15+ Creative Gifts For Engineers

With Valentine's Day getting closer, now is the time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the engineer in your life.
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Most anticipated time of the year: Valentine's Day is approaching. So it is also the time to choose a gift for your loved ones who must be tech and science geeks as we are. Here we get a perfect list for you.

 1. MagicKey 3-in-1 DIY MIDI Gamepad Keyboard

This muli-control board can be used for games and music.

Connect this powerful little controller board to a Raspberry Pi or PC, and you can use it to create a gamepad to play your favorite games, a keyboard for standard typing or a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) to play music through conductors as diverse as metal objects and fruit. You are only limited by your imagination - get creating now.

2. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is more than just a speaker
Source: Amazon

The 2nd generation Amazon Echo makes life simple and more fun. Get a weather update, listen to voicemail or change the playlist just by asking your Amazon Echo. The voice-activated device is more than just a speaker.

3. CHiP Robot Toy Dog

CHiP is always ready to play
Source: WowWee

Dogs are our best friends, but they are also hard work. How about a little robotic K9 friend to be your pet? With multiple sensors and embedded Ai, CHiP is always ready to play and never causes a mess 

4. Mini projector

Mini-projectors lets you take the movies with you
Source: MPCsavings

Make it movie night every night where ever you are. A mini projector lets you throw an impromptu presentation, screen a film or share a new idea all from a gadget the size of your palm

5. USB rechargeable lighter

Don't be caught without a spark.  A rechargeable lighter has no flame but instead provides an electrical arc to light your fire.  The lighter will work on a full charge up to 300 times.

Arc lighters can light your fire without a spark.
Source: Teslacoillighters

5. Selfie Drone

Drones make a perfect gift

Drones are becoming more and more available and easier to fly.  This is a model that suits your gift-recipients taste; speed or photography or both! You can take real-time photos and videos with a bird's eye view and your selfies.

6. 3d doodle pen creator

A 3D doodle pen takes your sketches to the next dimension.
Source: Awesomenest/Youtube

Take your sketches into the next dimension with a 3D doodle pen.  Virtually a hand-held 3D printer, these pens let you draw upwards and outwards.  With many models to choose from 3D doodle, pens will help your lucky engineer visualize their new inventions and ideas.

7. Smartphone controlled airplane

Control a paper airplane with your smart phone

POWERUP DART is a conversion kit for paper planes that elevates them from fun to freaking fantastic. All you need to do is fold a small paper plane using the paper template provided, attach the DART, and take off.

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8. 3D printer

Get creative with a home 3D printer
Source: XYZ printing

 While we might still be a little way off printing our own food. A cheap 3D printer can still be a source of endless fun for the engineeringly minded. With many models to choose from, pick a printer that will be compatible with your engineer's favorite 3d modeling software.

9. Novelty t-shirt

Everyone loves a novelty t-shirt
Source: Amazon

For the engineer that has everything, a novelty engineering t-shirt is a great choice. Choose your shirt to suit their specialization from maths quotes to physics puns. 

10. Raspberry Pi 

15+ Creative Gifts For Engineers

Programming and electronics have never been more fun.  Unleash your creativity with a Raspberry Pi kit Accessories Kit.  For engineers on the move, the kit includes a motor, receiver, buttons, and more DIY components.

11. TimeFlip 

15+ Creative Gifts For Engineers

TimeFlip Magnet is a simple, playful toy that combines a tangible device with a powerful software platform that keeps you on track. Just assign your tasks to each side of TimeFlip, turn it to track how long you're doing a specific task, and then once you've finished just flip it over to move onto the next task. 

12. Circuit Board Neck Tie

15+ Creative Gifts For Engineers
Source: TIETIE/Amazon

Your favorite engineer will look sharp and nerdy in this classy circuit board necktie.

13. Wallet toolkit

A wallet sized tool kit has everything you need.
Source: WalletNinja

Engineers love having the right tool for the job. Wallet toolkits provide the basics in a nifty and neat package. Make sure you choose one that has a beer opener so your engineering friend will also be a lifesaver at parties. 

14. Virtual Reality Headset

A VR headset makes a great gift for a tech-lover
Source: PXhere

A virtual reality (VR) headset is a fun gift for the tech-obsessed.  Play movies, games or develop your own fun.  Ranging from headsets suitable for phones to cutting-edge goggles thee market is continually growing. 

15. NES Classic Edition

The recently re-released NES
Source: Nintendo

You can't go past a classic. Nintendo has re-released the awesome Nintendo Entertainment System and its awesome. The gaming console comes with an HDMI cable and 30 pre-loaded games.

16. Flex Drill Adapter

Access everywhere with this flexible drill attachment

DIY has never been more fun with this cool flexible drill attachment. Add it to your drill to access hard to reach places.


17. Tiny Tesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit

Amaze your friends with this Tiny Tesla Coil

TinyTesla is an SSTC mini musical Tesla coil with USB connectivity, perfect for newcomers to the hobby and seasoned experts alike. Impress your friends and family with this eye-catching device. 

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