33 Inventions That Lazy People Will Love

Lazy people will love these inventions that make you spend the most minimal energy to get things done.
Christopher McFadden

We can all admit to feeling a little bit lazy sometimes. But then there is another breed of people that go out of their way to find shortcuts.


Often these life hacks require some patience, but they definitely don’t need you to spend any energy.

We have searched high and low for the 33 ultimate inventions that lazy people will love. This list is far from exhaustive (believe it or not) and is in no particular order.

1. Motorized ice cream cone for those too lazy to lick - Buy Now

lazy inventions ice cream cone
Source: HOGWILD/Amazon

If you are too lazy to turn your ice cream to catch all the drips, this is the gadget for you.

The motorized ice cream cone spins the ball of ice cream around in the cone, so all you need to do is hold out your tongue. Bring on summer.

2. The Pet Petter takes the effort out of loving your cat - Buy Now

lazy inventions cat petter
Source: Prank Pack/Amazon

Pets are great, but they can be hard work. All the feeding and caring, and not to mention, the constant petting they require. Not anymore, the Pet Petter is an automatic device so you’ll “never have to touch your cat again”.

Actually, this is just an empty joke box you can buy on Amazon, but it isn’t a bad idea.

3. Sandwich in a can is the fastest food around - Buy Now

33 Inventions That Lazy People Will Love
Source: Candwich

Sandwiches are delicious. But boy do they take some energy to make! Luckily, next time you feel like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but can’t get off the couch, you can just grab a sandwich in a can — a candwich!

Just pop open the can and sink your teeth into a ready-made sandwich. Available in a range of flavors these delicious snacks can last up to a year in your house.

4. Be the boss of your butter - Buy Now

33 Inventions That Lazy People Will Love
Source: ButterBoss/Kickstarter

Be the boss of your toast with this ultimate lazy person's invention. Throw away your knives, now all you have to do for the perfect example of buttered toast is to slide your Butter Boss over the top of any surface to get buttery goodness.

5. Don’t waste time going to the kitchen - Buy Now

lazy inventions desktop microwave
Source: NPR

Your lunch break is precious. Don’t waste time walking over to the break room to reheat your leftovers. Grab yourself a desk microwave and then you can cook and eat without moving at all. 

6. This Self-Making bed will also make your day - Buy Now

lazy inventions self making bed
Source: SmartDuvet/YouTube

Just because you are lazy doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a neat house. This awesome self-making bed reduces exhausting chore time. It also lets you control the temperature of two distinct zones for added comfort.

7. Forget shoelaces with these self-tying shoes - Buy Now

lazy inventions self tying shoelaces
Source: MS Tech/YouTube

Let’s be honest, bending down sucks. These self-tying shoelaces mean you’ll never have to mess with annoying shoelaces ever again.

8. When a knife is simply too much, get a banana slicer - Buy Now

lazy inventions banana slicer
Source: Guyuyii Store/Amazon

This is the perfect tool for the ultimate lazy person. When cutting a banana is too much you know you have really reached new heights.

This gadget cuts your banana into uniform slices with just a single press.

9. Enjoy Italian food without the effort with this spaghetti twirling fork - Buy Now

lazy inventions spaghetti fork
Source: Donkey/Amazon

Don’t miss out on spaghetti or noodles just because you are too lazy to twirl your fork.

This manually-operated must-have utensil takes the hard work out of eating your favorite Italian meal. Simply stick into the pile of spaghetti and twirl the top.

10. Two most important tools finally come together - Buy Now

lazy inventions controller bottle opener
Source: Thisiswhyimbroke

This is actually an invention that makes sense. Why have two essential tools lying around when you could have one.

Change a channel then flip the top on an ice-cold beer. Perfection.

11. Use these Prism glasses so you can read lying down - Buy Now

lazy inventions prism glasses
Source: DS. Distinctive Style Store/Amazon

Books can be really heavy. Don’t stress your arms out by holding a book above your head.

Just slip on these prism glasses and enjoy the written word from the prone position.

12. Forget about scooping poop with this "PooTrap" for dogs - Buy Now

lazy inventions pootrap
Source: PooTrap/YouTube

Again, pets are fun but they require a lot of work, sometimes very gross work. Don’t bend down to scoop your puppy’s poop. Attach this complex looking dog nappy and away you go for no-mess walks.

13. The 'Pour Thing' gives juice without the effort - Buy Now

lazy inventions pour thing
Source: DevineMedical

When lifting a bottle of juice is difficult, it’s time to turn to the Pour Thing. This perfect kitchen accessory will easily pour your juice with minimal lifting.

14. This self-stirring mug is actually amazing - Buy Now

lazy inventions self stirring mug
Source: Evelots Store/Amazon

This mug actually looks awesome. Create a vortex of spinning coffee with the push of a button. No more teaspoons!

