25 Things To Try Before You Die

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I'm a hardcore experimenter. I don't like routine and I love new information and experiences. I've lived and traveled in many countries. Becoming a responsible adult is overrated. I've compiled a list of things to try before I die and 16 of the things on the list below I've already done. I'd like to hear what you've tried on this list or what you're going to try in the future. Or if you have your own list, make sure and add them to the comments.

So, here's a bit of background: when I was a teenager, I read somewhere that if you eat nothing but carrots for a week, then your hands will turn orange. I found out they actually do turn a yellowish-orange color after one week of eating nothing but carrots. But, I don't recommend trying this experiment. You'll become light-headed and low on energy. This one is not on my list, but it gives you an idea of the things I've tried.

One time I shaved my head for no reason other than to find out what the shape of my skull was. Another time I traveled to Japan by myself just to visit the blind spirit mediums that lived near a sulphur-filled lake on the edge of a mountain called Mt. Dread. Another time, a friend and I dressed up completely in white clothes and makeup and stood motionless on the sidewalk of a busy shopping district. We wanted to know what it felt like to be a street performer. We made $4 in 30 minutes. It was not that fun, actually.

So, here's the list of 25 things you should try before you die. It's not a 100% serious list, but it contains both serious and absurd ideas.

handstrybeforedie[Image Source: Unsplash Ismael Nieto]

1. Get your DNA sequenced.
2. For one week write down every creative engineering idea that excites you, then pick one and do it.
3. Give something away for free to a complete stranger.
4. Set up your favorite science experiment on a busy sidewalk with a sign out front, "Ask Me Anything."
5. Move to your dream location and get a job that starts at 2 PM so that you can sleep in and go to the beach every day before work.
6. Create a postcard from the sole of a shoe then send it to someone you admire. (Then you can tell your friends, "I sent my sole to _____).
7. Do an I-search. This means ask a question but don't Google it. Go find the answer out in the real world.
8. Send an email to your favorite engineer or scientist.
9. Use your dream at night to solve a problem that you cannot figure out during the day.
10. Make up a new kind of food by mixing two ingredients that people don't usually mix together. For example, grape juice and milk makes grape milk. Serve it at your next dinner and act like your friends/family are crazy for not knowing what it is.
Make a sandwich, then go out in a public place and see if anyone will take it from your hand.
12. Glue quarters to the sidewalk with superglue and watch to see who stops to try to pick them up.
13. Make an undercover video.
14. Don't talk for one day.
15. Don't complain about anything for an entire day.
16. Make a drawing with your non-dominant hand.

17. Get a group of your friends to pretend to be the paparazzi. Then, have them show up taking photos of you and your girlfriend/boyfriend during a dinner date.
18. Bring an old computer to a bar and see if the bartender will trade it for a drink.
19. Lie down in the middle of a busy sidewalk.
20. During an elevator ride, turn around, face everyone and say, "I love you all."
21. Go to a new city and speak with a foreign accent the entire time. See how many people you can fool.
22. Sell or give away most of your material possessions.
23. Call in sick to work one day, then use that day to work on something that makes your heart pump.
24. Write a book and self-publish it on Amazon.
25. Send your secret to [email protected] and see it published as a Secret Writer entry on Into The Raw.

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Interesting Engineering accepts no responsibility for anyone doing any of these ideas. Furthermore, IE does not endorse these ideas. Do them at your own risk.

If my list wasn't adrenalin-pumping enough for you, try this list of the 25 Craziest Things To Do Before You Die:

Article written by Leah Stephens. She is a writer, artist, and experimenter. She recently self-published her first book, Un-Crap Your LifeYou can follow her on Twitter or Medium.

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