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Most of us spend hours online scrolling through numerous web pages and reloading the same social media sites 500 times in a row. Calculate how many hours you spend meaninglessly checking Internet and you will be surprised – it takes a great part of every single day. Instead, why not spending a few minutes on something educational? Add these 15 amazing websites to your favorites and open them whenever you have time!


  1. Unplug The TV

Turn off your TVs now (and YouTube too, please!) and open this link instead – every time it will generate a new video to watch for you that will benefit your mind.

  1. Thesaurus

Let’s not forget about every student’s savior – Thesaurus, the source of synonyms for articles and essays we all have to write at some point in our lives. Definitely expands your vocabulary!

  1. Factsie

Click on the link and you will get a scientific or a life fact you probably didn’t know before!

  1. BBC Languages

Studying a new language? Use BBC platform for interactive guides, shows, TV programs and much more.

  1. TED

TED talks are a great way of learning new things in an engaging and interesting way. No further explanation needed here!

  1. Do It Yourself

For those of us who love arts and crafts – numerous tips, advice and DIY lessons.

  1. Drawspace

Always wanted to learn to draw but never got a chance? It is never too late! Drawspace provides lots of lessons and e-books on techniques and styles form basic beginners to professionals.

  1. High Brow

This website sends 5-minute long courses direct to your inbox every day. Take a break and learn something new!

  1. Lingvist

Lingvist promises that you will learn language in 200 hours. Hurry up whilst it is still free to use!

  1. Creative Live

Take creative lessons in photo and video, art and design, music and audio, crafts and even life from the greatest creative minds in the world.

Most Popular
  1. Instructables

The name explains it quite well –there are many various instructions and explanations on this website for practically anything.

  1. Investopedia

Yes, this is like Wikipedia but with a focus on financial markets. It is tough for those of us without a business degree to understand what’s happening in the world of finance. Investopedia will help with that – they provide financial news digests that are fairly easy to understand even for those of us who don’t know the first thing about money.

  1. Coursera

Click through to find a great number of various free courses on any subject you could think of – study biology or learn how to become more productive. There is something for everyone!

  1. edX

Similar to Coursera, this website has tons of different courses available from numerous universities all over the world.

  1. Interesting Engineering

And, of course, don't forget about Interesting Engineering! We also help you become smarter. Check with the science section to know the top news of the day and the business section to become better at work!

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