Innovation Gone Wrong: 17 Completely Absurd Packaging Examples

From the wasteful to the redundant, here are some examples of packaging ideas gone wrong.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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Packaging is a requirement in modern life. Depending on the fragility and size of the products, packaging needs to take many varied and complex forms.

Engineering those forms is not an easy task. As such we try not to be too hard on modern-day manufacturers. However, some examples are so illogical they cannot be ignored.

Here are 17 of the silliest and yet real packaging ideas we have seen. 

1. The crowded umbrella

This Reddit user ordered an umbrella from Amazon. Little did he know it would arrive drowning in paper packaging. But nothing was lost! The crafty Redditor used it to make himself a paper toga.

illogical packaging umbrella
Source: GallowBoob/Reddit

2. The foamy charging cube

This little guy was surrounded by several layers of foam. 

3. The redundant environmental failure

We thought Imgur user thenamenonehas did a great job of explaining this packaging mishap by saying: "If only bananas had robust, natural, bio-degradable packaging of their own. Some sort of peelable skin, perhaps."

illogical packaging bananas
Source: thenamenonehas/Imgur

4. The open space

I guess this tiny electronic was claustrophobic. It came in a box 20 times its size.

5. The individually packaged mini sausages

The title says it all. Yes, someone thought it might be a good idea to wrap in plastic every single individual mini sausage. Aside from being costly and ecologically unwise, it must be quite annoying if you want more than just one of these treats.

illogical packaging
Source: Undocumented Tuesday/Reddit

6. The broom in a coffin

Ok, the broom did not come in an actual coffin but this packaging can definitely double as one.

7. The testy candy

These individually wrapped jelly beans must be super annoying to eat and not to mention the amount of waste they generate.

8. You won't get your pepper

I am sure these pepper manufacturers did not want to stop their clients from consuming their products. But you have got to wonder why they made the packaging so hard to open.

9. The genuine coconut

In another case of wasting resources to package a fruit with one of nature's most resilient natural packaging, this company thought it might be wise to offer plastic covered coconuts. And please note that they are genuine coconuts.

illogical packaging coconut
Source: jonnyoption/Reddit

10. The avocado halves

We're pretty sure it would take less time to peel, cut and de-pit real avocados than it would to open these overpackaged alternatives. It would also be much less environmentally damaging.

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11. Bananas packaged again! Now in a plastic box

Well, at least this time they put a few in a pack.

illogical packaging bananas
Source: radioactivecowz/Reddit

12. The scissors that need scissors

How do you get to your scissors without scissors? Now that is a dilemma!

13. Sliced and separated

We have all heard of sliced bread but did you know the slices can be further individually wrapped? Unfortunately, they can.

illogical packaging of sliced bread
Source: IamRasters/Reddit

14. The lonely garlic bulb

Maybe it is a purse carry-on? You know, for in case you run into a vampire while you are out and about. 

15. The Double Trouble

What do you pack packaging in? Well in more packaging of course.

illogical packaging of bubble wrap
Source: davedawg2000/Reddit

16. The peel replacement

The poster said it best.

17. The solo orange packaging

Well, at least this time they kept the peels!

We had some fun pointing out these mostly environmentally faulty packaging alternatives but in the end, we know how hard innovation can be. As such, we give kudos to these manufacturers for doing their best at coming up with new ideas. May we suggest thinking more sustainably in the future?

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