19+ Engineering Blunders You Won't Believe Are Real

Here are some very interesting design blunders that you won't believe are real.
Christopher McFadden

Engineering is hard, to say the least. But there are some basic concepts that anyone can grasp intuitively. 

Unfortunately, as the following examples will show, not everyone appears to be able to grasp even simple concepts like the meaning of privacy. You'll see what we mean. Enjoy!


And so, without further ado, here are some of the biggest engineering blunders you won't believe are real. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. Is this a garage for flying cars?

engineering blunders flying cars
Source: Imgur

No, your eyes do not deceive you, that really does appear to be an elevated garage. Since we've been waiting for flying cars for years now, this must be where they've been keeping them.

What was the actual plan here? A ramp? A lift? Who knows. Congratulations. 

2. Mind Your head!

engineering blunders low ceiling
Source: 24sata

How exactly does this kind of thing happen? Did the designers not hear of the concept of "measure twice, cut once?".

Unless, of course, this is intended to be an escalator for Hobbits or small children? We guess we will never really know for sure. 

3. Adding insult to injury

engineering blunders chars
Source: Jiehua

Why would you take the time to include disabled facilities in a building and then block them off with some seating? This is just plain inconsiderate. Or, more likely, another case of complete and utter incompetence. 

Or could it be a practical joke?

4. This mystery door...

engineering blunders mystery door
Source: Mukkamu

Here is another interesting example of an apparent engineering blunder. Since there doesn't appear to be a winch of any kind to help lift things up there, we have to ask what the purpose of this mystery door really is? 

Either someone made a 'booboo' or we have to solve the mystery of the vanishing staircase.

5. Just a smidge to the left... Perfect!

engineering blunders ifire escape
Source: Wiocha

You have heard of the story about the chicken and the egg, but have you heard the one about the fire escape doors and stairs?

No, neither have we. Surely the staircase had to have been fitted after the building was constructed? It takes a special kind of incompetence to make this kind of mistake. Unless, of course, this is a statement of some kind? 

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6. The stairway to nowhere

 blunders stairway to heaven
Source: Lematin

Have you ever tried to build a Lego model of your own design but just run out of the right pieces? Frustrating isn't it?

The chaps behind the construction of this pedestrian bridge appear to have hit a similar problem; except in the real-world. It could be that this is still under construction, but given the apparent age of it, we have to assume this bridge has been aborted. 

Oh well, at least people can test their long jumping skills.

7. Fits like a glove

engineering blunder poor fit
Source: Catsmob

Again, "measure twice, cut once!" Seriously how hard can it be?

Guess it is time to break out the expanding foam?

8. Toilet humor

engineering blunders toilet humor
Source: Nice-flowers

Either those doors are disproportionate, or the toilets are very, very small? We'll assume the former. 

We can only assume the designers have little if any, time for privacy. Maybe just wait until you get home?

9. Disclaimer: some skill required

engineering blunders high-toilet
Source: Imgur

There must be a perfectly plausible explanation for this one right? Perhaps it is a urinal for a giant? 

Or, as we would prefer to believe, this high urinal is intended as a test of a man's skill, accuracy, and the strength of their flow. Challenge accepted!

10. When things get messy

engineering blunders toilet shower
Source: Funlock

When space is at a premium, you can be amazed at what a little lateral-thinking can achieve. Here is a prime example. 

By combining a toilet with a shower, you can save a ton of space, and have the option to save time by combining toilet-time with shower-time. Win, win!

11. #SquatGoals

engineering blunders floor toilet
Source: 24sata

Anyone who has visited Turkey, the Middle East, India, or even Japan, might have run into something called a "squat toilet". While they normally just consist of a porcelain bowl in the ground, this one is a little fancier with a toilet seat (a bit redundant to be fair) and a working reservoir.

As an aside, we must compliment them on their neat tile work. But we digress. 

12. The Game of Thrones

engineering blunders the throne
Source: Acidcow

That's one way to feel like a king in your own home. Well, they don't call the toilets "The Throne", for no reason!

On reflection, our toilet is in need of a makeover...

13. Too close for comfort

engineering blunders too close for comfort
Source: Crookedbrains

Seems the same guys behind number 8 above are at it again. We can only assume the contractors installing these urinals were male, so wouldn't they instinctively know something was not quite right here? Oh well, hindsight is 20:20, as they say.

14. Stage fright

engineering blunders stage fright
Source: boredpanda

Not all the entries on this list are toilet-related, honest! OK, perhaps quite a few.

In our defense, it appears that toilets and bathrooms are the most prone to design blunders for some unknown reason. Here we can only assume the occupants of the building are some kind of exhibitionist club?

15. No running!

engineering blunders sidewalk speed bumps
Source: The Times of India

After years of trying to slow down pedestrians, The Road and Sidewalk Agency finally install their new "Stampede Impeders". This might just work!

16. The fastest growing tree in the world

engineering blunders fast growing tree
Source: Bayvoice

Either this is the fastest growing tree in the history of the planet or the engineers behind building the tracks really messed up. Given what we know about trees, we are forced to assume the latter. The conversation probably went something like this:

"Do you think they'll notice?"

"Na, just throw some of these rocks around it so it blends in."

"Job done!"

17. It jumped in front of me!

engineering blunders tree in road
Source: Bayvoice

We might actually be on to something you know? Here is some more proof that rapid-growting trees are actually a thing. 

Of course, it could just be that there are far too many "not my job mate" construction workers out there? We presume they are going to need a "Warning! Trees crossing" sign?

18. Maintenance issues

engineering blunders potholes
Source: Bayvoice

Needless to say, this road is in dire need of some emergency repair works! Those are some seriously enormous potholes. 

On another note, how on Earth did that truck not see the pothole it appears to be sinking into? That will seriously need a good explanation for the insurance company.

19. Nazi-Esque architectural style

engineering blunders nazi
Source: Ytmnd

 A very brave design choice we must say. From the ground, no-one can tell, but from the air... just wow!

20. How time flies

engineering blunders time flies
Source: Bayvoice

"Excuse me, do you have the time?"

"Yes, it's 9:79"

"Oh good, I really don't want to be late for my 10 o'clock meeting"

And that's it for today. To be honest, we are particularly fond of the fire escape. Over and out. 

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