30 Fantastic Inventions to Improve Your Life

Christopher McFadden

We all want an easy life. Laborious, repetitive tasks like opening bottles or cutting pizza shouldn't add to the daily grind. Here is our list of some of the 30 most fantastic inventions to improve your life.

Let's get stuck in.

1. One-handed bottle cap opener

This cheeky little gadget lets you open bottles with one hand, as the name suggests. Now who wouldn't want this addition to their kitchen?

2. Silicone oven shelf guard

These silicon covers slip onto the edge of your oven shelves to prevent those nasty burns the more clumsy chefs among us get.

3. Cushioned handbag carrier

Here's one for the ladies. Ever needed to carry your entire bag collection around with you? Well this item on our fantastic inventions list offers you a cushioned clip for just that purpose.

4. Hands-free book holder

"Does what it says on the tin". Why must we still hold books open ourselves? We could be twiddling our thumbs or sipping drinks at the same time while we are enjoying our favorite novel!

5. Twister fork

There is nothing more frustrating and time wasting than fiddling around with pasta. This item on our fantastic inventions list is gastronomically efficient and quite attractive.

30 Fantastic Inventions to Improve Your Life[Image Source: relogik]

6. Armrest table

This entry on our fantastic inventions is a great replacement for bulky side tables or trays.

7.  5 bladed one-handed scissors

Need we say more? Think of all the extra time you would get to sip your wine whilst making dinner with this item on our fantastic inventions list. Cut your chives five times faster than the average cook.

8. CATable

Love them or hate them, cats have a special knack of bothering you when you are most busy. Not anymore! Now you can both sit and play with your cat at the same time.

30 Fantastic Inventions to Improve Your Life[Image Source: lycs-arc.com]

9. Universal wrapping paper

With a choice of over 20 occasions, this item on our fantastic inventions list lets you easily wrap presents without shopping for an "appropriate wrap".  Mimicking a word search is also fun!

10. Cup holder umbrella

I know amazing right? How many times did you need to juggle a cup and an umbrella while battling with the rain? The problem is solved with this item on our fantastic inventions list.

11. Baby stroller and scooter hybrid

The time of slow motion baby strolling is over. Now you and your baby can both have a whale of a time with this stroller which is also a scooter. Shut up and take my money!

12. Baby shower cap

Whether you are a parent or a loving family member, this shower cap is a fantastic invention for baby bath time.

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13. Cat crib

You treasure your kitty, but the pet furniture you buy makes your living room look disorganized and distasteful. Not anymore! You can strap this cat crib under your existing chairs.

14. Flask comb

Ever needed to smuggle booze into a venue? Why take a risk and hassle for concealing a hip flask when you can stroll in nonchalantly with this cleverly disguised flask comb.

30 Fantastic Inventions to Improve Your Life[Image Source: binocktails.com]

15. Pizza scissors

Pizza scissors! I know you want these. This item on our fantastic inventions list is a must have life hack.

16. Rotating lego-style sockets

This little beauty consists of a multi-outlet socket that can allows each socket on it to rotate 360 degrees. Also it looks pretty neat.

17. Lock cup

Do people use your prized cup? This fantastic invention comes with a key that opens and closes the hole so no one else can use it but you. Brilliant!

18. Glow in the dark toilet rim

A toilet rim that glows in the dark, enough said. This should keep things tidy when the lights go out.

19. Inside out umbrella

Predicting the weather is far from a science for most of us. This new invertible umbrella can be the solution for the wet umbrella dilemma.

20. Yolkfish egg separator

It looks like a goldfish and it sucks up egg yolks. Wow! This is a must have kitchen implement for those who need to separate egg yolks from their whites with ease and style.

21. Citrus spritzer

With this fantastic tool you can squeeze lemon as neat and evenly as a spray bottle. But the best part is no more hunting for seeds in your salad.

22. DIY Lego key holder

Design your own key holder out of Legos. Never lose your keys again and impress everyone that beholds your Lego keyholder. So bring out your old lego kits and get creative.

23. Reusable candle

Double the life span of your candles! this fantastic invention will save you a few pennies in the long run.

24. Spaghetti measuring tool

Do you have trouble measuring portion sizes for your family and friends? No, me neither but for those who do here's the answer to your problems.

30 Fantastic Inventions to Improve Your Life[Image Source: reykjavikcornerstore.com]

25. Ironing board mirror

Save space with this combination of an ironing board and a mirror. Pivot the ironing table and you have a floor mirror.

26. The Euphori-lock ice cream lock

At last a solution to the age-old plague of ice cream thieves. This great little gadget will save you heartache and money for years to come.

27. Text to type highlighter

A highlighter that reads text off paper and uploads it to a computer. How can that not be a life-improving fantastic gadget?

28. Blubber Cover

Blubber cover lets you easily store foods to avoid waste. It's reusable, flexible and pretty cute.

29. Biolite camping stove

This little doozy uses the heat from burning wood to generate usable electricity via USB. Absolutely brilliant for those who like the outdoors life but still need their various electronic devices.

30 Fantastic Inventions to Improve Your Life

[Image Source: bioliteenergy.com]

30. The ultimate party cooler

With a built-in smart phone charger, bottle opener, and a blender this cooler is a must for party goers.

There you go. There are many more examples out there and I can't even dream of what will come up over the next few years. Would you buy any of them? Have you got any suggestions? My life would certainly be streamlined with at least 15 of these.

Source : Lifebuzz

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