15 Best TV Shows for Engineers

TV shows that are binge watch worthy for an engineer’s standard!
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Admit it! Engineers aren’t the ones who would fall for soap operas or the “usuals” that you see on TV. To attract an engineer’s attention, the show needs to be technical, sophisticated, and outright awesome.

Even if the genre we are talking about is a comedy, an engineer’s mind is only intrigued with when the show has something different that only a trained eye can spot – subtle complexities and unrivaled creative input.

Let’s look at some of the TV shows that an engineer would truly dig. They belong to a variety of genres, but they all have that secret sauce to get an engineer onboard!

1. WestWorld (2016 - Present)

When Christopher Nolan went out and captured the big screen with his tantalizing storytelling methods and cinematography, his brother did the same on the home boxes. Westworld is the creation of Jonathan Nolan and his wife, Lisa Joy.

The two went on to create one among the most intriguing and complex TV series of all time – The Westworld. Filled with futuristic ideas, set in the backdrop of the Wild West, and very generous use of AI, the story is nothing less than gripping.

It is a must watch for engineers because it really tests your brain. You won’t have to solve complex mathematics here, but to get a sense of what’s really happening, a keen eye and a focused mind are paramount.

The show also has pure geeks like J.J. Abrams on board as executive producers. The Series won the award for the Best Science Fiction Television Series at the 43rd Saturn Awards.

2. How It’s Made (2001 – Present)

Engineers are a curious kind. They love to know and understand the mechanisms behind the things around them.

The TV Show “How It’s Made” is dedicated to helping us understand how the everyday things we use is made or manufactured. This is a show that garners many “I didn’t know it was like that” moments as it shows how even a seemingly ordinary product like a paperclip is made as a result of numerous mechanical processes.

They have well over 1000 episodes on various products ranging from Lego to bubblegum. This TV is still active have been premiering on networks like Discovery, Discovery Channel, Inc., Science Channel, Z.

It is definitely a TV show that is made to quench your curiosity thirst.

3. Top Gear UK (2002 – Present)

Now every engineer whether or not they are related to automobiles will love this show. Started back in 2002, this TV series has been the favorite automobile related program, not only on the BBC but in the world.

It was the creation of Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman, after two years, James May and Richard Hammond were on board with presenting the show with Jeremy Clarkson.

The fans of this show loved it not just for the cars, but also to see the chemistry between the three presenters. In 2016, Jeremy Clarkson was dismissed from the show for sparking controversies with one of its producers among many others.

The other two presenters resigned from BBC following Clarkson’s exit.

The show has then been revamped with new hosts and has found a stable ground. If you are a person who loves the thumping of a V8 or go mad when it comes to car specifications, engineers, you have found the perfect show.

4. The Grand Tour (2016 - Present)

Now many weren’t please with Top Gear’s new presenters and showed concerns that the show has lost its oomph. Clarkson heard their cries and signed a deal with Amazon with the original TV presenters who were with him through this whole ride.

The result was a show that was made to break records and instantly become the favorite of engineers all around the world as they can now see their favorite hosts churning up the asphalt.

Grand Tour is one among Amazon’s two most profitable shows on Prime video. It is great to see these back together again and even better to see them explain cars in the coolest way possible.

They even have a new The Grand Tour Game coming out soon!

5. Extreme Engineering (2003 – 2011)

This show stays true to its name and has become one among the most beloved TV shows that caught the attention of engineers worldwide. The show has stopped airing since 2011, but that does not mean that it should go under your radar because there is a lot to learn from this program as it covers the construction of large-scale structure around the world.

Therefore, even if the show stopped airing, you will know how these massive structures and machines came to being. There are more than 75 episodes to choose from and cover projects like Ada Bridge, Dernier dam, Kuwait Tower, etc.

6. Big Bang Theory (2007 – 2019)

The popular TV series The Big Bang Theory does not need an introduction. The TV show gave nerds, geeks, and engineers a show to cherish and laugh out loud.

The show went to critical acclaim after the first few seasons to such an extent where the supporting characters become a part of the main cast.

The show originally followed the lives of five characters, who all are vested in high profile fields like physics, aerospace, and engineering. The crux of the show involves people coming into their totally geeky lifestyle and changing it on its head.

It’s funny, it’s techy, and it embraces science, a show that is worthy of an engineer’s time.

7. Mythbusters (2003 – 2016)

You might have come across a statement that a paper cannot be folded over 7 times on itself. Well, that is false, and we knew it from Mythbusters!

They took a large piece of paper and folded it 11 times using a crane and a steamroller. It goes without saying that Mythbusters is a show dedicated to testing popular myths and showing us whether they stand true or If they are something that we can conclude it as a myth itself.

