15 Zany and Ingenious Ways People Are Protecting Themselves in Crowds

During the current pandemic, it is essential to avoid contact with others as much as possible. But some of these solutions might be going too far.
Christopher McFadden

Are you looking for some inspiration for methods of keeping yourself safe in a crowd during these troubling times? Then we have gathered together some of the greatest innovations in crowd protection we have ever seen.

Enjoy, and if you have to go outside, make sure you stay safe!


What are some ways people have found to protect themselves in crowds?

So, without further ado, here are some intriguing and, frankly, downright zany ways people have found to protect themselves in crowds. It saddens us to report that this list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. Nice idea in theory

We'll kick off the list with this interesting way to isolate yourself from other people. This taxi driver, understandably nervous about becoming infected, has taken some serious precautions.

Using hazard tape and what appears to be a thick plastic sheet, they managed to construct themselves their own makeshift hazmat tent within their car. Theoretically, this should work, but we are not sure about the man's assembly skills. 

We hope it works.

2. This chap is not messing around

In Italy, one man has taken the principle of social distancing to new levels. Not trusting of other people's ability to judge distance, he has helpfully donned a giant cardboard circle to keep others well away.

Whether the chap is a fan of wargaming or not, this is certainly one way to keep others out of your "safe space." On reflection, this isn't such a bad idea.

3. Some supermarkets are limiting customer numbers and installing screens

On a more serious note, supermarkets in the UK have started to enforce limited entry policies to their stores in a bid to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2. They have also decided to install screens around checkouts to further protect their own staff.

Markets like Morrisons and Aldi have also installed signage, floor stickers, posters, and banners to remind customers to keep their distance. The hope is that tactics like this will prevent customers from inadvertently getting too close to one another. 

4. How very "Canadian"

News outlet in Canada is taping their microphones to hockey sticks to maintain social distance. from r/funny

In an amazing example of the very definition of serendipity, news outlets in Canada are actually using hockey sticks to tape microphones during interviews. The idea, as you have probably already guessed, is to ensure interviewers and interviewees keep good social distancing.

We cannot stress how much this pleases us to see. "Every cloud has a silver lining," as the saying goes.

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5. Some hairdressers have deemed COVID-19 more serious than some bad luck

A Dutch hairstylist who works for Bella Rosa in Oss, Eindhoven, Holland appears to be taking personal protection to the next level. Instead of simply relying on masks and gloves, she has brought out the heavy artillery -- an umbrella. 

By opening one up, presumably removing the handle, and cutting holes for her arms and eyes through it, they have developed one of the most unique personal protective solutions we've ever seen. Presumably, several years bad luck is nothing next to the potential risks from COVID-19.

6. Pharmacies in Turkey are erecting large polythene screens to protect staff

crowd protection turkey
Source: DHA/Sputnik News

Some pharmacies in Antalya, Turkey, are also taking precautions when it comes to SARS-CoV-2. Several have begun installing hazmat enclosures in front of their counters and dispensaries to prevent potential infection of staff.

7. That certainly is the right way to shake hands

Right way to shake hand from r/funny

Our next offering is this very informative video on how to correctly shake hands during the pandemic. That is, of course, if you are brave enough to do so. 

Good use of PPE, alcohol spray, and other disinfectants should keep you safe and sound.

8. These brewers appear to have perfected social distancing

Making brews and making moves 6 feet apart from r/funny

These brewery workers have really mastered the art of social distancing. Not only that, but they managed to also create some impressive dance choreography to go along with it.

We certainly are impressed.

9. This guy is taking a leaf out of that Italian man's book

Physical social distancing device from r/funny

In yet another great example of using simple devices to protect yourself in a crowd, this guy has a new take on an old trick. Instead of using a large cardboard cutout, this person adopted a plastic tube approach.

Very fetching.

10. No PPE? Grab yourself a Dinosaur suit

My dog was barking at something while I was working upstairs, so I looked outside.... from r/funny

There appears to be a running theme with SARS-CoV-2 and dinosaur suits of late. Here is just the latest example. 

While taking their dog for a walk, this person thought a dinosaur suit might be the perfect protection from crowds. Judging from the lack of other passersby, it seems to be working a treat.

11. Seems legit

Could not get any face masks, thought I would wear this to work tomorrow from r/funny

As face masks are running low in many stores, this guy appears to have the perfect alternative. No one will notice, we're sure of that.

In fact, we are a little bit jealous we didn't think of it ourselves. 

12. Here is an interesting strategy to avoid crowds

This man has found a way avoid crowds at beach and enjoy his life. from r/funny

By using a combination of Olympic-level diving skills, and a segway, of course, this might be the most innovative way of avoiding people yet. We do hope they can swim!

13. Some women are resorting to using old bra cups as masks

Some resourceful women, and men as it turns out, have been converting old bras into DIY face masks to help protect them from the virus. While they certainly look the business, they are unlikely to be that effective. 

Not only that, but wearing masks is not a sure proof way of protecting yourself alone in crowded places.

14. You really need to keep your car safe too

Another strategy people around the world appear to be adopting is making their own DIY masks from old bottles. Anything will do, it appears, but the best are old water bottles.

Mainly because they tend to be large enough to enclose your entire head. We can't speak to the efficacy of this solution, but at least they are recycling. 

15. May we present the ultimate in personal protection during a pandemic

My dad’s exercise routine while still adhering to social distancing rules from r/funny

And finally, let us present the ultimate solution to keeping yourself safe when you need to leave the house. By enclosing yourself in an air-filled plastic sphere, you can nye-on guarantee your own personal safety.

But be warned, you will likely attract a lot of attention. Impressive, most impressive!

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