23 Staggering Life Hacks From People Living in 3020, Not 2020

Most of us live ordinary lives while some people are living like it's 3020.
Chris Young
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Every now and then someone comes along that changes the game so effectively, and creates such a seismic shift in the way we perceive everyday things that it seems like they must have come from the future.

Some of these life hacks might just change your life for the better. Why? Because they were devised by people living like it's 3020.


1. Get rid of the nightmare of long WiFi passwords

I printed some two-color QR coasters so my guests can connect to the WiFi without asking me for the password from r/functionalprint

This person clearly came from a future, a thousand years from now, where everything is incredibly efficient, and no one needs to worry about anything.

2. A makeshift battery adapter

Need AAs but only have AAAs? Throw a bit of balled up foil in there to both push the battery down on the spring and conduct at the positive end. from r/lifehacks

The concept of different battery sizes is an outdated one, surely? That's what this clever person thought.

3. The whole of Finland is already living in 3020

Handles for supermarket fridges that you can open with your elbows. Genius.

4. This man and his spaghetti hack win the millennium

For centuries, human beings have been grappling with the problem of spaghetti length — do you wrap it around the fork, do you cut it up in your plate? That's some very 2020 thinking though. This man is living in 3020.

5. A plastic bin container that dispenses bin bags perfectly

Why is this not in common use already? Common bin containers are trash compared to this.

6. This makeshift broken toaster fix

Toaster not working? No problem! from r/lifehacks

We can barely imagine what 3020 will be like, but we're pretty sure toast will be equally important a thousand years from now.

7. The DIY of the future

Drilling a hole in a ceiling? This saves from dust debris! from r/lifehacks

Drilling a hole in the ceiling? Just attach a plastic cup to your hand drill. Say goodbye to getting pieces of ceiling on your face.

8. A fix for a very 2020 problem

Wearing a face mask for an extended period of time. Sew a button to a headband to keep from destroying your ears. from r/lifehacks 

We hope face mask use doesn't become a common occurrence in the future, but if it does, this lady will be remembered as a pioneer.

9. Can I get a pizza with that free smartphone stand?

Cut a leg off of a delivery pizza topper thingy to create a smartphone stand from r/lifehacks

Recently ordered a delivery pizza? You most likely also ordered yourself a free smartphone stand. Just cut one of the plastic legs off the topper and you're all set.

10. An apocalypse-proof signal booster

Had to strengthen the Wifi on the other side of the house, worked like a charm. from r/techsupportmacgyver

While you'll obviously have to save most of your frying pans for hitting zombies with in the inevitable zombie apocalypse, maybe keep one handy just in case.

11. How people might ignore each other in 3020

Let's be honest, most of us are more interested in our smartphones than anything else these days. When brain computer interfaces are a thing and we can control computers with our brains, this might be a way we can stare at a screen hands-free all day. 

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12. A pizza delivery flown straight to your window

Many experts are saying we should prepare for a "new normal" in the post-lockdown world. This could be one of those new normals.

13. Preparing for overpopulation with these handy toilet doors

i hear y'all like fancy doors from r/DiWHY

Overpopulation could be a serious problem in the future. What does that mean? Less space for people to live in, smaller bathrooms, and clever bathroom door hacks like this one becoming the norm.

14. This fan that also gives you a massage

Climate change might also mean we're due for longer and longer heatwaves in the coming years. Ingeniously designed fans will, no doubt, become all the rage.

15. If laptops still overheat in 3020, this dad has the solution 

My dad thought of this. It keeps my laptop cool since it overheats sometimes from r/lifehacks

Ok, so laptops probably won't still be a thing by 3020. But this is some clever outside-the-egg-carton thinking nonetheless.

16. Prepared in the face of future outbreaks

Designed a faucet handle so I can use my elbow instead of my dirty hands from r/functionalprint

Let's hope these aren't needed in the future, but this person 3D printed the perfect solution for allowing people to open a faucet using their elbows.

17. Please respect my styrofoam pool float boundaries

How to maintain social distancing while shopping from r/lifehacks

Once again, let's hope periodic social distancing measures don't become the norm in the future, but by golly does this man know how to social distance in a crowded store.

18. Spread condiments in style

As the poster of this impressive contraption put it, "Mustard gun. That's it." Nothing more needs to be said.

19. Save the money you'd spend on a locksmith

Broke your key and don’t want to spend $100+ on a lock smith? from r/lifehacks

While we're not sure how common it is for people to break their keys in their locks, we do know it's expensive to call a locksmith. Here's a great way around having to make that call.

20. This lady made her own exoskeleton

Just stand on them, the fuck? from r/DiWHY

This clever person obviously knew that exoskeletons will be a big part of the future. That's why she made her own — let's be honest, quite ridiculous — DIY version.

21. Ramen as a replacement for cement

This should be DIWHAT from r/DiWHY

This makes us wonder what percentage of the house we are living in might be made out of ramen.

22. Carpet bicycle pedals

My 12 year old son modified his bike with carpet for barefoot riding from r/DiWHY

This kid is living in 3020 — a year where you can freely cycle around barefoot in complete comfort. Utter madness.

23. And finally, the real life-changer 

Problem = solve from r/lifehacks

We all know that Pringles will still be around in 3020 and that they'll still be sold in the same old classic Pringles tube. What we didn't know is that this savior would come along to change the way we eat Pringles forever.

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