found in another thing. While it is quite common to find bullets in old trees, to actually cut through the exact plane where the bullets are lodged is very lucky indeed.

It is quite amazing to see how well-formed the bullets actually are. They don't appear to have been deformed very much at all.

This might make an awesome ornament or coffee table if polished up and covered in lacquer.

7. Have you ever heard of an orange-in-an-orange?

My aunt found an orange inside of her orange this morning, complete with peel. from r/mildlyinteresting

Much to the surprise of this lady, after beginning to peel an orange, she actually found another smaller one inside. It appears to be fully formed with its layer of skin too.

This gives a whole new meaning to "buy one get one free." What a find.

8. That is one unlucky crab

Found a tiny crab in one of my mussels. (Actually inside the mussel itself, not just the shell) from r/mildlyinteresting

This chap had an interesting surprise when scoffing down on a tasty mussel. Hidden inside the actual mussel was teeny, tiny little crab.

We would say that the crabby was rather lucky, but sadly it was probably cooked alive with the mussel too. Will someone think of the children?

9. The amazing unopenable can of beer

Beer felt odd when opening, discovered a can within a can. from r/mildlyinteresting

When this chap decided to quaff down on a nice cold beer, he was in for a disappointment upon opening it. It turns out the can happens to have another can inside.

How on earth could this possibly happen? Oh well, time to find a screwdriver and a hammer. 

10. Here is another fruit-in-a-fruit story

I found a small manderin in a manderin from r/mildlyinteresting

There appears to be a running theme with freak citrus fruits. This time around, we have a small mandarin growing inside a larger mandarin.

Very odd indeed. Perhaps we should get the scientists on to this strange phenomenon?

11. That is one quick-growing vine!

The way this vine grew over a motorcycle from r/mildlyinteresting

The owner of this motorcycle appears to have had a very unlucky day. After parking up and popping to the shops, this vine appears to have engulfed it in record time. 

Or, more likely, the bike has been sat here for years. Why was it left for so long? 

There is an interesting story behind this, we are sure. 

12. This chap found Russian super glue inside a US one

I cut this super glue out of its plastic container (US) and found a Russian variety from r/mildlyinteresting

This curious chap decided to break open a spent tube of American super glue to see the insides. Amazingly he found that the actual glue tube itself is of Russian origin. 

Can they be taken to trading standards for this? Does anyone actually care?

13. This chap's old phone case was made from an old beer mat

I ripped up my old phone case to discover it’s made of a Macau beer mat. from r/mildlyinteresting

And finally, this guy decided to tear apart his old, worn phone case. What he found inside was something of an interesting surprise.

It appears the manufacturers had used old beer mats for the filling to their leather cases. We wonder how many other phone cases are the same?

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