5 of the Most Stunning yet Heartbreaking Adverts That Will Move You

Focused on issues such as climate change and life insurance, these well-composed ads tug at our heartstrings.
Fabienne Lang

In our day and age, we are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements on a daily basis. Most go unnoticed, pushing forward consumerism, whereas others aim to raise awareness of issues we as humans experience such as the big problem of climate change, environmental issues with plastic waste or medical problems. 


Whether the ads are showcasing a bright new car or trying to have you purchase life insurance, they aim to win your heart over by triggering emotions. 

These next adverts are some of the most beautiful, yet heartbreaking ones out there. They evoke a sense of wonder, beauty, and reflection through their artwork, their pictures, words, or messages. 

1. Climate change through captivating art

The German environmental group Robin Wood, is a group that pushes for non-violent action towards improving our nature and our environment. 

Their ads focusing on climate change are simply beautiful works of art, with a strong and clear meaning behind them.

2. Life Insurance advert will make your heart sing

It's clear why this Thai ad won 'Winner of Best Ad 2014.' Even if it's a few years old now, it's still a very special one.

Focusing on life insurance, you're left guessing what the message is, right up until the end. You'll want to watch it until the end to find out.

3. A bedtime story that will make you cry

Another ad focusing on climate change, and this one will bring the kid out in you. 

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The heartwarming manner in which this British ad is told - a father reading a bedtime story to his little daughter - you'll definitely pay attention to the issues surrounding climate change.

4. Tear-jerking medication advert

Pfizer is a big name in the medical world, as one of the world's largest biopharmaceutical companies out there. This next advert will win your heart over as you watch a young teenager spraypaint buildings' walls. 

Watch to see what he drew, and why:

5. Greenpeace stunningly brings your attention to plastics in our oceans

This ad by Greenpeace is both beautiful with its blue hues and heartbreaking with its message.

Subtle and emotional at the same time, this ad is a clear statement of the change needed to reduce plastic in our oceans. 

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