17 Genius Garage Organizing Ideas for Engineers

Is it time to get your garage organized? Then here are some brilliant ideas to get started.
Christopher McFadden

Are you looking for some ideas to help with your garage organizing? You're in luck, we have found plenty of great organization ideas that are bound to inspire you.

What are some examples of genius garage organization ideas for engineers?

So, without further ado, here are some great examples of ways to organize your garage like a pro. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. Shelving units galore!!!

genius garage storage ideas shelving units
Source: World Market

For those with tons and tons of tools, and other bits and bobs, metal shelving units are a must. These are a lot simpler to erect and tend to be more sturdy, as well as, much cooler looking. 


Brands like World Market have a great range of these, for example. Really make your garage look like a proper workshop with this great garage storage idea.

2. Why not try to zone your garage?

genius garage organization ideas zones
Source: justagirlandherblog.com

Storage options like tracks or shelves are great but it is also good to look at the bigger picture too. Since you are organizing your stuff anyway, you might as well take the time to zone them within your garage too. 

That way you will always what goes where and quickly find stuff when you need it. 

3. Install a cleat or bracket for that troublesome wheelbarrow

genius garage organizating ideas bracket
Source: Mike Paradis/YouTube

Wheelbarrows are an essential item for many aspects of home-related projects. But they tend to be pretty bulky and take up a lot of space.

Get around this by installing a simple cleat to store this workhorse out of the way. This will give you more floor space to continue organizing your garage. 

4. Likewise, hang up your ladders rather than leaning them against walls

genius garage organization ideas ladders
Source: April Wilkerson/YouTube

Ladders are yet another essential home project tool. But, like other bulky tools, they can look messy just leaned against a wall. Use a similar strategy to storing your wheelbarrow by hanging them off walls using brackets or hooks. 

You could even hang them from the ceiling?

5. Like to fish? You might want to get yourself a storage rack for those rods!

garage organization ideas rods
Source: Rush Creek/Amazon

If you love nothing than a bit of fishing from time to time, then you'll need somewhere to store your rods. That's where this fishing rod stacking rack would come in handy.

You could always hang them from the ceiling too?

6. Get yourself a garage storage lift for those heavy objects

garage storage ideas lift
Source: RAD Sportz/Amazon

If you have some particularly heavy objects you need to shuffle around, or store, why not get yourself a storage lift? This one would do quite nicely. 

Basic ceiling mounted hoists are also handy to have too. 

7. You will need a lot of storage bins too

genius garage organization ideas bins
Source: Akro-Mils/Amazon

Storage bins are a must when looking for ideas to organize your garage. They come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal for organizing screws, nails, and bolts, and other things.

You might also want to consider getting some wall racks to put them on too. 

8. Using pegboard organizers is a great step for organizing your garage

genius garage organizer ideas pegboard
Source: Wall Control/Amazon

If you have a ton of tools you'd like to show off or are simply after a handy way to organize them in your garage, a pegboard is a fantastic investment. You'll never spend hours looking for those pliers or that monkey wrench ever again. 

9. Shelves, shelves, shelves!

garage organizer ideas shelves
Source: Fleximounts/Amazon

While metal shelving units are great when it comes to garage organizing, there are times when the good old fashioned wall mounted shelve is the only option. Get those things out of the way and make your garage look super organized. 

You might also want to consider getting/installing some folding shelve brackets for those times when shelves are no needed. 

10. Wall-mounted baskets can be of help

garage organizer ideas baskets
Source: Spectrum Diversified/Amazon

Wall-mounted baskets are also another good idea for garage organizing. They are great for storing regularly used things like adhesives, paints, lubricants and all sorts of other things.

11. Storage bags are great for garage organizing

garage organizing ideas bags
Source: IKEA/Amazon

For those other items that you rarely use, or are seasonal by nature, you could consider stowing them away in storage bags

12. If you cycle a lot, bike wall hangers are also a good idea

garage organizer ideas bike hanger
Source: Ibera/Amazon

For those of you who like to cycle a lot, you might want to consider some bike wall hangers when organizing your garage. 

13. Overhead storage systems will offer you more space when organizing your garage

garage organizing overhead
Source: Hyloft/Amazon

For even more storage/garage organizing options, you might want to consider some overhead, ceiling mounted storage racks too. 

14. Store those kayaks out of the way too

garage organizing kayak
Source: Malone/Amazon

For those extreme sports fans out there who love kayaking, you may want to consider storing them using kayak storage systems like this one. This will help free up valuable space in your garage and keep it nice and organized. 

15. For those with pitched roofed garages, perhaps convert the roof space into storage space?

garage organizing ladder
Source: Louiseville Ladder/Amazon

If you have a pitched roof garage, you may want to consider converting it into a handy storage area. But, if you do this, you will need a means of access and egress.

That's where an attic ladder like this one will prove priceless. 

16. Stickers are worth their weight in gold

garage organizing stickers
Source: Kitchen Supreme/Amazon

When organizing your garage, you will likely need to make good use of stickers. By writing what is actually inside each storage thing, you will never need to develop the memory of an elephant. 

Really polish off your garage organizing effort with this important step. 

17. Consider some add-on storage hooks for that little bit extra organization space

garage organizing hooks
Source: Fleximounts/Amazon

If you have fully planned and fitted out your garage to optimize its organization, these hooks might come in handy for those extra items you've picked up over time. Simply tag them on to existing shelving units, or just mount them on to walls, to continue your garage organizing campaign. 

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