17 Touching Tweets That Paid Tribute to Legendary Scientist Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking died today leaving a huge hole in the scientific community. The much-loved scientist was revered for his ability to introduce complex scientific theories to the general public.
Jessica Miley

Stephen Hawking’s passing has left a huge hole in the scientific community.


Hawking who passed away on March 14, aged 76, was a rare scientist who transcended the scientific community to become a loved pop cultural figure appearing in everything from Star Trek to The Simpsons.

The world paid tribute today to Hawking. Celebrities and public figures took to Twitter to pay respect to Hawking and send their condolences to his family.

NASA and astronauts remember one of the best

- NASA thanks Hawking for his contributions to unlocking knowledge about our universe and beyond.

- Astronaut Tim Peake tweeted his condolences to Stephen Hawking's family and remembered Hawking's influence on bringing science to the masses.

- Canadian Astronaut took to Twitter to remind us how rare a genius Hawking was.

Hawking's grit inspired many

- Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, reminded us about Hawking's tenacity despite his debilitating motor neurone disease, tweeting one of Hawking's most inspiring remarks.

- Late night TV host Larry King remembered Hawking's razor sharp wit and humor.

- Documentary maker Errol Morris who made the documentary 'A Brief History of Time' based on Hawking's famous book of the same title Tweeted his memories of Hawking's generous spirit and his gratitude for having been able to work with him.

- British Comedian David Williams Tweeted a photo of himself and Hawking thanking the scientist for being 'a great laugh'.

- Writer and Producer of the Simpsons, AI Jean posted that Hawking had 'a sense of humor as vast as the universe'.

- Actor Macaulay Culkin sent a tweet saying Hawking was his favorite character on the Simpsons - as well as a genius.

- Mayim Bialik who is the star of the show 'Big Bang Theory' as well as being a neuroscientist, tweeted that Hawking was now "free from the physical constraints of this earthly condition we all exist in."

- One Twitter user pointed out some other spooky facts about Hawking's life.

- Newcastle University who awarded Hawking an honorary Doctor of Sciences degree in 1987, thanked the great man for his inspiring work.

- Welsh TV Presenter, Steve Jones showed another side of Hawking tweeting about the time he partied hard with Hawking.

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