5 Science Tech Shows Coming to Netflix in February 2020

If you live and breathe science and tech, don't miss the great new shows coming to Netflix this month.
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Can't get enough of science and tech shows on Netflix? If so then these new offerings for February 2020 should be right up your street!

You lucky, lucky people.


The best science and tech shows for your Netflix line-up

Netflix is packed full of great content for a wide range of interests. When it comes to tech and science shows, there's always a great back-log of essential viewing to electrify your downtime.

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Some of the most notable examples include, but are not limited to (courtesy of netflix.com):

  • Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak.
  • Ancient Aliens.
  • The Universe.
  • Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates.
  • Diagnosis.
  • Mars.
  • Unnatural Selection.
  • Age of Tanks.

With a neverending supply of fresh new content added every single month, don't bat an eye, or you'll miss what's coming in the following months.

The wild side of Netflix: animal documentaries

If you're into something more primal, check out Netflix's vast array of animal content:

  • Encounters at the End of the World (2007).
  • The Ivory Game (2016).
  • Planet Earth (2006).
  • Planet Earth II (2016). 
  • The Blue Planet (2017). 
  • Life (2009).
  • Africa (2013). 
  • Frozen Planet (2011).

Of course there's always more. The Netflix collection of animal docs is a rabbit-hole, so indulge your inner-animal.

Top 10 most-watched Netflix TV shows

It's normal to feel dizzy at the endless supply of Netflix content, so much that you might be wondering where to start. And it exists: here's a video tour of popular picks from 2019:

With that in mind, according to sources like Reelgood.com, some of the most popular TV shows on Netflix are as follows: -

  • Sacred Games
  • Black Mirror
  • Attack on Titan
  • Better Call Saul
  • The Walking Dead
  • Dark
  • American Horror Story
  • Good Place

Remember: Netflix and Discovery Channel are separate, but share content

While the Discovery Channel is not officially part of Netflix, you can still find several gems Discovery-produced bliss there. According to the website Extremist, sometimes you'll find even newer Discovery content, like Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, make its way into the Netflix catalog. But the drag lies in the wait because the newest ones don't come right away. Of course, if you can't wait, skip over to Hulu, where there's even more Discovery Channel programming.

Upcoming science and tech on Netflix this February

But let's get to the fantastic upcoming science and technology content on Netflix in store for February. Keep in mind this list is far from exhaustive, and not arranged in chronological order.

  • The Pharmacist

A promising new science show on Netflix this February, The Pharmacist follows the story of Dan Schneider, a man who attempts to find the one who killed his son, after a drug deal turns sour.

“The police have the attitude that these kids maybe got what they deserved, but I was determined to get the killer off the street and if the police [weren’t] gonna do it, I was gonna do it,” Schneider explains.

Quite a pitch, but the story picks up speed when his investigation uncovers a "pill mill," ostensibly run by a doctor in New Orleans. Schneider soon suspects the doctor of prescribing "high-powered" opioids to large quantities of teenagers.

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When he asks "why," his investigation is locked in a collision course with both the FBI and DEA serving as foil to his classic crusade to save his local community. The show is due for release on 5 February.

  • Altered Carbon returns

The long-awaited second season of Altered Carbon is set for release in February of this year. This highly-popular American cyberpunk TV series is based on the 2002 novel by the great Richard K. Morgan.

Set roughly 360 years into the future, the series depicts a world where humans are able to transfer their consciousness to different bodies. Made possible by reverse engineering alien-tech, memories and consciousness are implanted directly into human vertebrae, using something called a "cortical stack."

The series follows the story of Takeshi Kovacs, a former soldier, who must help solve a murder. Altered Carbon's second season comes out on 27 February.

  • 3. Babies is a gamble

Babies is a new docuseries coming to Netflix on 21 February that explores the groundbreaking science that attempts to show us how infants discover the world in their first year of life. While that's definitely a broad pitch, which is probably why there's little more to read or watch about docuseries. Regardless, if you could go back in time and watch your first personal year, wouldn't you at least take a peek?

  • F1: Drive to Survive season 2 looks like pedal-to-metal fun

The second season of F1: Drive to Survive is also set to arrive on Netflix on 28 February this year. This very popular docuseries will follow the 'toings' and 'froings' of the 2020 Formula One World Championship.

Follow drivers and team personnel as they go about their daily lives on the F1 circus. After the first season's a massive success, the impetus to continue the momentum into 2020 goes without saying.

"Building on the success of Season 1, which opened up the pinnacle of motorsport to a whole new audience, Season 2 will see the cameras go behind the scenes once again for the 2019 F1 season, which saw Lewis Hamilton claim his sixth drivers’ title, as his Mercedes team claimed their own sixth consecutive championship." - Formula 1

  • The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia is great for kids

The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia is a new sitcom based on a 15-year-old scientist called—no joke—Ashley Garcia. Releasing on 17 February and created by Mario Lopex and Seth Kurland, the protagonist of this new sitcom explores the great unknown of modern teendom after "moving across the country to pursue a career in robotics". While aimed at young teens, this show is a must-watch for families seeking that good wholesome vibe.

"Ashley Garcia, the world's only 15-and-a-half-year-old robotics engineer and rocket scientist, gets the chance to work for NASA. She moves across the country to live with her Uncle Victor, a pro football player turned high school coach." - IMDB

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