29 Silver Linings From People Around the World Through Physical Distancing

Stuck at home under quarantine? Well, you can still enjoy life and practice physical distancing using some of these techniques.
Christopher McFadden
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It is a difficult time right now being stuck at home under quarantine, but for some, this hasn't stopped them from trying to enjoy life. What follows are just some of the best, funniest, and most heartwarming ways people are getting on with things while practicing physical distancing


What are some heartwarming examples of life around the world during physical distancing?

So, without further ado, here are some examples of life around the world while applying physical distancing. This is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. This couple meet up for a date every day while practicing physical distancing

A cute elderly couple has been exercising physical distancing while meeting every day on the German-Danish border for a coffee date. It is really heartwarming to see that at least some people are having a semblance of normality during these troubling times.

2. This couple got married using Zoom 

A bright-eyed and bushy-tailed pair of love birds didn't let the current pandemic ruin their wedding. They forged ahead anyway using Zoom and also had 200 of their friends and family share this wonderful moment. 

3. These Japanese students had their graduation ceremonies remotely

heartwarming physical distancing graduation
Source: Business Breakthrough University

In a bid to maintain physical distancing between faculty and students, this Japanese University held its graduation ceremony using robotic avatars. Could this be a vision of the future, we wonder?

4. These parents held a physical distancing drive-in movie night for their kids

This group of creative parents decided to hold a physical distancing movie night for their bored kids. For any struggling parents out there under quarantine, we can feel your envy. 

5. This maths teacher is giving private tuition while practicing physical distancing

A maths teacher in Madison, South Dakota is not letting the current COVID-19 pandemic spoil his students' education. When one student was struggling to understand a lesson via remote lessons, the teacher turned up at her house to provide one-on-one instruction from her porch. 

6. These guys forged a friendship while under quarantine

So I sit at my desk all day and do school work/work-work, and there's a guy in the apartment building next to mine that does the same. We sometimes make eye contact. Yesterday I had enough; time to make some friends, social distance style! from r/HumansBeingBros

Two guys forged a friendship while they were both working from home within an eyeshot of each other. 

7. This chap defended his Ph.D. thesis using physical distancing

My cousin’s husband successfully defended his PhD research today. The family social distance celebrated. from r/aww

One Ph.D. student used video conferencing to defend his thesis while also practicing the ultimate in physical distancing. Congratulations. 

8. A teenage managed to hold their birthday using physical distancing

My nephew had a social distancing 15th Birthday Party from r/funny

One unlucky 15-year-old managed to continue having his birthday part using physical distancing. He did this by making it a "drive-by" event to restrict physical interaction with his friends and family. 

9. This might be the coolest baptism, ever!!!

Social distancing baptism from r/pics

In what might be the coolest thing you'll ever read today, one pastor-of-the-future used a water gun to baptize children during the pandemic. We can see this catching on, to be honest.

10. We think this guy might have gone a little crazy

This chap might just have lost his sanity thanks to being stuck indoors during the quarantine. Creative none-the-less.

11. This guy jokes about having some tea with his wife while practicing physical distancing

A doctor in Turkey managed to have a brief respite tea break while practicing physical distancing. This is good news as drinking tea socially is practically a human right in Turkey.

12. Even Jesus Christ has been spotted practicing physical distancing

We couldn't agree more. 

13. This really is an example of a heartwarming physical distancing moment

A child who had recently had her final chemotherapy treatment is greeted by her neighbors using physical distancing. Brilliant effort guys. 

14. These two orchestras collaboratively played together while under quarantine in their homes

Members of two orchestras on different sides of the world managed to video conference a recital while under quarantine. They all performed "Ode to Joy" from the safety of their own homes.

We hope the streaming wasn't too delayed for some of them. 

15. These medical students are being graduated early online so they can help out in hospital around the UK

Medical students from Bristol University have been graduated early to help them join the frontline of the NHS. This is news in and of itself, but the entire ceremony was held using physical distancing via video conferencing. 

16. This couple in the UK used physical distancing while getting hitched too

A couple in Birmingham, UK also used social distancing during their wedding ceremony. In fact, everyone in the congregation did the same. 

17. These Turkish neighbors had a game of "Balcony Tennis" during the lockdown

A couple of friendly neighbors in Turkey managed to combine competitive sports with physical distancing. They invented a new game called "Balcony Tennis".

18. This is one way to keep people away while shopping

This resourceful father has gone to some extremes to practice physical distancing while shopping.

19. This community decided to hold a lockdown party from their apartments

A community in South Shields and North Shields, near Newcastle upon Tyne, UK decided to hold a lockdown party from the safety of their apartments to maintain their sanity. 

20. This chap created an interesting device to maintain physical distancing

physical distancing device
Source: Boing Boing/Imgur

While continuing to work at their office, this ingenious fellow jerry-rigged a special device to help keep his colleagues at a safe distance. 

21. This group of researchers is ensuring they are physically distanced while doing science

These weather researchers are continuing their work using physical distancing. 

22. Fancy a game of physical distancing bingo?

This group of friendly neighbors is helping each other socialize by playing social distancing bingo!

23. A Turkish couple separated under quarantine have a special moment

Even quarantine cannot separate this lifelong couple for a special, heartwarming moment.

24. Check out this amazing physical distancing device

physical distancing device 1
Source: Dan Kuhnle/YouTube

This chap has found an ingenious way to help maintain physical distancing while out and about. 

25. Here is an innovative way to keep you kids busy and practice social distancing

This is one fun way to keep kids entertained, and physically distanced for a little while. 

26. Even cows understand the importance of physical distancing

In India, even cows are adhering to social distancing rules. 

27. "The Ministry of Silly Walks" approves

In Canada, authorities are combining humor with an important physical distancing message.

28. Sometimes family members have to get involved to enforce physical distancing

This dog understands the importance of physical distancing. 

29. Is it 2m high or away?

This chap might have got the wrong end of the stick. It might just work though...


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