29 Ways People Are Getting Creative with Their Time in Quarantine

These are but some of the many creative ways people are spending their time during quarantine.
Christopher McFadden
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With more time on their hands than they are used to, many people are being quite creative with their quarantine life. Some of these examples might even inspire you to create something fun and entertaining for yourself at home while avoiding COVID-19?


What are some creative things people are doing with their time under quarantine?

So, without further ado, here are some examples of things that people around the world about their quarantine life. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. This lady is blurring the lines between reality and gaming while under quarantine

This is one creative way to while away the hours while under quarantine. We must say we are particularly impressed with her dedication to continuity. 

2. This couple has found a creative way to pass their time during quarantined life

With lots of extra time on their hands, this couple decided to reconstruct a recent cruise they went on. By playing a rolling ocean on loop, and some booze, the experience is almost as good as the real thing. 

3. Nothing beats some Phil Collins using kitchen stuff

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Forget that drumming gorilla advert from quite a few years back. This might just be the most creative thing someone has decided to do with their quarantined life. 

4. This group of friends missed their daily London commute so much the recreated it in their shower

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They say it’s important to keep your normal routine... sound on! #stayhome

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This group of friends has found an interesting way to spend their quarantined life. Clearly gluttons for punishment, they decided to recreate their morning commute using a shower.

5. This chap decided to practice some slow-motion skiing while under quarantine

This creative fella also found an interesting activity to do with his quarantine life. For some reason, known only to them, they created some slow-motion skiing footage in their living room.

As you do.

6. This guy found a way to stay fit and entertained with his quarantine life

via Gfycat

This gamer found and interesting way to game and stay fit simultaneously. Great use of a ring fit. 

7. This lawyer decided to practice waiting for a court hearing at home

This lawyer decided to practice waiting for a court hearing at home to "keep his edge" for when he finally returns to work. Apparently, they thought this would help. 

8. These guys decided to perform a DJ set using RPE, PPE, and other items

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Spring Break 2020 @oldrowofficial (via @hansahola @hellonaples)

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This group of creative friends decided to create a parody of DJ set using some quarantine-related items. The results speak for themselves. 

9. This group of roommates has been spending their time recreating famous paintings

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1) “The Son of Man”; 2) [René Magritte]; 3) #behindthescenes #covidclassics #arthistory #howdoyoulikethemapples

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A group of roommates has been spending their time in quarantine recreating famous paintings using stuff lying around the house. 

10. Here is another chap recreating their commuting former life

In another example of someone craving a return to normality, this chap decided to recreate their previous commuting days in their bathroom. We are sensing a worrying trend. 

11. This amazing mother converts their family garage into a nightclub for her son's 21st birthday


It was a good time ##ButterGlossPop ##gamingszn ##selfquarantine ##coronavirus ##MoodBoost ##21

♬ original sound - emilytorchia

Quarantined life is no place for a young man to have his 21st birthday. Thankfully his mother appears to be pretty awesome. 

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12. Seems people like to use socks to pretend to eat cars

This chap, inspired by some footage of people under quarantine in Wuhan, has made their own rendition of the sock-eating-cars game. To be honest this is probably a lot of fun. 

13. Here is another person recreating famous paintings while under quarantine

Seems we have picked up on another running theme for people experiencing quarantine life

14. Remote workers don't really understand what all the fuss is about

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the only difference now is that i have no toilet paper

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With more and more people joining the gig economy and digital nomad lifestyle, many are finding it difficult to see why people are going so crazy about staying home. To them its normal life.

15. At least people's sense of humor is being unduly affected

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This could be us but you playin @samfischer52

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This is an interesting and creative take on quarantine life. 

16. This teacher decided to give his pet cats a lecture

Not wanting to lose his lecturing edge, this teacher decided to give his pets a lecture. Quite a creative way to spend quarantined life. 

17. How about a game of tic-tac-toe with your cat?

Some people are spending their time in quarantine by playing tic-tac-toe with their pets. In this example a cat. 

18. Others are inventing completely new Olympic sports using robot cleaners

Some people are even creating potential new Olympic sports with some of their home appliances. Who wouldn't watch "Roomba Curling"?

19. High-risk table, sorry window tennis is also becoming popular

Here is another example. Talk about high-stakes!

20. Some people are also living out their dream jobs

With a lot of time on their hands, some are spending their quarantine life in an interesting way. In this case, they appear to be living out their dream of being Batman. 

21. Having fun with classic cartoon seems fun


When you are bored at home?lol ##lockdown

♬ Boss Bitch - Doja Cat

This pair of clowns appear to have been practicing a bit too hard with this creative way to spend quarantine. 

22. "Your money is no good here mam"


Dining out during ##coronavirus ##fyp ##foryoupage ##toiletpapermoney

♬ Restaurant - EFX

Some people are paying through the eyeballs in toilet paper for meals at home it appears these days. Daylight robbery!


23. Here is another contender for a new Olympic sport


Quarantine update. ##plungertrickshots ##fyp ##foryou ##dudeperfect ##quarantine ##coronavirus

♬ Myself - Bazzi

Excellent, simply excellent. How many takes, we wonder?

24. Not sure what to make of this...


The only entertainment available during quarantine ##broom ##banana ##kangaroo

♬ sonido original - grettyoficial

Very creative. But why?

Oh yes, quarantine life is not much fun. 

25. Have you heard of the "Marvel Workout"?

Since you have a lot of time on your hands, why not stay fit with the "Marvel Workout"? You'll be in good shape in no time at all.

26. This looks fun, just remember your PPE and RPE


Summer 2020 be hitting different ? Not how I wanted to celebrate 1M but here we are! w/@lega_z_ ##coronavirus ##summer2020 ##coronatime

♬ OTF - Autoerotique & Hunter Siegel

Have you ever been to a quarantine club? You really are missing out. 

27. Community bingo anyone?

Here is a creative take on an old classic. 


28. This is our particular favorite

Missing going to the museum? While you could take some virtual tours of real ones, it is far more fun to make your own. 

29. Forget dominoes, why not use books?

And finally, this is a very creative, and entertaining, way to spend your time under quarantine life. Books appear to be a great replacement for dominoes.