15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers

World Space Week has arrived and here are some smart gift ideas for space lovers.
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Happy World Space Week! It's the largest space event on Earth. It has a different theme every year, and 2019's theme is “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars". Don't forget to celebrate your space-loving friend or family member's Space Week. And there are some gift ideas to celebrate their week. 


1. Solar System Night Light

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: Uncle Milton/Amazon

This light can carry the Solar System into your room. You can easily hang it on your ceiling. It's a perfect gift for a space lover. It presents you with a colorful and joyous view of planets. It comes with its batteries, remote control, and including a light pointer. It shuts off after 20 minutes automatically.

2. Glow in The Dark Blanket

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: SOCHOW/Amazon

This space blanket is an excellent gift for space week; it matches this year's theme. This blanket glows in the dark, and it will make you feel like you're in space. It's made of high-quality polyester fiber. The size of the blanket is 50 × 60 inches, and it's available in 5 patterns and colors for you to choose from.

3. Magnet 

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: CityDreamShop/Amazon

This magnet is one of the most reasonably priced ideas. It's useable on refrigerators, lockers, cubicles, toolboxes, or on dishwashers. It'll be a little reminder of you in your friends' or family's house.

4. SpaceX Falcon Heavy Demo Mission Picture

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: Lone Star Art/Amazon

If you have a space loving friend, this scene should already be an unforgettable moment for him/her. And this picture is both a great and a smart gift idea for them. It's 11" x 14" on print and is ready to be framed. 

5. Decorative Glass Ball

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: Aircee/Amazon

This glass ball has our solar system in it. The sphere is so detailed that you'll recognize every planet. Its a paperweight and an educational ball at the same time.

6. Natural Gemstone Planets

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: TongYue/Amazon

If you were looking for a more unique idea, then here you go. These planet figures are handmade of natural stones. Each planet is made of a different and special stone. Natural gems have flaws and cracks, which are natural and can't be avoided, but it's what makes them beautiful. 

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7. STEM Flash Card Game

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: Qurious/Amazon

Flash Card Game is a handy idea for a space lover. It's also an appropriate choice for people who got kids; it's a family card game. It'll teach you terms and interesting facts about space.

8. Star Projector

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: DSTANA/Amazon

How about bringing space to your room? It's possible with this projector. It has various modes; you can combinate colors. Also, you can set its programs to turn off automatically. It can be powered in two ways; you can use batteries or a USB cable to connect it to your electronic devices.

9. Asteroids Home Decoration

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: ScienceGeek/Amazon

It's the coolest decoration to put on display in a house, school, or an office. If your friend was throwing a space-themed party, this would be the perfect decoration. It works on batteries so it's easy to use!

10. Stickers 

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: Revtronic/Amazon

Stickers are one of the most affordable ideas there is. They can be used on laptops, notebook journals, cars, bumpers, or wherever you like. They are made of vinyl PVC. Also, they are waterproof and sun-proof, which means they are appropriate for long term use.

11. Heat Changing Mug

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild/Amazon

This mug changes color with heat. When you pour hot beverages in it, it'll show a beautiful space print. Without the heat, it seems plain black. It will be a nice surprise for the user. Though, you shouldn't forget that it should be hand washed.

12. Shower Curtain

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: Ambesonne/Amazon

Here's an unexpected idea, how about buying a shower curtain? It may seem a little strange but check out its great prints. It's 84 inches long, 69 inches wide and it's made of polyester. It doesn't have vinyl on it so, it's also environmentally friendly.

13. Space Socks

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: HAPPYPOP/Amazon

Who wouldn't like colorful socks sets these days, while they're a hit in the fashion scene? These socks set especially is a soft, comfortable idea for space lovers. They are made from stretching and breathing fabric.

14. Space Atlas

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: James Trefil/Amazon

This is the right choice of gift for a real space fan. With many updated maps, lavish photographs, and elegant illustrations to chart the solar system, the universe, and beyond, this atlas provides rich information about space. 

15. Party Treat Bags

15 Smart Gift Ideas for Space Lovers
Source: Blue Panda/Amazon

Here is a cute and house-friendly gift idea. These space printed bags are useful in so many ways, and it's very affordable. It comes in 36 pieces of paper-made bags. And the best part is, they are eco-friendly and can be recycled.

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