25 Innovative Examples of Face Masks and Face Shields

These are some of the interesting ways people are re-imagining the classic face mask and face shield.
Christopher McFadden

During these troubling times, many countries are now demanding that citizens wear face masks when out and about. But be warned, wearing a face mask or face shield is not 100% effective at preventing you from inhaling viral particulate -- especially if they have a poor face fit.

They are, however, pretty good at preventing you from spreading the virus, should you come into close proximity with others. It is always best to avoid crowded places as much as possible and ensure that you regularly clean your hands.

For the best up-to-date information on protecting yourself during the current pandemic, always consult sites like the CDC for best practices.


What are some great examples of face masks and face shields?

Here are some great examples of face masks and face shields from around the world. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. These facemasks display customized animated LED messages

face masks LED
Source: Lumen Couture/YouTube

These cool face masks have been specially designed to display customized, animated messages. They do this by using integrated LED technology.

2.  A clever little boy scout has invented "Ear Guards" for medical face masks

face masks ear guards
Source: 1, 2

A boy scout has devised a 3D printable face mask accessory to help medical staff who are wearing them hours on end. Called "Ear Guards," his invention is open-source and can be printed license free for anyone with a 3D printer. 

3. A kitchen utensil company has started to churn out silicon reusable face masks to help meet demand

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? IMPORTANT news, Squad!! ? Reusable masks are here to buy + donate! Swipe left for details and some answered FAQs. ? Get It Right was founded upon the notion of finding solutions; that’s how we approach everything we do. When we realized there was a need for protective gear for everyone from healthcare workers to grocery store workers to you and me, we got to work and partnered with our manufacturers to develop a reusable silicone mask. Admittedly it’s departure for us, but life has taken a crazy turn for us all, and we think we’ve come up with a pretty interesting solution. While our reloadable silicone masks shouldn’t replace N95 surgical or procedural masks, they are another much-needed option in the race to protect our communities from the spread of COVID-19. We’ve heard from so many of you in need of PPE and we feel that this best way we can answer the call. We are also asking, from the bottom of our hearts, for you to consider donating a mask to healthcare and essential workers in need. You’ll have that option on our website. ? Buy + donate now: https://gir.co/masks ? We know that time is of the essence, so here’s the working plan: We’re donating masks immediately from our currently supply. The next batch of masks is slated to arrive at our California warehouse approximately two weeks from today. This is the goal, but delays can (and do) happen when receiving overseas shipments, so fingers crossed. Once received at our warehouse, we’ll need a day or two for our crew to set everything up for shipping. We’ll keep you posted every step of the way, but know that our goal is to get them into your hands as soon as possible. ? We never imagined ourselves here... but we know that all we can do is the next right thing. That’s the Get It Right thing. ? Be well, stay home if you can, and stay safe! Much love from all of us at GIR!! ? . . . . . #getitright #gir #ladyboss #imsomartha #cookhappy #lovewhatyoudo #dothegetitrightthing #momblogger #facemask #reusablefacemask #covid19 #coronavirus #covid19relief #covid19reliefefforts #coronamask #facemasks #facemaskselfie #masksforheroes #siliconemask #masksforhealthcareworkers #donatefacemasks #donatetoday

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A kitchen utensil company called Get it Right (GIR) has switched part of its production to the creation of reusable silicon face masks. Given the current enormous demand, and short supply, of useful face masks for medical staff, this is a fantastic initiative. 

4. These amazing face masks are very sophisticated

face masks g-volt
Source: LIGC Applications/Dezeen

Called the Guardian G-VOLT, these face masks are something very different indeed. Made by LIGC Applications, they use graphene filters with integrated electrical charge technology to repel viruses and bacteria.

5. These face masks have been developed to help the hearing impaired

face masks deaf
Source: Ashley Lawrence/ Facebook

As face masks tend to be opaque and hide the wearer's mouth and nose, it is often impossible for the hearing impaired to lip read. For this reason, one company has begun to produce face masks with a transparent plastic opening.

