15 Side-Splitting Examples of People Failing During Video Conferences

Here are some hilarious examples of people struggling to adjust to video conferencing while working from home.
Christopher McFadden

With many millions of people now working from home due to quarantine restrictions, some are discovering the wonders of video conferencing for the first time in their lives. For some, their inexperience with the medium really shows. 


What are some examples of people trying to adjust to life with video conferencing?

So, without further ado, here are some examples of people around the world making do with their video conferencing life. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. This is a remotely working parent's worst nightmare

In a live news interview that is now world-famous, this chap had a bit of a nightmare live TV interview via video conferencing. Through no fault of his own, his children decided to crash the party. 

Despite this nightmare situation, he handled it admirably. He really is an inspiration given the very real stress he must have felt. 

2. Alternative reality features are fun with friends, but probably not good for business meetings

In this example, one poor company owner's pride was a little dented when she accidentally turned herself into potato during a Microsoft Team's video conferencing call. The funniest part is that, after noticing his mistake, she couldn't figure out how to turn it off.

Bless her, she must have taken some serious ribbing for weeks after.

3. Zoom has some interesting features

Apparently Zoom has the ability to add your own photos as a backdrop when video conferencing. While this might seem like a good idea on the surface, you might want to be careful with which ones you choose.

This one isn't that bad, but we can imagine it could a little embarrassing if you are in a rush. 

4. This video conferencing interview was also a little embarrassing

In an interview between Chuck Todd during an MSNBC "Daily Rundown" segment, the video conferencing call/interview was a little awkward. This wouldn't be so bad if a private one-to-one call, but the footage was beamed live to hundreds of thousands of viewers. 

Oh, dear. 

5. Don't get so close to the camera, jeez!

With more and more people needing to stay connected with colleagues via video conferencing, some appear to need some more practice with camera-distancing on their computers. While the above is obviously a joke, we can all relate to this.

6. Perhaps try to take a drink off camera next time?

There are certain things we do via video conferencing that we would never do in public --  at least never in a meeting. The false sense of security and privacy video conferencing provides can sometimes catch us off guard.

Here, this unfortunate lady showed her colleagues her special pinky-raising drinking technique. 

7. Here is a litany of video conferencing issues

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The joys of video conferencing... ? When you spend two hours working on your appearance for a 15-minute call... ? When you’re half way through your presentation and realise your microphone isn’t switched on... ? When you hire an interior designer to make sure the background setting looks more engaging than you... ? When your children / dog / partner / mother (please insert one or all) decides to make an appearance – often with some incredibly embarrassing statement like ‘I need a poo’ or ‘do you want your pants washing’... ? When you’re singing to yourself (very badly) whilst waiting for people to join the call only to discover they’re already in the room and listening... ? When you replay your call only to find that the bottom half of your body was in frame too – boxer shorts, jogging pants, cycling shorts, etc. really don’t look great with a posh work shirt! ? When someone in the call forgets to turn their microphone off whilst visiting the loo... ? When someone falls asleep mid call – with deep loud snoring... We’re all human – and we’re in this together. Anything I’ve missed folks? #staypositive #adaptingtochange #videoconferencingfails #inthistogether

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Yep, we can relate to all of those.

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8. Oh no, turn off the camera when going to the toilet!!!

What was she thinking? Just make your apologies and come back when you are finished. Like, you know, you would do in real life!!! 

9. It's ok to not wear trousers when video conferencing, just don't stand up!

During a team meeting using Zoom, this chap appears to have forgotten that he wasn't wearing any trousers. While his colleagues were still watching, and his connection appears to have frozen, he accidentally revealed the truth. 

10. Yep, everyone needs cats in their video conferencing calls

We couldn't agree more. 

11. Here is another man not wearing trousers on video conferencing calls

We are starting to sense a growing trend with regards to blokes and video conferencing. 

12. Here is another kid embarrassing their video conferencing parent

 Kids have no shame. All working from home parents will be able to relate to this one. 

13. Always prepare your surroundings prior to an important video conferencing call

This is sage advice for anyone who is a novice when it comes to video conferencing. You may have some things in the background you'd rather keep private. 

14. Make sure you join the right meeting in the first place

This chap accidentally joined the wrong meeting in the wrong country. How does this happen? 

15. Again, turn off your camera if you need to do something private during a video conferencing call

And finally, this Professor's reaction to this video conferencing call is pure gold.

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