13 Twisted Cars From 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Are Up For Auction

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Ever since it made the big screen in 2015, post-apocalyptic Mad Max: Fury Road has become a cult classic thanks to its action-packed scenes, breathtaking cinematography, and spectacular custom cars with striking designs that shine right alongside its all-star cast. Featuring some of the most breathtaking vehicle stunts ever filmed, it was impossible to leave the theater without feeling a yearning for the cars that were put through their paces under the desert sun.

For car enthusiasts and cinephiles alike who've still not forgotten about the Frankensteined car creations, a chance to own one of the 13 that made it through filming has become available

13 Twisted Cars From 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Are Up For Auction
Source: Lloyds Classic Car Auctions

Lloyds Classic Car Auctions, which calls itself “Australia’s premier auction house for classic cars and motorcycles,” is the name behind the auction. A total of 13 vehicles from the set will be available for purchase, including the iconic War Rig tanker truck and numerous convoy vehicles, which the auction platform refers to as barn finds but does not specify where they are or who the seller is just yet.

“These vehicles are survivors of the apocalypse,” the auction page writes. “Blow, super-charged and armed to the teeth with weaponry and War Boys, the machines that outran the end of civilization have been unearthed in the greatest barn-find ever recorded.

13 Twisted Cars From 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Are Up For Auction
Source: Lloyds Classic Car Auctions

“Nitrous, noxious and no-nonsense harbingers of hell, marking man’s uncanny ability to bring beauty even from that designed for death and destruction.”

What makes these vehicles so unique is that they are just a few of the 150 vehicles made for the film by production designer Colin Gibson and his crew. These vehicles include everything from several engines to tracks and are designed for action-packed high-speed chases in the scorching desert heat.

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Among the vehicles available are those driven by Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron, and Nux, by Nicholas Hoult, in the film, as well as The Doof Wagon, which is as versatile as it gets since you can play your electric guitar while also using your flamethrower on your foes.

However, this is not your typical auction, according to Lloyds. Instead, the only way to join is to make a private phone call or email offer without knowing other people's. The auction will take place on September 25th and 26th, with worldwide shipping available, and while you probably won't be able to drive any of the apocalypse-ready vehicles on the roads without getting a fine from your local police, knowing that you own a piece of Mad Max history would definitely make up for it.

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