23 of the Worst Scammers And How They Got Schooled

From Nigerian princes to phony competitions, scams are rife. Here are some scammers who got their just desserts.
Saoirse Kerrigan

If you've been online for any length of time you've probably been sent a phishing email, or a scam DM. Unfortunately, the internet seems to be full of scammers hoping to make money off gullible people.


Thankfully, a lot of people have caught wise to these scams, and have started getting their own back. Here are some serious scams that ended up with the scammer getting schooled.

1. These Scammers Got More Than They Bargained For

Phone scams are some of the oldest, most annoying scams around. Common phone scams usually feature a caller claiming they've noticed an issue with your computer, who will then attempt to get personal details from you.

This savvy redditor turned the tables, by calling the scammers back and annoying them so much that they begged him to stop. Nothing like giving them a taste of their own medicine!

I got a phone scammer(s) to beg me not to call them any more. from r/ProRevenge

2. Just Play Dumb

Got a scammer saying they've detected an issue with your computer? Just tell them you don't have a computer. At least that's what this redditor did.

After all, how can they prove that you're lying? It gets them off the phone quickly, and they're not likely to call you back.

3. Schooled By A Master

This redditor knew something was up when her prospective employer insisted on conducting an interview over Google Hangout. It all started out innocently enough, but a cursory search of the company's website raised some red flags.

23 of the Worst Scammers And How They Got Schooled
Source: kyhan/Imgur

When it became obvious that it was a scam, she decided to have a little fun and baffle her scammers with some creative language. Sadly, these scammers weren't pleased to be schooled so thoroughly, and cut the conversation short.

23 of the Worst Scammers And How They Got Schooled
Source: kyhan/Imgur

4. Dear Mr. Info

It's pretty funny how little attention scammers pay to their victims sometimes. Like this redditor, who enjoyed a hilarious conversation with a scammer who believed his name was "Info". 

It might seem petty, but toying with scammers is a great way to get justice.

5. Take It Nice and Slow

Some people take being scammed as an opportunity to be a master troll. Like this reddit user, who got his scammer to carefully talk him through the details of his computer.

After all, if scammers want to waste your time, why not waste theirs?

6. Dead Men Don't Get Scammed

This reddit user submitted an interesting conundrum when he posted the following screenshot:

23 of the Worst Scammers And How They Got Schooled
Source: Miamime/Imgur

So how do you respond to a scam email that says you're dead? The comment section presented some genius ideas. Who says you can't be polite just because you're dead?

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7. Congratulations, You're A Winner!

Another common scam online is being told that you're the winner of some grand prize. How do you claim your prize? Usually, you have to contact some shady character and send them the codes of iTunes cards. The result? The scammer makes off with hundreds of dollars in cards, and you've lost a huge chunk of money.

23 of the Worst Scammers And How They Got Schooled
Source: steeloyangster/Imgur

Luckily, this Imgur user saw through the lies, and decided to take their scammer for a ride. After almost 20 minutes of conversation, where they kept their scammer updated on their attempts to buy iTunes cards, they finally dropped their bombshell. 

23 of the Worst Scammers And How They Got Schooled
Source: steeloyangster/Imgur

8. Justice Is Served

Nowadays online reviews and star ratings on eBay profiles protect a lot of people from possible scammers. It's hard to scam people when your profile reveals how many other people you've messed with.

Sadly, that wasn't always the case and catching scammers in the act wasn't always so easy. Thankfully this redditor and his wife were able to bring their scammer to justice back in the early days of the internet.

My wife got an ebay scammer arrested! from r/ProRevenge

9. Say It Out Loud!

There's something really satisfying about luring in a phone scammer, only to give them the fright of their lives. This is one phone call they won't forget in a hurry.

Phone Scammer Revenge from r/pettyrevenge

10. Prayer of the Day

Twitter user Shaina Gimao went viral last year with her hilarious response to a scam text message. Faking a subscription service is always a funny and effective way to get a scammer to leave you alone.

11. Push Their Buttons

Simple, effective, and playful. It doesn't take much to school a scammer. Sometimes all you need is a sense of humor.

12. Sorry, Bitcoin Only

Want to really baffle a scammer? Tell them you only deal in Bitcoin. Seasoned scam artists who regularly deal in credit card info won't know how to respond or proceed, and you'll be able to go back to enjoying some peace.

13. Poor Uncle Bobby

Another common scam online is an email informing you that a long, lost relative has passed away and that you're the heir to their massive fortune. Most people will ignore this obviously fake story when it turns up in their inboxes, but it can make for some hilarious replies.

14. Stay on the Line

Sick of persistent calls from scammers? Give them a taste of their own medicine. Show them how annoying their actions are, and they'll be sure to leave you alone for good.

Beat a scam caller at his own game from r/pettyrevenge

15. Playing It Super Cool

Though it might sometimes be tempting to call out a scammer as soon as you pick up on their lies, sometimes it pays to string them along a little. Like this Reddit user, who lured his scammer into a false sense of security before reporting his account and getting him banned.

Petty Revenge on an EBAY scammer from r/pettyrevenge

16. Don't Scam the President

This Twitter user had the genius idea of giving a scammer a full name and address...just not their own. We'd like to see the scammer try to prove that they're not actually talking to Donald Trump.

17. Even Scammers Need Reassurance

After calling them out, this Twitter user had an unusually frank conversation with their scammer. The scammer even asked if their tactics were convincing. It's not often you see scammers looking for reviews.

18. What Are You Thankful For?

This genius redditor turned the tables on a would-be scammer, and got them to feed those less fortunate on Thanksgiving. Not all heroes wear capes, and this was a truly heroic act.

Scamming a Nigerian Scammer....sweet justice from r/JusticeServed

19. It's All Fun and Games Until...

This interaction with a scammer started out as light-hearted fun, but when the full scam was revealed this Twitter user decided to put the scammer on blast. Goes to show that you can have fun and school someone at the same time.

20. Serenading A Scammer

If you're a Facebook user, you're probably already used to getting random friend requests from dubious accounts. When this redditor was contacted by a shady account, he took the opportunity to sing an Adele classic. 

My new Facebook friend obviously doesn't like Adele from r/funny

21. A Hard Day Digging In The Data Mine

Never underestimate the power of playing dumb. This Twitter user hilariously wound his scammer up by pretending to be incredibly ignorant.

22. That's An Interesting Address

Sometimes the classics are the best. A good old-fashioned fake address is always a funny and easy way to get a scammer off your back.

I wonder if hes sending the check to Mr. Gofu Ckoff. from r/scambait

23. Make Them Work For It

If scammers really want your money, they should be prepared to work for it. Like this scammer who posed for a redditor's fake company.