30 Best and worst Google Translate fails that will make you cringe forever

We all get lost in translation sometimes, but these fails really take the cake. These Google Translate fails are guaranteed to make you cringe.
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Google Translate is a great tool when you need to know a simple word or phrase. However, it's definitely not without its flaws and can lead to some hilarious misunderstandings.

Here are some of the best and worst translation fails on the internet. Prepare to cringe.

1. Genetic code is Somalian??

Apparently DNA sequence is Somalian, at least according to Google Translate anyway.

2. It's the thought that counts

It doesn't matter which major holiday you're celebrating. All that matters is that you're celebrating.

3. Does the supermarket sell dung?

Maybe cow dung is a rare delicacy, and we're all missing out. Or maybe this is just a particularly bad Google Translate failure.

4. Nothing like a delicious clothes sandwich

Google Translate has some pretty wild ideas when it comes to cuisine. A clothes sandwich is probably one of the more tame suggestions on this list.

5. Birthday fail

I won't trust Google Translate to throw me a party.

6. Very helpful, thanks Google

This makes perfect sense. A flawless translation. 

7. Speckled wood butterfly = forest trout?

Can't translate butterfly, serious fail.

8. Seems a little off-topic, but ok

You know when you eat a really good cake, and the only explanation is that the chef must have burnt someone? No? 

9. Is it worth it?

When you have to re-translate Google's translations, it sometimes feels like learning a new language would be easier and less time-consuming.

10. Beware of zebras

There's probably nothing to worry about when it comes to zebra clans. But you can never be too sure...

11. Genetic translation

Who knew we had the technology to translate DNA into other languages? Wait, we don't? Oh, never mind.

12. Billy Irish

Billy Eilish, more like Billy Irish says Google.

13. Israel's leading tourist

Google Translate thinks this app is Israel's leading tourist.

14. Cookie recipe gone wrong?

This tweet spaks for itself. speaks

15. Google, what are you doing?

These two things aren't remotely the same. Sometimes it feels like Google is trolling all of us.

16. The mermaids are here for your safety

Life would be a lot cooler if we had mermaids looking out for us. Just saying.

17. Charlotte did what?!

No matter how you feel about Charlotte and the things she does, this seems like an inappropriate way to talk about it.

18. Municipal goverment? Cat?

Municipal government has done the tattoo on the girl? Are you serious Google?

19. Is it a good day or a bad day?

Google seems to be arguing with itself. The English side is pretty sure it's a bad day for Europe, but the German side thinks it's a good day. Somehow this doesn't seem like an accurate translation.

20. The laugh of a calf is delicious

Would you eat beef with a calf-loving knife? No? How about calf-loving to five bowls of cereal?

21. Nothing better than a drunk cat

Even if the dumplings aren't great, at least the cat is having a good time.

22. When in Rome

Going to Rome would be lovely, but it probably isn't the answer you're looking for.

23. Are you a cannibal?

Google seems to be hinting at some pretty dark things with this one. Are you OK, Google?

24. A delicious glass of pigeonholes

Looks like Google has been drinking too. At least you'll always have a drinking buddy!

25. Guess that tune

While it's cute that Google thought you were trying to guess a song, its suggestion of Björk was wrong in so many ways.

26. Sweet dreams, tiny grass

Honestly, this just sounds so much cuter than "Keep Off The Grass". Every sign should be replaced with this one.

27. Is there a goat in your budget?

It's unwise to purchase a goat if there wasn't a goat in your budget. At least that's the message we think Google is trying to convey.

28. Wow, a female cat is apparently a bird now.

Female cat and lumpy fish?

29. But did you enjoy the tea?

Is this a good review? A bad one? It's impossible to know for sure.

30. Asking the tough questions

The political climate of 2018 can be intense, but this is insane.

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