17-Year-Old YouTuber Crashes Dad's $3.4 Million Pagani Huayra

This billionaire lost a brand new toy worth $3.4 million.
Fabienne Lang
Before the accidentGG Exotics/YouTube

Hypercar crashes are never a fun sight, not only because of the danger the crash creates for bystanders, passengers, and the driver, but also for the sheer pain of seeing a marvelous piece of design and engineering crumpled up. 

Unfortunately, that's precisely what happened on Tuesday night in Dallas, Texas when a 17-year-old teen crashed his dad's Pagani Huayra Roadster, as reported in the Drive.

The news first circulated via social media, which showed a painful sight of the purple Roadster smashed up, with airbags deployed, and the driver's door laying on the pavement. 

Luckily, it's since been reported that no one was seriously injured. 


After looking through Facebook and Instagram posts, it's believed the Pagani Huayra belonged to Tim Gillean, a billionaire living in Texas. It appears that he'd received his shiny new car in June this year, and it sadly didn't last very long. 

Gillean's YouTuber son, Gage Gillean, was reportedly behind the wheel when the $3.4 million vehicle crashed, per HotCars. The car was bespoke with purple-tinted exposed carbon fiber, so it's easy to see where this price tag came from. 

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The cause of the crash is still unknown. 

Gage Gillean had previously posted a YouTube video (above) of the Pagani being delivered to their household earlier this year, and Tim Gillean showed off a few images of the incredible Roadster on his Instagram account (images below).

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Pagani is known for making only 30 of its high-end vehicles every year, as the Drive reports, and they each take around 10 months to complete. It seems that Gillean will have to wait a little while before acquiring another one, if he's even thinking of replacing it. 

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