300 Year Old Library Houses Incredible Artifacts

The Trinity College Library houses some of the world's most precious manuscripts and artifacts dating back to 800 A.D.
Trevor English

The largest library in Ireland is over 300 years old and houses some pretty amazing artifacts.

This beautiful building is home to the famous Book of Kells, which is an illuminated manuscript of the four biblical gospels dating back to the year 800 A.D.

Normally, the Trinity College Library serves as an academic resource for students and professors at the University of Dublin, where they can gain access to thousands of books and manuscripts.


The structure of the main library building is incredibly large and it often dwarfs the other university buildings in comparison. Many other ancient texts are stored here as well including theBook of Durrow and the Book of Howth. Not only are these ancient books on display, but you can also find an incredibly rare 18th-century harp for your viewing pleasure.

Completed in 1732, the Long chamber as it is called, houses 200,000 of the oldest, most rare books in the library's collection and also display areas for the multitude of artifacts

The building dates back to a time when libraries were created with architectural beauty and having the biggest collection of literature was something to be boasted over.

With the modern internet, elaborate libraries have been pushed back into the academic setting of society, often not gaining much interest.

Like the Trinity College Library, libraries are still a necessity to facilitate the preservation of precious artifacts and invaluable manuscripts.

Source: Sam/Wikimedia

In popular culture, this library has found itself in one controversy, as the depiction of the Jedi Archives in Star Wars Episode II was very similar to the architectural style of the Long Room.

Lucas Films did not seek prior authorization to use the likeness of the building in the film but denied that the building was the basis of design for the set. Officials of the library, in turn, decided to not file suit over the apparent misuse of the building's image.

Source: Tony Webster/Wikimedia

Some buildings, like the Trinity College Library, contain so much architectural beauty and historical wonder that they maintain a great level of significance in modern culture.

In an era where the internet has become our main source of information, sitting back and examining the heritage and history of books is something that cannot be recreated outside of these great buildings.

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