17 of the Best Subreddits Every Engineer Should Follow

Reddit can be a mine field at times, but there are some havens of sanity on there. These 17 are great examples of Subreddits that every engineer should follow.
Christopher McFadden

If you are an engineer or have a passing interest on the subject, you'll like some of these best subreddits for engineers. These are but a few of the ones available and they cover a wide range of topics from poor cable installations to the celebration of all things mechanical.

The following are far from exhaustive and in no particular order. If you have any favorites not included here please feel free to share them in the comments.

1. r/mechanical gifs is brilliant

Main theme: Mechanical Engineers

best subreddits for engineers mechanical gifs
Source: r/mechanical gifs

If you're a sucker for Mechanical Engineering and great gifs this subreddit is a must for you. It features gifs and videos of anything remotely mechanical in nature from folding gun carriages to DIY mechanical devices.

Be warned this subreddit is likely to consume an inordinate amount of your free time so be careful. This is definitely one of our favorites.

2. r/AskEngineers is a great place to meet like minds

Main theme: General Engineering

best subreddits for engineers askengineers
Source: r/askengineers

This subreddit is more like a catch-all forum for Engineers than a niche subreddit per se. You can ask anything you want here, but remember it is Reddit so you might not get the answer you are looking for or were expecting.

You'll see exactly what we mean within seconds of browsing through some of the comments. It, like Reddit in general, is not for the faint-hearted, but we have confidence you'll be absolutely fine.

3. r/EngineeringPorn is only for the adventurous

Main theme: General Engineering

best subreddits for engineers engineeringporn
Source: r/engineeringporn

Despite the name this has nothing, whatsoever, to do with pornography. But of course, you know that.

Its jam packed with fascinating gifs and videos of all things engineering related. There should be something for everyone's taste here especially if you like old footage of inventions and gadgets from a gone-by age.

It really is one of the best subreddits for engineers available. Honestly - give it try.

4. r/Futurology is far out

Main theme: Technology

best subreddits for engineers futurology
Source: r/Futurology

r/Futurology, as the name suggests, focusses on the cutting edge of the engineering. So if you want to keep abreast of the 'toings' and 'froings' of engineering this wouldn't be a bad resource for you to consider.

According to the group's information:

"Welcome to r/Futurology, a subreddit devoted to the field of Future(s) Studies and speculation about the development of humanity, technology, and civilization."

That about sums them up to a tee.

5. r/Learnprogramming is almost as good as Stackoverflow

Main theme: Computer programming

best subreddits for engineers learnprogramming
Source: r/learnprogramming

Ok, we might have been a little hyperbolic with our heading but it is a good resource for any programmer learning a new language. It is useful for complete beginners and the seasoned veteran looking to learn some new tricks.

Most Popular

Topics on this subreddit are pretty broad, so it can take a little bit of investigation for you to find exactly what you're looking for. For example, if you're looking for a way to transition from Python to C## or need some info on F# or .NET development it's all there - somewhere.

Give it a go, and good luck!

6. r/Technology has a huge community

Main theme: Technology

best subreddits for engineers Technology
Source: r/Technology

Here's another subreddit for those who want to be kept up to date on the latest tech. It has over 5 million members so upvote counts are a pretty good benchmark for any hot topics.

It's certainly worth checking out once if nothing else.

7. r/Hacking does everything it says on the tin

Main theme: Hacking/Computer programming

best subreddits for engineers hacking
Source: r/Hacking

What's in a name, so they say. With r/Hacking you've got a one-stop-shop resource for any self-respecting or want to be a hacker.

r/Hacking describes itself as "a subreddit dedicated to hacking and hacking culture". Sounds great but bear in mind that this subreddit only focusses on ethical hacking not the nefarious kind - don't do that.

If you promote this kind of activity or spam the community you'll get hit with a ban from 5 to 30 days or for life. It also focusses mainly on Linux stuff so be aware of that too.

8. r/ReverseEngineering is a great source of info

Main theme: General Engineering

best subreddits for engineers reverseengineering
Source: r/reverseengineering

This is a pretty active, but fairly small, subreddit that is packed with interesting information.

If you are interested in figuring out how things work or making some code you found online work for your needs, this is the place.

Some of the information is for more advanced users but you will find more basic tasks and information here as well.

9. r/Programming is all about programming

Main theme: Computer programming

best subreddits for engineers programming
Source: r/Programming

r/Programming's list of topics should be pretty obvious. It has a wide range of topics for developers who live nothing else than nattering about it with like-minded individuals.

Now and again you will find dedicated overview topics on specific code languages and has a fairly large community. Someone is bound to be able to help you with whatever issue you might have.

