17 Awe-Inspiring Watch Designs That Redefine Time Telling

From the mesmerizing to the horrifying, to the playful and absolutely divine, these varied watch models are so creative, you will never forget them.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Ah, watches! They tell time while doubling as jewelry and increasingly they do more and more, like detecting falls.


And although we could go on forever about all the new features these horological devices now have, this article is purely dedicated to their many varied and creative outer designs.

Yes, it is a shallow article indeed. However, after you see this list of watch models that are nothing short of pure art, you will understand where we were coming from.

Here are 17 watch designs that range from the mesmerizing to the horrifying, to the playful and absolutely divine. 

1. The running horses

The creative geniuses at Girard-Perregaux have been bringing the world unforgettable watch designs for nearly two centuries. This latest model featuring a gold cover engraved with running horses to protect the watch is certain to be a favorite among watch lovers for a long long time.

Girard-Perregaux horses watch
Source: Girard-Perregaux 
horses watch Girard-Perregaux 
Source: Girard-Perregaux 

2. The Earth globe

Greubel Forsey are known for their superlative horological masterpieces created with truly novel inspiration.

This masterpiece features an Earth globe seamlessly incorporated in the watch's center.

watch Earth globe Greubel Forsey
Source: Greubel Forsey

3. The sandstorm

This unique model by HYT Watches cannot be found on the Swiss watchmaker's site anymore. However, its mesmerizing romantic Middle Eastern feel, complete with Arabic writing, will forever make us dream of mystery-filled deserts.

HYT watches sand desert
Source: HYT Watches

4. The Globetrotter

Citizens of the world we bring you good news! Frederique Constant has introduced the watch for you! Adorned with a map of the world, this model is your best globetrotting companion thanks to its inclusion of worldwide time zones.

Frederique Constant globetrotter watch
Source: Frederique Constant

5. The dragon

Courtesy of independent watchmaker Thomas Prescher, this unique model is said to feature a golden hand-engraved dragon on a red lacker dial. We wonder who this work of art was made for.

Thomas Prescher dragon watch
Source: Thomas Prescher

6. The Kryptonite

Don't look now Superman! Geneva-based URWERK, a watch company that refers to itself as the future of fine watchmaking, just released a watch named after the superhero's only weakness. Let's just hope they don't plan on destroying our beloved man of steel with this unique design.

URWERK kryptonite watch
Source: URWERK

7. The pinball watch

Swiss firm HAUTLENCE claims to redefine how we tell time and that is no joke. Their PINBALL model literally lets you play the game right on your arm.

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pinball watch HAUTLENCE

8. The serpent

Christophe Claret was an experienced watch designer before he decided to launch his own brand. We can see why.

His ideas may be too extreme for popular retailers but they are bound to catch the attention of clients looking for something truly distinguished.

Christophe Claret serpent snake watch mamba
Source: Christophe Claret 

9. Seeing red

Everyone knows Hublot, the watchmakers responsible for combining tradition and innovation.

Their UNICO RED MAGIC model features a red ceramic exterior bound to make others see red with envy (pun intended).

HUBLOT red ceramic watch unico red magic
Source: HUBLOT

10. The opal inspired

Ultra lux watchmakers have Audemars Piguet introduced this opal-inspired divinely crafted watch that is more high-end jewelry than horological tool. We can't look away!

Audemars Piguet watch opal
Source: Audemars Piguet

11. The Texas Hold'em

We featured Christophe Claret already on our list and although we are not fans of repeat posts, we could not ignore this poker game watch. Cool right? But can you play it? Yes, you can.

"Users can immerse themselves in real three-player games of the most popular variant of poker: Texas Hold’em," reads the POKER watch's webpage. "In total, Poker packs in 32,768 different combinations, i.e. 98,304 combinations for three players."

This watch is certain to never leave you short stacked! Baccara and Blackjack versions are also available.

Christophe Claret poker watch Texas hold'em
Source: Christophe Claret

 12. The pod resembling jelly-fish

MB&F refer to their devices as horological machines not watches and we can see why. Their futuristic yet traditionally elegant designs may go on your arm but they definitely don't fit the typical watch mold.

Their HM7 Aquapod very much resembles an underwater ship and the firm claims its design was inspired by jellyfish. Like jellyfish, it also glows in the dark.

MB&F aquapod hm7 watch jelly-fish
Source: MB&F

13. The flower blooming in a dome

The team at Jaquet Droz are the minds behind this truly divine creation.

The watch's flowery backdrop is further complemented by a snowglobe-resembling dome that features a single blooming flower. 

Jaquet Droz bloom flower lady watch
Source: Jaquet Droz

14. Sail away

Originally makers of marine and pocket chronometers, the team from Ulysse Nardin are uniquely equipped to bring us this latest sailing-inspired watch. It even features a Ulysse anchor.

Ulysse Nardin sail anchor watch
Source: Ulysse Nardin

15. The retro green

German firm Glashütte Original has created this 60s inspired retro chic watch that features a green background beautifully adorned by what seems like watermarks.

Although not as elaborate as the other designs on this list, this beauty is sure to make others green with envy.

Glashütte Original green watch
Source: Glashütte Original

16. The centered globe

The second Earth globe on our list is this impressive design by Arnold & Son. In this case, the sphere is at the center of the watch, positioned as the piece's star, while two triangular red arrows tell the time from the sidelines.

Arnold &Son globe watch
Source: Arnold & Son

17. The circular slide rule

Launched just in September of 2018, Klokers watches can be confused as either thermometers or geography tools.

These circular slide rule-inspired watches use three rotating discs to display the time down to the second. 

Klokers  circular side rule watch
Source: Klokers 
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