16 great tweets from Elon Musk that definitely made us laugh

Elon Musk uses Twitter to make promises, launch products, and crack the occasional jokes that make us all laugh a little.
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Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admire Elon Musk's Twitter account.

In just 280 characters Musk has made promises to fix South Australia's energy crisis, offered help to save the kids trapped in a cave in Thailand, and launched his biggest and best ideas.  

But best of all, Musk is funny and isn't afraid of some self-deprecating humor at times.

We have collected the 16 best tweets from Musk that made us love the serial entrepreneur and big dreamer just a little bit more. 

1. Flamethrowers for “zombie apocalypse”

Remember that time Musk founded The Boring Company by selling real-life flamethrowers. He backed up the unbelievable publicity stunt with some ripper tweets urging people to buy because they would really come in handy if the zombie apocalypse arrives. 

2. Musk denies involvement in the creation of a zombie apocalypse

Musk pushed the joke in ways only a man selling flamethrowers can, following up his initial tweet by denying his involvement in the creation of a zombie apocalypse. It's clear Musk is having as much fun with the idea of flamethrowers as his fans are.

3. Musk declares comedy to be legal on Twitter

After acquiring Twitter, Musk had this to say.

4. LMFAO test for AI

When he said that we should test AI using an LMFAO test and Bob explained what he meant.

5. April Fools' joke close to home

Musk has never hidden his struggles with getting Tesla profitable which makes this April Fools' joke even better because it's almost too close for comfort. 

6. Twitter helps Musk troll his own kids

Elon Musk asks Twitter for bad jokes to use on his children. But from the looks of his Twitter, he doesn't need advice on cheesy humor. 

7. Musk posts a meme about himself

Musk made this meme and posted it when he wanted to back out after finding out that Twitter wasn't transparent about the number of bots it had.

8. Acute observations from a CEO

The great thing about Elon Musk's Twitter account is his commitment to replying to many tweets directed at him. Sometimes this results in him offering to help the people in Flint with their water problems, other times he offers some totally bizarre insight into seeing the world from another perspective. 

9. Alcohol = solution?

This one is quite literal.

10. Musk disagrees with the shape of the earth

He wants to educate The Flat Earth Society about the actual shape of the Earth.

11. Honesty is the best policy

There is an age-old saying that you should tell the people around you that you love them at least once a day. Musk seems to be following this sage advice to everything he loves, including Twitter, which he now owns.

12. Never afraid to tease the haters

Many theorists out there are determined to hang on to the belief that space travel is a lie cooked up by the government. Musk isn't afraid to stir the pot when it comes to the rumors that he has faked every SpaceX launch.

13. He wants to buy Coca-Cola next

Turns out he has big plans to buy Coca-Cola after Twitter.

14. Proud of being an eccentric dude

We love that he isn't afraid to be upfront about his quirkiness.

15. When he agrees with himself

Yes, he does this often.

16. Scale is important

Musk understands that it is really difficult to understand really big ideas. So to help his fans he tweeted this graphic of the Gigafactory in relation to a hamster.

We'd be amiss for not pointing out that Musk has also run into some trouble with his use of Twitter.

After losing it and calling a British diver who helped in the Thai cave rescue "pedo guy", Musk seems to have cooled his Twitter using it to discuss ideas relevant to his business which is beneficial to everyone, perhaps thanks to this honest tweet from Lane Roberts.