6. This 3D printed adaptor turns snorkeling masks into ventilators

face masks snorkel

This amazing invention allows people to convert their regular snorkeling face masks into ventilators. The best part is that it is open source so anyone can print them if they have a printer.

7. These face masks can be washed and reused up to 50 times

face masks washable
Source: Mitsufuji

Developed by a company called Mitsufuji, these amazing face masks can be washed and reused up to 50 times.  Called the "Hamon AG mask," this will really help fight the current face mask supply drought.

8. One of the inventors of the N95 mask believes they can also be reused

face mask N95
Source: michael_swan/Flickr

One of the inventors of the N95 face mask, Peter Tsai, believes there is a way to be able to reuse those too. He is currently developing a heating technique that should kill the virus without damaging the integrity of the mask. 

9. This initiative is helping people create custom-designed 3D printable masks

An initiative called "My Mask Movement" is working together to create a way for people to 3D print masks customized to their own faces. Long the dream of PPE creators, this could help prevent a lack of face masks in the future. 

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10. This biomedical engineer has created a face mask that could neutralize SARS-CoV-2 in 5 minutes

A biomedical engineer at the University of Alberta, Canada, has created a new face mask with a special salt coating. This coating, he says, can neutralize viruses, like SAR-CoV-2, in less than five minutes. 

11. Toronto-based designers have launched their own custom-fit, 3D printable face masks

face masks toronto
Source: LuxMea studio/Kickstarter

A Toronto-based group of designers has created their own range of custom-fit, 3D printable face masks. Called LuxMea studio, the team has been working on their design for several years prior to the current pandemic. 

12. An Italian architect has recently released their concept for a reusable face shield

face mass ghini
Source: Massimo Iosa Ghini

Italian Architect Massimo Iosa Ghini has recently released their concept for a reusable face shield. 

13. This face shield can be created from plastic using the power of origami

Researchers from the University of Cambridge and the University of Queensland have collaborated to create a special origami design for a face shield. Called the "HappyShield" it can be folded out of a single sheet of plastic in no time. 

14. These face masks use activated carbon to help protect you

face mask carbon
Source: Sugar Lash Pro

A company called Sugar Lash Pro, have developed a range of face masks that use activated carbon filters. Made of cotton, these masks are also designed to provide a very good face fit. 

15. These face masks are also reusable

face nasks reusable
Source: Groupon

These face masks are also specifically designed to be reusable. 

16. These face masks are designed to look that you aren't wearing one

face masks your face
Source: Face ID Masks

These NIOSH N95 face masks have been specifically designed so it looks like you aren't actually wearing one. Each one features a printed image of your own mouth and nose. 

17. Add a little bling to your face masks with these disco-ball versions

These disco-ball face masks really do add a little glamor to your face mask-wearing outfit. 

18. These face masks are "Tiger King" themed

One company has begun producing "Tiger King" themed face masks. We are not entirely sure what to think about these. 

19. Fancy a bit of old school?

Given the current plague-like aspects of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, perhaps it is time to make the old "Plague Doctor" masks a thing again? However, we must stress that they are probably not very effective.

20. Here are some more cool 3D printable face masks and shields

This chap's wife's employer, ProtoSpace, have designed their own range of 3D printable face masks and face shields.

21. How about a "Plague Doctor" face masks that actually works?

Further to example 19. above, why not get one that actually works?

22. These face masks have integrated Bluetooth and speakers!

These cool face masks actually have integrated Bluetooth tech and speakers! Now you can listen to your favorite tunes while protecting your respiratory system at the same time. 

23. Some Georgia Tech students have designed and created thousands of 3D printed face shields

These handy face shields have been designed and 3D printed by a group fo Georgia Tech students. 

24. These face shields look pretty stylish

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Don't let the need to wear PPE stop you looking your very best during the pandemic.

25. This Alien Facehugger-themed face mask will certainly keep others away

And finally, this Alien Facehugger-themed face mask will certainly make others keep their distance. While its utility as an actual piece of PPE is probably questionable, it will help with social distancing.