50,000 Liters of Wine Flood Out of Spanish Winery

The gushing spillage was heartbreaking to watch.
Fabienne Lang

It's painful to watch your expensive and delectable wine glass smash to the floor at a dinner party. Not only is it hard to see your glass break, not to mention the washing up, but it's tough to know your good wine is going to waste. 

So imagine the heartbreak a winery in Spain had to go through as its workers witnessed a massive tank of wine break open and spill out 50,000 liters of red wine. 

The winery is located in Villamalea, Albacete in central Spain, per Cope (in Spanish).


Heartbreaking view

The staggering 50,000 liters of wine bubbled rapidly out of one of the winery's storage tanks, and all the workers could do was watch on in horror. You don't get to witness such a sad scene every day. 

There was so much wine that the area surrounding the winery became flooded, too. The outdoor area directly around the tank changed from gray pebbles into a red watery soup. Such a waste of delectable vino. 

Local reports, such as Cope's reporting (in Spanish), explained that the issue was likely caused by damage to one of the main storing metal tanks. 

The winery, Botegas Vitivinos, was founded in 1969 and produces around six million kilos of grapes every year, as per News.com.au. Its wine is of "intense dark cherry colour," brought on thanks to its grape varieties such as bobal and tempranillo. 

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The footage of the wine spill is going viral on Twitter, where a video of the sad incident was shared. It's a video worthy of a horror movie, as the dark red wine could easily be transformed into red blood spilling out over a creepy scene. 

It's not the first time that such a tragic boozy scene occurs, as a winery in Italy suffered a similar spillage two years ago when liters of Prosecco bubbled into despair.

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