15. Battery operated scissors let you cut without effort - Buy Now

lazy inventions electrical scissors
Source: Lord Reiner/YouTube

Cut without effort with this cool battery-operated machine. Just press the button and cut anything from paper to material with ease.

16. Automatic salt and pepper grinders season to perfection - Buy Now

powered grinders
Source: K S L Store/Amazon

Rest your delicate wrists while still enjoying the luxury of freshly cracked black pepper and salt. These battery-operated devices do all the turning for you.

17. Don’t miss out on the fun if you feel lazy in winter - Buy Now

lazy inventions snowball maker
Source: CWLAKON/Amazon

Being lazy doesn't mean you don’t like fun. Save yourself from bending down and getting cold, with this nifty snowball maker.

18. Get a six-pack with no effort just strap on the 'AB-hancer' - Buy Now

lazy inventions ab enhancer
Source: SuperDaveVideos/YouTube

Working out requires huge amounts of efforts, why would you even try when you can get the same results from this ab-enhancer, simply strap it on, throw on a t-shirt and look like you have a rock hard 6-pack.

19. Finally your baby starts helping around the house - Buy Now

lazy inventions baby cleaner
Source: ExlinAlesha/Amazon

Babies create a lot of mess, it only seems fair they should also help with the clean-up. Slip your little one into this mop onesie and your floors will be shining in no time.

20. Save time with the sock chute - Buy Now

lazy inventions sock chute
Source: HomeHealthCareShoppe

Don’t waste time and energy bending down to lift up your socks. Grab yourself a sock chute and save that precious energy for later in the day.

21. Rebooting has never been so much fun with the Alt/Ctrl/Delete wand - Buy Now

33 Inventions That Lazy People Will Love
Source: Imgur

Sometimes rebooting is just too much. This handy wand takes the complicated hand gymnastics out of the reboot action.

22. Nap anywhere and still look good with the pillow tie - Buy Now

33 Inventions That Lazy People Will Love
Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

This tie lets you take advantage of the spare moments you can use for napping. Just inflate and rest your head for quick naps at work.

23. Be your dog’s best friend get the automatic dog ball thrower - Buy Now

lazy inventions ball thrower
Source: AFP Store/Amazon

Dogs have insatiable energy for chasing balls. Set this machine up, then put your legs up. Both you and your K9 friends will be happy with the results.

24. Towels are a thing of the past - Buy Now

lazy inventions body drier
Source: ZOZO/Amazon

Picking up a towel and rubbing it vigorously all over your body is a big pain. Don’t put off having a shower anymore, get the full-body drier, in just seconds your entire body is dry without any effort on your part.

25. This invention needs a lot of patience - Buy Now

33 Inventions That Lazy People Will Love
Source: It'sAlmostGenius

You’ll need to be very lazy and very patient for this invention to get you excited. It is unclear how it even works - Good Luck!

26. Be lazy and clean with the dust mop slippers - Buy Now

lazy inventions mop slippers
Source: Cosywell Store/Amazon

Keep your floor dust-free all while you go about your daily tasks. These dust mop slippers clean as you walk, genius.

27. Never put on shoes again - Buy Now

lazy inventions sandal socks
Source: sadanduseless

Why bother with shoes when you can give the illusion of shoes? These clever socks look like you are wearing sandals.

It isn’t the most fashionable shoe choice, but at least you don't have to bend down and do up laces.

28. Take a seat while you style your hair - Buy Now

lazy inventions hair drier stand
Source: CYZB/Amazon

Take a seat and place your hairdryer on this stand. In no time you’ll have dry hair without lifting a finger!

29. The ultimate popcorn machine makes and feeds you - Buy Now

lazy inventions popinator
Source: Uncrate

Popcorn is awesome. But have you noticed how many times you need to lift your hand from the bowl to your mouth?

Not anymore. The Popinator not only cooks your popcorn to perfection, but it also shoots into your mouth.

30. For lazy and flirty people the electric spin the bottle is a must - Buy Now

lazy inventions spin the bottle
Source: Pinterest

For a tantalizing game without any effort, simply set up this automatic spin the bottle game and watch the fireworks and squirms ensure.

31. Goodbye light switches, hello clapping - Buy Now

lazy inventions clapper
Source: DJANDYW.COM/Flickr

This is actually an awesome invention we should all have. Control your home's lighting system with claps. No more pesky light switches and you’ll feel like you are finally in the future.

32. Kill two birds with one step with the toilet lid pedal - Buy Now

lazy inventions toilet pedal
Source: Odditymail

For guys that live in a co-gendered home, this invention is a must-have. It solves two problems at once. You’ll never forget to close the lid and you’ll never have to touch the seat again. Just use the handy foot pedal to open and close the lid.

33. Take a break on someone else's hand - Buy Now

33 Inventions That Lazy People Will Love
Source: JapanTrendShop

Take a break at work without looking like you are. This awesome and weird invention lets you rest your chin on a plastic hand while you continue ‘working’.

And that's your lot for today. 

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