Here Are 3 Easy Ways Software Engineers Make $100K Salary

What would life look like without Software Engineers? I can't even begin to imagine that. Quite scary indeed!
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Software Engineers are often referred to as Computer Programmers or Software Developers, and although there are a lot of Software Engineers in companies nowadays, only a few of them have university engineering degrees.

One of the highly pursued fields of study, Software Engineering is the learning of how to develop or engineer software using systematic design methods. This area involves research, design, compilers, and network distribution software. The developed products can be a software for medical, industrial, military, communications, aerospace, business, scientific or general computing applications.

Who are software engineers and how to become one?

A Software Engineer is a person who uses and applies the principles of Software Engineering in developing, maintaining, testing and evaluating software and systems that make computers or anything that has a software-based system.

Today, a lot of Software Engineers are equipped with degrees in computer science, information systems or information technology. Applying for entry level positions requires a bachelor’s degree and experience.

To elaborate on what Software Engineers do and what their responsibilities are, here are a few of them:

• Software Engineers are often found working in every part of new and modified software. They cover research, design, implementation, training and support.
• Software Engineers are responsible for the investigation of existing applications.
• They serve as liaisons to users. They produce specifications, estimate new or modified systems, verify and agree with proposals, write new software and operating manuals, and test products to ensure they work correctly, and train the users. They are also tasked with handling support and feedback.
• Most of the time the job is time pressured to meet the deadlines of the clients, but high pay awaits with relevant experience.

Here are 3 Easy Ways Software Engineers Make $100K Salaries

1. Web Development

The Web Development industry involves Software Engineers as Web Developers. They work as programmers, specializing in the development of the Internet or the World Wide Web. They develop web applications or network applications that will run through hypertext transfer protocol on a web browser and web server.

Most web developers work in large corporations and government institutions. Some collaborate with private and small to medium-sized companies. Many others choose to become freelancers. They handle the server side, which involves Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, ASP, and ASP.NET. These are used to deliver content and scripts. Some focus on the front-end logic, which involves working closely with a content creator, copywriter, marketing advisor, experience designer, web designer, web producer, project manager, software architect and database administrator.

There are no educational or licensure requirements to become a Web Developer, as long as you understand how coding and rendering designs work through web browsers. These days, however, there are many schools offering courses dedicated to teaching the basics, and sometimes advanced, skills of web development. The job requires advanced knowledge and expertise, however.

A Web Developer with less than five years of experience makes between $41k and $96k per year, though more experienced developers can earn as high as $153k annually.

2. Mobile Development

Mobile application development is the process of developing applications or software that will work on mobile devices. Some of the applications that have been developed by this industry are personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants, and mobile phones. The applications that Mobile Developers create can be pre-installed on a mobile device, or they can be installed manually from the web. They also develop web applications purposely for mobile devices that allow great Internet experience through the mobile browser.

Mobile user interface design is significant in the creation of mobile applications. It constraints, contexts, screens, inputs and mobilizes the outline for plans. It affects the display size and allows the users to manipulate the system. It also signals cues from users’ activity like the location and scheduling. It is designed to be user-friendly – meaning a logical interface. The functions are commonly supported by mobile enterprise application platforms or integrated development environments.

So if you are considering Mobile Development as a career, you must understand what is involved. This includes creating anything that runs on a mobile device like iOS, Android, and now including the Windows platform.

Mobile applications are very handy. They allow users anything from a simple game to a console-like quality game in just one touch of your finger. They are not only designed for games but also for all sorts of apps for pretty much anything from a simple geo-locator to find a place where you can eat and catch up to a health monitor such as the one telling you how many minutes or steps you have taken or how much calories you need to take. Mobile applications can provide photo editing options that were once only available in computers. All of these were because of mobile applications development.

A Mobile Applications Developer is more than just a fancy title. It carries with it highly technical skills. They are responsible for creating those applications mentioned above. A lot of these applications are used for business, entertainment, and for companies selling mobile devices.

Mobile Applications Developers write the programs that make mobile devices work. They are responsible for selecting which operating systems go to which mobile devices. From there, they work to understand the programming languages needed in the software development environment for the operating systems chosen.

It is because of Mobile Applications Developers that we now have five available platforms in the market. These are the Android OS, iOS by Apple, RIM by Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile OS.

Those who usually get a job as Mobile Applications Developer are those who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, or something similar to software engineering. Again, because of the evolution of the Internet, many Mobile Applications Developers can be superb even without getting a degree because of the wealth of training and freelancing opportunities online.

Today, this field is one of the most demanded career and one of the fastest growing industry. A Mobile Developer can get a salary between $49k - $120k per year; and potentially going up to $136k annually.

3. Applications Development

The original type of programming also referred to as Desktop Application Development, which was used in the earlier days for Windows or Mac or Linux that performs on traditional desktop operating systems.

An Application Developer is tasked with creating, testing, and even programming software applications that work with computers. These applications are used in almost every type of computers. They are the minds of the word processing functions that are available today.

Normally, Applications Developers work in teams to identify new ideas and concepts to provide the needs of the general public. One of their duties is to understand and use programming languages to develop new applications.

An Applications Developer salary on a yearly basis is between $58k and $113k and can go as high as $154k.

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