15 Imaginative Ways People Have Used LEGO Pieces

Here are some absolutely amazing LEGO constructions people have made with their spare bricks and time.
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If you have a literal ton of spare LEGO bricks lying around, you might want to put them to good use. While you could create something fun for your children, a better idea might be to make some of these random items. 

These creative and unusual LEGO constructions really do need to be seen to be believed. You will not be disappointed. 

What are some creative ways people have used LEGO sets?

So, without further ado, here are some creative and unusual ways that people have used LEGO sets from around the world. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.


1. Lots of people seem to enjoy making LEGO rainbows from their sets

There are quite a few people who seem to be inspired to build LEGO rainbows using their spare pieces. Some of them look pretty cool too. 

2. This chap decided to recreate a scene from the "Life of Brian" using his LEGO sets

One Monty Python enthusiast decided to create one of the most iconic scenes from the all-time comedy-classic film "The Life of Brian". Given the materials he had to work with, the final product is pretty faithful to the film. 

More or less. 

3. Have you seen this amazing LEGO Star Wars trench run build?

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“Use the Force, Luke" ? Thanks to @dcsbricksnbits for the awesome video and images! #LEGO #starwars #LEGOStarWars

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You may or may not have seen this amazing piece of LEGO mastery before? Recreating the "Trench Run" scene from "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope", it is fully motorized and, frankly, amazing. 

4. This motorized LEGO Dalgona Coffee mixer is amazing

One creative LEGO fan successfully designed and built a fully automated Dalgona Coffee stirring/whipping machine. Incredibly useful and satisfying to watch we must say. 

5. Check out this LEGO kit marble machine!

Playing with marbles is incredibly good fun. But when you combine it with LEGO pieces, the outcome is heaven itself. 

We could watch this contraption for hours and hours. 

6. This LEGO replica of the WW2 Battleship "Yamato" is amazing

Taking around 6 years and 4 months to complete, this LEGO replica of the mighty Japanese Battleship "Yamato" really needs to be seen to be believed. The real vessel was a marvel of engineering and this 1:40 LEGO scale model really does it justice. 

7. Combining LEGO with homeschool math lessons also seems to be popular

Many frustrated parents around the world are also turning their children's LEGO toy sets to help teach them some important skills -- like fractions. It turns out, LEGO is pretty handy for the task at hand.  

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8. This Iron Man LEGO replica torso is incredible

This LEGO version of an Iron Man suit's torso and arms are absolutely stunning we must say. The attention to detail really is impressive. 

But perhaps not the most practical of things. 

9. This LEGO maze is, well, amazing

This homemade LEGO brick ball maze is something out of this world. Built entirely from LEGO bricks, it looks like it is as fun to play as it must have been to build. 

10. This LEGO ball contraption is fascinating to watch

This chap managed to design and build an incredible, while pretty useless, LEGO contraption using their spare bricks. While, as a machine, it has little real utility, it really is a piece of art. 

11. These LEGO key racks are a great idea!

Finally got around to building my LEGO key rack!! from r/pics

If you have a need for a device to hang your keys, and tons of LEGO pieces lying around, this might the perfect solution for you. It actually looks pretty cool too. 

12. Check out this LEGO iPhone charging dock

My iPhone docking rig. Powered by crystals, of course from r/lego

We really love this amazing LEGO iPhone docking station. Everything about this just screams coolness. 

13. This LEGO organizer is the business

Here is another clever use of LEGO bricks. If you have run out of places to store all those bricks, why not build a storage solution for them out them. 

14. These scientists are using LEGO to help them study insects

This group of entomologists is building scientific apparatus using LEGO. The idea is to help study insect behavior, but we think it was just an excuse to play with LEGO. 

15. This LEGO knife rack is the bee's knees

Lego MacGyvercraft. Just finished a little something for the kitchen! More pics in comments. from r/pics

And finally, this LEGO crafted knife rack is pretty sweet. Practical and very creative.

Though we would question its longevity given the sharpness of the knives and the plastic nature of the LEGO. But then, everyone is a critic. 

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