23 Atrocious DIY Projects That Will Have You Scratching Your Head

While some of these DIY crafts are just downright disturbing, they actually work.
Chris Young
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Ever struggled with one of your DIY projects? Rest easy knowing it can't have been worse than this.

There are DIY projects that don't turn out quite how you wanted, and then there are DIY projects that turned out just how the creator wanted, they just never made sense in the first place.

Here are 23 examples of DIY projects that always had us asking the same question — why?


1. A hands-free pizza eating device

How about no? from r/DiWHY

This person really knows how to take the joy out of eating pizza.

2. It's all fun and games until you want to buy something

Really from r/DiWHY

While putting money inside a diaper or inside sanitary products might seem like a good way to repel thieves, this method will also repel the general public at large.

3. No one will notice

I don't even know what to say from r/DiWHY

This is one of those don't try me at home DIY projects. 

4. Someone's cutting a few corners

Didn't realize this was a problem from r/DiWHY

Is the effort required to make this worth it when using your hands to cut paper really isn't that difficult?

5. Don't get any ideas

Perfect shoes don’t exi.... from r/DiWHY

This is an example of one of those DIY projects that seem cool but are actually terrifying. Stay out of jail kids.

6. A shiny sh*t bowl

This shit shines from r/DiWHY

We've heard of glamping. What would this be called? Glooping? This is one of the most bizarre DIY ideas we've seen.

7. Making the most of limited space

i hear y'all like fancy doors from r/DiWHY

So this looks absolutely awful, but we can't help but admire DIY projects that fix a simple problem with a simple solution.

8. A mailbox that needs to be plugged in

This mailbox from r/DiWHY

There are bad DIY projects and then there WTF DIY projects. A microwave mailbox on the side of a cow field definitely falls into the latter category.

9. A completely unnecessary exoskeleton

Just stand on them, the fuck? from r/DiWHY

So this person might have, rightly, seen that exoskeletons have a bright future in the world of health tech. This is not it though.

10. Dangerous DIY projects

My mom tried to make a cane for my dad from r/DiWHY

If a nail is sticking out of it that's usually a good sign not to use it.

11. How to make a $1,000 mirror

Maybe it's just me but really why?? from r/DiWHY

So you could make an incredibly expensive mirror by buying an iPhone, sanding the paint off, and shining the surface, or you could just buy a mirror for $5 at your local store?

12. Don't do it yourself

Whose bright idea was this from r/DiWHY

Not if you don't want to get electrocuted, that is.

13. A splinteringly bad home gym

Made a home gym out of a dead tree in my backyard from r/DiWHY

You might be getting splinters on your back while you lift, but no pain no gain, right?

14. The hammer of Nokia

There's the hammer of Thor, and then there's the hammer of Nokia. Some DIY projects just make perfect sense the moment you see them.

15. Watch right to the end

When I say “yee” you say “haw” from r/DiWHY

You think you're getting homemade masks, but this is so much better. An example of DIY projects gone wild. 

16. A rabbit in headlights sat on the sofa

The only monster in this house sleeps in the living room from r/ATBGE

Have you ever been half asleep and suddenly woken when you dream you fell off a surfboard or you were driving into oncoming traffic? This brings that dream to life.

17. The coolest kid in school

School supplies shoes from r/ATBGE

This kid is a master of DIY projects and also a master of pencil sharpening. They will never forget their pencil case at home because they literally need it to walk to school.

18. Shredding a cheese solo

Cheese guitar. from r/ATBGE

We've heard of shredding a guitar solo, but never of shredding a bit of cheese off a guitar. I guess that's what this person was going for.

19. Legoregano rack

spice rack made of legos from r/ATBGE

DIY projects are a great way to pass the time. If you can combine them with lego building, all the power to you. 

20. A new type of green car

Mobile garden from r/DiWHY

This is one of those DIY projects that will likely get you pulled over by the police. This car might not run on electricity, but it sure does photosynthesize.

21. This is why cats will one day take over the world

"Why, master.." from r/DiWHY

Mixing DIY projects and humiliation of an entire species isn't cool. They'll remember this, and they'll hold it against us.

22. Classy

Fake sunroof decal for your car from r/DiWHY

Want to show off to your friends? Take them for a spin in a car with a fake sunroof. Just make sure it's a cloudy day so they don't ask you to open it.

23. For people who hate wearing shoes

Incognito barefoot "shoes" from r/DiWHY

Ever been asked to put your shoes on when you didn't want to? Nor have we. This person obviously has many times though. Thankfully, they found a clever solution.

So what do you think? Can you think of any DIY projects that are more head-scratchingly strange than these? Be sure to let us know. 

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