19+ Smart Camping Hacks That Will Save You Time Outdoors

Here are 20 hacks that will save your life and time during your outdoors activities.
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So you're looking for some camping hacks eh? Then welcome to our humble suggestions. The following are some simple hints and tips to save you some time whilst in the great outdoors. They range from cooking hints to actually starting your fire easily! Aren't we good to you? We hope you'll find the following useful and we welcome your own hints in the comments section!


1. Zip lock bag omelet

First on our list of camping hacks is for those" omelet-philes" out there. Trouble making them whilst camping? No problem bung the ingredients into a zip lock back and hey presto! You could, of course, adapt this hack to pre-prepare food packages before you go instead.

2. Orange long lasting candle

Fancy making a long lasting candle from "spent" oranges? Not only do they look and smell nice you can also improve the ambiance of your camp site!

3. Carry stuff in Tic Tac containers

You're already pushed for space when camping and you like your food to taste nice. Why not recycle old Tic Tac containers to carry some herbs and spices around with you? Of course, you can use them for anything small enough to fit in them.

4. Or you could use pill boxes...

Of course, the same principle works for pill boxes. You could even make a survival kit from one.

5. Open cans with rocks!

For our next suggestion on our list of camping hacks we present "nature's can opener". Forgot your can opener? No problem, rub the can vigorously on a rock or concrete to open the can! You now have access to the juicy contents! We'll let the Russians explain...

6. Home made coffee packets

Can't live without coffee on your travels? No problem, make pre-made coffee packets from filters and dental floss. Then chuck them in some boiling water and caffeine a go go!

7. Orange peel muffins!

Mmmmmm sounds delicious and a worthy entry on our list of camping hacks. Explore your baker side in the wild by making muffins in orange peels. Pipe the contents into the empty oranges, bingo on the fire and bingo muffin goodness!

8. Like the muffins? Try making cinnamon rolls too!

Seems like a reasonable proposal. Let's find out how.

9. Save time on washing up...

Why waste your valuable time washing up. Make tacos in a bag! Oh hell yeah! This will work for most food to be honest.

10. Make a Swedish campfire

Avoid carrying extra pot supports and don't even waste time setting them up with this awesome campfire method! Plus it looks pretty awesome!

 11. Use Corn Chips as kindling!

Don't throw away those "Dorito's" from the taco tip above, save time starting fires by using them as kindling! You could always eat them too but that's just dull!

 12. Make your own shower!

Don't waste time trudging across the campsite, if you're at one, to get clean. Make your very own outside ensuite with this great tutorial! OK, it does take some time to make it but after that, it's all gravy! Back to those Russians....

13. Make your own spoon!

Save time hunting for misplaced cutlery or indeed washing them with this great camping hack. Make some great handy spoons in the field from old bottles! It is very easy and it looks pretty cool too!

14. Keep essential stuff in tin

You never know when you'll need a lighter or even your pen knife! Dare we even say toilet paper! Put them in a little tin that you carry around with you at all times!

19+ Smart Camping Hacks That Will Save You Time Outdoors
Source: Ryan Adam via FieldAndStream

15. Glow sticks, glow sticks everywhere!

If you have a family or even a dog why not carry a shed load of glowsticks with you? They are awesome for seeing things at night, children, your dog, tent guide wires, you name it! Don't spoil your trip by, well tripping, over the unseen at night!

16. Don't like corn chips? Make your own fire starters!!!

What better camping tip than to make starting fires as easy as possible! These can be made from everyday items that you'd normally just throw away anyway! Lint and used toilet paper rolls. Separately they are just junk, combined they are fantastic pyro-aids!

17. Cook stuff in tin foil!

Another washing up time saver for you! Cook everything in tin foil. It saves time cleaning stuff and the food tastes absolutely gorgeous! All the juice are retained and cleaning up is as easy as pie!

18. Wrap water bottles or other objects in duct tape!

You never know when you'll need to fix something. Why waste time digging through your bags to find the tape. Just carry it around with you! Wrap it around things like water bottles or a lighter and always have something handy! You could always make your own keyring roller...

19. Stick your keys on corks!

Do you have a tendency to lose your keys in streams? Why not hook them to old wine corks to stop losing them when canoeing etc. You'll get wet but at least your keys won't be lost!

20. If you must use cooking utensils, wrap them in foil!

Very similar to other entries on our list of camping hacks but if you are to use a pan or sandwich toaster make sure you wrap it in foil! This will save you a lot of time cleaning up so you can spend more time hiding from the rain in your tent! Who could complain about that?

Eh voila! We hope you liked them. Can you see yourself using any of the tips above? Perhaps you have some better suggestions for everyone. Many of the tips will help you save time and help, potentially, get you out a sticky situation! There is heavy use of tin foil and old household stuff so don't throw them out! Put them to use and drastically improve your camping experience!

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Featured Image Source: Pixabay


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