The show involves two presenters, Tory and Grant, who like to test out various things that the world thought to be true. Some of their revelations are really helpful too as it helps us to avoid false new.

Engineers will surely dig this show as it is an inquisitive, creative and engagement with the right amount of madness.

8. Air Crash Investigations (2003 – Present)

This show is intense and rightfully so because it walks the viewer through the events that led to the crash a plane. If you are an engineer gunning for aerospace or aeronautics, this is a must watch the show.

It has captured the attention of viewers across the world with its investigation pattern and how it sticks with following case files with reference to the actual investigation.

With top detectives sharing their views on these incidents, Air crash investigation or Mayday is a great show that offers the viewers a glimpse into the incredible engineering that goes into aviation and how modern airplanes have evolved in technology, learning from the mistakes of the past.

9. Sherlock (2010 – 2017)

The modern interpretation of the classic investigation series has made headlines with its fan following across the globe. The modern setting of Sherlock made many think that the show won’t work out. However, the show rose to critical acclaim, and the modern setting was the element that made everything better!

The modern Sherlock uses Twitter and is well versed in the world of tech. His trusty companion Watson is down to earth and is the anchor that contains the mastermind from imploding in his own brilliance.

It is a great show that engineers should not miss because of the effective storytelling and the sheer brilliance evident in constructing each episode.

10. Modern Marvels (1995 – 2015)

This is one among the best TV shows that have a rich and long heritage. Started in January of 1995, the show ended on April 11, 2015.

Through its span of episodes, which is more than 650 episodes, Modern marvels have encompassed a variety of technologies and the intricacies that lie within them. It is a great show where the viewer can get to know technologies and machines around the world.

It is evident that this show will appeal to engineers without a doubt. Since there are a plethora of episodes to choose from, this show will surely have you hooked!

11. Person of Interest (2011 – 2016)

An AI that can predict crimes and notify them, then later evolve into an entity that is as brilliant as its creator? Yes, this TV series comes from Jonathan Nolan.

The story follows the creation of an AI by a mastermind named Harold Finch. There are five seasons, and as each season progresses, we can see the elements in series evolving, both humans and the computers.

The show has been crafted with extreme care so that each concept doesn’t come across as impossible or outworldly. Towards the end, the show gains tremendous momentum and leaves you with goosebumps in the finale episodes.

It is a great show to watch, and engineers will truly appreciate the level of hard work that is put into this show.

12. Impossible Engineering (2015 – Present)

Even though the title says “Impossible Engineering” you know that nothing is impossible for a determined engineer!  The impossible engineering is about making the impossible possible.

The results are gargantuan structures and machines that grace difference parts the earth. This TV show aired its first episode in 2015.

They are still active and dedicated themselves to covering all the latest innovations and inventions around the world. Impossible Engineering will appeal to a broader range of viewers their subjects span architecture, machines, vehicles, etc.

Since the show goes in detail in explaining stuff, it’s easy to comprehend the illustration that they put up gives us an in-depth review of the whole thing.

13. Mega Factories (2006 – 2013)

Ever seen Toyota’s car manufacturing plant? It is something that cannot be explained in a few words because the factory churns out 13400 cars every single day!

Mega Factories is a show that lets the users have a view inside gigantic factories around the world, giving us a firsthand view of what happens inside these factories. The best thing about this program is that it walks us through different departments of the company.

So there will the assembly, paint job, crafting, etc. In essence, there is something for every engineer in this program.

Project engineers and automation engineers will benefit from watching Mega Factories.

The show is run by National Geographic and is also known as Ultimate factories (US). The show consists of 70 episodes, encompassing 70 of the best and greatest factories in the world.

14. How the Universe Works (2010 – Present)

Even though we are a tiny speck in the universe, we are a significant part of it. Understanding the universe is an arduous task because it falls into the realm of astrophysics, one among the hardest science topics to crack.

How the universe works changes that by explaining what really goes on with the universe with illustration and mind-blowing graphics. 

With recognized scientists at the helm of narrating the things that happen on screen, the viewer won’t be left perplexed halfway through it. This show is something different from the list of shows we have mentioned before, and it will help you add a bit of variety to your playlist.

15. Silicon Valley (2014 – Present)

We have another comedy filled TV series to conclude the list, and it has been t=one among the most talked shows of recent years. Much of the recognition comes from its plot that sees six programmers trying to go big in the programming world of Silicon Valley with their own startup.

It has many elements that a software engineer can relate to and other instances that apply to engineers as a whole! Thanks to its popularity, HBO has renewed the TV series for the sixth season.


The show won the award for the Best Musical or Comedy Series at the 21st satellite awards.

And that’s it! 15 best TV shows for engineers that are sure to get you hooked and start a binge watch spree! The list has a variety of genres from comedy to deep astrophysics, everything that excites an engineer!

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