5 Things Every Engineer Would Do Without Student Debt

Trevor English

Earning an engineering degree can take upwards of six years off of your life, and in the USA at least, that means a lot of money. The average cost of tuition for college in the US is $20,000 a year, but some schools are north of $50,000 a year. This means that many students can be left with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt that they won't pay off until their late 40s. While this is the sad reality of earning a college education in the US, there are some things engineers would do after college if they weren't burdened by debt. Here are the top 5 things engineers would do if they didn't have student loans.

Buy and play all the video games

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Engineers love their video games and gaming computers. The only thing that holds them back from playing more is work and lack of free time. When you make what engineers do, it means you have a lot of extra cash, assuming you don't have loans to pay off. Any engineer, given endless amounts of money, would purchase the most epic set up of games around.

Build more things

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If you had more spare cash, you would probably build yourself the best gaming computer or automize everything in your house. Unfortunately, the student loans looming over engineers' heads kind of make it hard to justify spending $2,000 on a computer.

Find a Spouse

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All the time you invest in working to pay off those loans means you rarely have time to find a spouse. Not to mention you probably don't want to burden someone else with your student loans. Whether you believe it or not, engineers make highly-desired spouses. All you need to do is go out and find someone willing to marry you!

Have the guts to ask for a raise

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Now that you are in your first job and making a decent amount of cash, you still probably wish you could be making more. You could ask for a raise, but you are most likely worried that your boss would get mad. After all, you need that job to pay off the student loans.

Have hobbies other than "Sleep"

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Engineer's hobbies aren't really understood by the general public. They typically involve building things and working on projects, which cost money. Without student debt, engineers would have more money than they know what to do with and could invest in all of their hobbies!

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