Or just hang out and bask in the glory of programming.

10. r/Cableporn is great for anyone into cables

Main theme: Electrical Engineering

best subreddits for engineers cableporn
Source: r/Cableporn

r/Cableporn is a place for anyone to share their favorite images of cables in general. It might sound a bit dull to some but you'll be amazed how beautiful well-organized cable runs can be.

In fact, some are so sophisticated they could, nay should be considered works of art. Its always refreshing to see so many professionals taking such pride in their work - if only it rubbed off on other industries.

11. r/InfrastructurePorn is a horror show

Main theme: Civil Engineering

best subreddits for engineers infrastructure porn
Source: r/infrastructureporn

r/InfrastructurePorn couldn't make set out its stall any more obvious. This is the subreddit for any civil engineering or general infrastructure lover.

It is packed full of high-quality images of all types of infrastructure from dams to rail networks and much more.

It has over 70 thousand members who are pretty active and regularly add new content for all to enjoy.

12. r/MachinePorn is just that

Main theme: Mechanical Engineers

best subreddits for engineers machineponr
Source: r/MachinePorn

This subreddit is dedicated to all things 'machine'. You'll see many interesting posts on the 'gubbins' of machines of all shapes and sizes, old footage of machines in action and is generally a shrine to machinery.

It has a community of over 380 thousand members who will soon make you feel at home. But, as always, remember it is Reddit.

Whether you are an engineer or not this subreddit is certainly worth checking out once in a while. It might even inspire you to change careers, who knows...

13. r/Simulated is interesting

Main theme: Computer-Generated Imagery

best subreddits for engineers simulated
Source: r/Simulated

Self-described as "a subreddit for all things computer-generated simulations!" r/Simulated is certainly worth checking out. Devoted to all things to do with CGI, this subreddit is very different to others on our list of best subreddits for engineers.

It contains a good mixture of discussions, tutorials, memes and other content that is certain to scratch any CGI itch you might be suffering from.

It has over 380 thousand followers and tends to have a pretty vibrant and engaging community 24/7. If you are curious why not check it out?

14. r/cablefail will haunt your dreams

Main theme: Electrical Engineering

best subreddits for engineers cablefail
Source: r/cablefail

r/cablefail can be thought of as the antithesis of r/Cableporn. Whilst the later focusses on those who take great pride in their work, the former is more of a collection of cable horrors.

Containing images, threads and gifs of some of the most terrifying cable install you'll be left wondering how most of these haven't caught fire. Unfortunately, most in the industry will recognize only too well how common these kinds of 'workmanship' exist in the world.

It has a small following but is definitely worth spending at least a few hours scaring the bejesus out of yourself.

Surely most must be by amateurs - right?

15. r/shittyrobots is hilarious

Main theme: Robotics - barely

best subreddits for engineers shitty robots
Source: r/shittyrobots

r/shittyrobots, as the name suggests, is a funny subreddit dedicated to the worst, some would say best, robots community members have found.

This is epitomized by their communities introduction "This subreddit is devoted to sharing gifs and videos of robots that are useless or just don't do their job quite right."

Some suggestions seem a bit harsh but others are fully justified. Our particular favorite is a cardboard tube effort built around a domestic fan.

Nice idea but pretty crappy all things considered. That being said we could watch it all day long.

This subreddit will definitely make you feel better about your own DIY robotics projects so don't give up. Or post it on the subreddit - your choice.

16. You are never alone with r/techsupportgore

Main theme: General Engineering

best subreddits for engineers techsupportgore
Source: r/techsupportgore

This subreddit is dedicated to all those long-suffering engineers who are tortured every day with technical problems from staff and customers. It has a great collection of gifs, images, threads and videos of some of the funniest issues they've found in their day to day working lives.

Some of the stuff on there is mind-boggling in retrospect. How have some of these people not accidentally killed themselves?

With over 295 thousand members it has a large following who are all likely to sympathize with your own particular gripe of the day. Share your own experiences and vent your fury to like-minded people.

17. r/EngineeringHorror will keep you awake at night

Main theme: General Engineering

best subreddits for engineers engineeringhorror
Source: r/EngineeringHorror

r/EngineeringHorror is like watching a slow train wreck happen in front of your very eyes. Packed with images and gifs about funny or real engineering fails this subreddit is a textbook on not what to do as an engineer.

Many of the entries go to show how sometimes being creative with engineering can come back to slap you in the face. Others are pure genius, at least in theory - in practice, however...

It's a small subreddit but has plenty of room to grow. Show your support and sign up today.

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