Taiwan's tech billionaire plans to train 3 million 'black bear warriors' to combat China

He also announced plans to train 'civilian sharpshooters.'
Baba Tamim
Taiwan's principal special operations force display in Ching Kai-Shek Memorial hall.
Taiwan's principal special operations force display in Ching Kai-Shek Memorial hall.


A Taiwanese tech tycoon plans to defend against a possible "Chinese invasion" by training three million "black bear warriors."

A retired Taiwanese tech tycoon said he plans to use his wealth to train these "civilian warriors," according to a report published by Taiwan News on Thursday.

"The Chinese Communist Party's threat to Taiwan is growing, and the fight against (it) stands for freedom against slavery, democracy against authoritarianism, and civilized against barbaric," said Robert Tsao, 75, who intends to use the US $33 million of his wealth to fund the "warriors."

"If we can successfully resist China's ambitions, we not only will be able to safeguard our homeland but make a big contribution to the world situation and the development of civilization."

Tsao, United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) founder, the world's second-largest contract chipmaker, called a press conference to show his national ID card, declaring that he had renounced his Singaporean citizenship in exchange for Taiwanese citizenship.

He stated that he would remain in Taiwan to defend the country against China's repeated military threats, noted Taiwan News.

Tsao, who renounced his Taiwanese citizenship in 2011 in protest of a government-led investigation into his company for investing in a Chinese business project, briefly discussed his new perspective on China, citing the Hong Kong democracy movement as a "wake-up call," the local news report documented.

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Three million 'black bear warriors'

The billionaire plans to train three million "black bear warriors" in three years to work alongside Taiwan's military eventually.

"I am excited about regaining my Taiwanese citizenship and want to stand with my fellow countrymen to fight against the invasion from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and to safeguard Taiwan, making Taiwan a "land of the free and the home of the brave," he said.

Tsao's money, according to Taiwan News, would be used to train civilian troops for three years by the Kuma Academy, a private military organization also known as the "Black Bear Academy."

Kuma Academy, a private military training organization, has been commissioned to carry out the training.

"The organization aims to train 3 million civilians out of the country's 9 million households to learn various defense skills, how to provide first aid, operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and use radio communications," said Puma Shen, co-founder of Kuma Academy.

Tsao has also announced 400 million Taiwanese currency to train over 300,000 civilian sharpshooters as a possible combat force to deter any attempts from China.

He has urged Taiwanese citizens not to believe "Chinese propaganda" that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait are part of the same family. He also called the Communist Party of China's (CCP) claim that "Taiwan is an inherent part of China" "nonsense."

Taiwan vows counter-attack

Despite Beijing's threats of military action, tensions between China and Taiwan have risen since US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited the self-governing island in early August this year.

So far, China's People's Liberation Army responded to Pelosi's visit by conducting live-fire drills in positions around Taiwan and sending ships and fighter jets into the area.

On Wednesday, Taiwan vowed to respond if any Beijing forces violated its airspace or maritime borders.

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